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ITV1's logo.
Headquarters England Flag.png England
Launched September 22, 1955 (as ITV)/

August 11, 2001 (as ITV1)

Owned By ITV plc

ITV1 is a public service network station that broadcasts in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is currently owned by ITV, formerly Carlton Communications and Granada plc, and some of its branding is also used by Channel Television.

ITV is the only company that has broadcast the anime on UK terrestrial television.

Currently, episodes do not air on ITV1. However, sister channel CITV continues to show episodes, originally simulcast upon ITV4 until June 2010, when the GMTV2 block on ITV4 was removed.


GMTV is an early-morning programming block on ITV1. Episodes of Pokémon used to air every Saturday beginning at 8:50 and ending by 9:25. It was shown in this time slot from September 1999 until sometime after the Generation I games were released in the United Kingdom.

SM:TV Live

SM:TV Live was a live Saturday morning entertainment show that started at 9:25. It would replace the Who's That Pokémon? segment with small sketches that featured the hosts, Ant & Dec, having their own "PokéFight". Some later episodes featured the duo performing their own Kanto Pokérap.

Missing episodes of shows

ITV1 has, on more than one occasion, skipped episodes or canceled television shows mid-series. These are planned as the TV guides published over a week before date of transmission reflect this. This has happened to ReBoot and Cardcaptors before the Pokémon series aired, and Digimon following the cancellation of Pokémon. This is not limited to children's animation, with the initial run of Season 1 of Pushing Daisies being the most prominent example of a non-children's program.

Pokémon has been stopped twice; once during the Orange Islands saga and once just after Pokémon: Advanced started. Neither series has been seen on ITV1 since.

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