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(Japanese: 劇場版ポケットモンスター キミにきめた! Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You!) is a manga of the movie of the same name. It is adapted by Ryo Takamisaki. It started serializing on July 2, 2017 in MangaONE, a Japanese manga smartphone app by Shogakukan.

List of volumes

Cover Shogakukan
Volume 1 Volume 1 ISBN 9784091424587 August 28, 2017
Volume 2 Volume 2 ISBN 9784091425980 December 27, 2017

Differences between the anime and the manga

  • Ash and Cross first encounter each other at Professor Oak's laboratory.
  • Cross received his Charmander from Professor Oak.
  • With the exception of capturing Caterpie, the montage of Ash and Pikachu's journey before going to the Pokémon Center is skipped over entirely.
  • In the movie, Ash never meets Team Rocket. In the manga, he briefly sees them at the Pokémon Center, though he never encounters them again.
  • Verity and Sorrel are first seen when Ash encounters Entei instead of showing up at the Pokémon Center.
  • Verity's mother is never brought up.
  • Cross does not learn that Ash possesses the Rainbow Wing at the library.
  • The brief battle between Ash and Pikachu against Ho-Oh is not shown.

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