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Hun has a flat chest.

Hun (Japanese: バショウ Bashō) is a member of Team Rocket. He appeared along with his partner, Attila, in The Legend of Thunder! His Japanese voice actor is Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese: 森川智之) and his English voice actor is Veronica Taylor. Along with Attila, they're names form Attila the Hun, similar to Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, and Annie Oakley.

Basic Information

Appearances Raikou: Legend of Thunder
Age Appears to be in his mid to late 20s.
Eye/Hair Color Blue/Gunmetal grey
Sex Hun was male in the original Japanese version. However, his gender was controversially changed to female in the English dubbed version. Closer analysis showed that Hun was never referred to as a female. The only pronouns are those used collectively with Attila, such as "those men" or "those guys". So, Hun may just be a male with a female voice. As such, Hun will be referred to as a male for this article.
Height Exact height unknown, but he seems to be a little shorter than average height and about six inches (15cm) shorter than Attila.
Job Status Seems to be high-ranking officer. His silver uniform denote a rank that, through experience, seems to be just below that of the elite officers. However, this has yet to be verified and may just be fanon.
Origin of English Name Taken from Attila the Hun, the famous final and most powerful king of the Huns.
Origin of Japanese Name Matsuo Basho and Yosa Buson[1] are considered some of the greatest haiku poets in history. As they both flourished during the Edo and Tokugawa periods, some have suspected that both were also ninja employed by the administration. This may be a reason why these names were chosen for Attila (whose Japanese name is Buson) and Hun.
Hobbies Unknown.
Likes His partner, Attila. Aside from fanon rumors, there is no real evidence if this is platonic or otherwise.
Dislikes Do-gooders and those who do nothing but complain.


Hun and Attila both seem somewhat set in their rank, and approach missions casually. They seem to be able to keep their cool even when they lose; even in these situations, they calmly retreat. Despite physical stereotypes, Hun is the dominant partner telling Attila to do things that he could do himself. Attila doesn't object or show any signs of aggravation over this role.

Relations to other Members

Attila has no recorded history with his partner Hun though, while the dub states that they are new partners, their body language and the familiarity of the behavior towards each other shows that they do have history together.

The pair takes mission orders from Professor Sebastian, but it is implied in the original that they have never met him before.

Arsenal and Abilities


In addition to the Crystal System, Attila and Hun control a small shuttlecraft, a helicopter, and a mech with a peculiar manner of walking. Some call it the "Chicken Walker", (a name given to bipedal mechs, most notably given to the AT-ST of Star Wars fame,) but there is nothing to suggest that this is the official name.


Moves used
Rock Throw
Iron Tail

He may or may not have up to two other Pokémon, as the official art by Ken Sugimori shows him with three Poké Balls.

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