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ヒュウ Hue
Black 2 White 2 Hugh.png
Art from Black 2 and White 2
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Hair color Dark blue
Hometown Aspertia City
Region Unova
Relatives Unnamed father, unnamed mother, younger sister, grandfather (deceased)
Trainer class Trainer, Rival
Generation V
Games Black 2 and White 2
Game animation debut Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 Animated Trailer
English voice actor Sean Schemmel
Japanese voice actor Junko Minagawa

Hugh (Japanese: ヒュウ Hue) is the rival character in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.

In the games

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Hugh as seen in the trailer

Hugh is the player's childhood friend. He is described as feeling passionately for Pokémon battles and Pokémon strength. He is also a doting older brother to his sister; he hates Team Plasma because they stole a Purrloin his late grandfather had caught for his sister. He battles with and against the player many times throughout the game.


For Hugh's Pokémon in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, see here.


Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Aspertia City

  • Meeting in town
"Hi, <player>! Hey! You get a Pokémon yet? There aren't any Pokémon Trainers around here, and I'm getting bored!"
"What's that? ... A person named Bianca is giving you a Pokémon? Really?!"
"OK! Let's go get your Pokémon! There's something I have to do! And to do that, I need someone I can trust besides my partner Pokémon. A person I can trust! That's right! I'm talking about you! You seem like you've got good instincts!"
"You head on home."
"All riiight! Let's go find that person named Bianca!"
"Let's go!"
  • When walking
"Still... You're really lucky to get a Pokémon!"
"Once you get a Pokémon, you leave on a journey right away. When you do that, I'm gonna have you help me out!"
"Hurry up already! Let's look for that Bianca person!"
  • Outside Trainers' School
"The Trainers' School was just finished! No one is allowed inside until a Teacher, or better said, a Gym Leader, starts working there"
  • Outside Pokémon Center
"Wait! I was just in the Pokémon Center, and there wasn't anyone like that there."
  • Outside Aspertia Gate
"That goes to Route 19. If we don't find Bianca here in town, I'll go check for you! 'Cause I already have a Pokémon!"
  • At outlook
"Oh, I get it! The outlook is Aspertia's most famous spot! I'll bet Bianca is up there looking at the scenery! C'mon! Go get your Pokémon already!"
  • Attempting to leave outlook
"Listen, there's no way I got this wrong!"
"See! Bianca was here, right? Now c'mon! Go and get your Pokémon!"
  • After meeting Bianca
"Heeey! How long are you planning on keeping me waiting, anyway? Hey! What's that?"
"So that's your partner, huh? That's great! My sister already said so, but take really, really good care of your Pokémon! Got it? What's that you're holding there?"
"Please give me a Pokédex, too! I want to get stronger! If I have a Pokédex, I can learn more about Pokémon... That'll make me tougher, right?"
"I'm Hugh! I'm going to travel the Unova region with my Pokémon partner in order to search for something very important!"
  • Before battle
"Let's see how good a Trainer you are! I'll use my <Pokémon> that I raised from an Egg!"
  • After first move
"I won't forget the pain you just put my partner through!"
  • When defeated
"I couldn't achieve victory for my partner... I won't let myself forget this frustration!"
  • After being defeated
"I lost... This is different than battling with wild Pokémon! Well, whatever. I'm just happy to know you're a Trainer I can count on!"
  • After being victorious
"That was good enough for your first battle!"
  • When leaving
"Cool. I'm heading off first! Get stronger!"

Floccesy Ranch

  • Before the battle:
"Oh! Nice! You've come here to toughen up! All right! Let's see how much stronger you've become! Come at me!"
  • After the first non-KO hit:
"Come on, partner! Shrug it off! You're stronger than that!"
  • After being defeated:
"It can't be! How could I have lost? I need to apologize to my partner..."
  • After the battle:
"Not bad... You're thinking about how to bring out your Pokémon's strength. I should be able to count on you for backup! What are you doing here anyway? Huh? A Town Map?"
"Tch... She didn't have to do that... Thanks to you, too. We just left, and you've already helped me out."
  • When the owner and his wife turn up:
"Who are you?"
"You're a little worried? Are you KIDDING me?! Your Pokémon might be lost forever! Whatever! I'll look! <Player>! Help out!"
"Herdier, where did you go?"
"Did Herider... wander somewhere back here? Let's have a look!"
"Oh! Here! I'll share something good with you!"
"If your Pokémon is paralyzed, use one of these on it!"
"Still, Pokémon don't just wander off on their own. In a worst-case scenario, it might be involved in some trouble!"
"Did you hear that just now?"
"I'll check this area! You go deeper in the grove and look!"
"That cry! You found it! What a relief! OK, I'll go call its Trainer, so you stay here with it!"
"You're awfully calm about this! Your Pokémon might have been gone for good! Take better care of it!"

Aspertia City (after the player gets the Basic Badge)

"Are you the Gym Leader? One, two, three--let's battle!"
"What was that weak answer?! I'm definitely going to take you down!"

Route 20

  • Before going into the dark grass:
"Cheren sure knows a lot. And he fought those Team Plasma thugs, too..."
"I've decided! I'm going to get stronger than him! You should... Do your best! Fill up the Pokédex and have my back. Got it?"
  • In the dark grass:
"I have to get stronger than Team Plamsa!"

Virbank City

"Shut it! You guys are the worst! You talk about saving Pokémon, but you're just Pokémon thieves! Don't think I'll ever forgive you!"
"I'll crush you and your new plans! I can never forgive Team Plasma!"
  • Defeating Team Plasma:
"Tsk! What a bunch of creeps!"
"That's... a Hidden Machine, right? It's Cut! Pokémon that know Cut can use it even when they're not in battle to cut down small trees! Oh, but more importantly, let's go after Team Plasma! C'mon! We're splitting up and searching Route 20!"

Route 20

  • Searching for Team Plasma:
"Help me check Route 20!"
  • After the player defeats Team Plasma:
"Well, they're really good at running, anyway... Still, she just said something useful! They must be moving around by boat! Castelia City has a big port... I wonder if they headed there. OK! Let's go back to Virbank and look for someone who looks like they know a lot about ships. If I remember right, there was a place to board boats on the docks."

Virbank City (after defeating Team Plasma)

  • Getting ready to leave for Castelia City:
"You're going to Castelia City, right?"
No: "Really? Something you still need to take care of? Go deal with it, then. You know that even after we go to Castelia City, you can come back to Virbank City anytime, right?"
Yes: "I'm going to look for Team Plasma! I can't forgive those guys!"
"Hey, captain! Show us that ship you're so proud of!"

Castelia City

  • Upon arriving:
"So this is Castelia City... It's much bigger than I'd heard! But, it doesn't matter! I'm going to find Team Plasma no matter where they run!"
"Oh yeah. <Player>! Here, let's register each other's Xtransceiver number. We didn't even need to in Aspertia. We could see each other anytime!"
"That's a strange ship. A sailing ship in his day and age?"

At Nimbasa City

  • Upon first being seen with Team Plasma
"Hold it! What are you guys up to here anyway!"
"You didn't do anything. Not to me, at least... But I can never forgive Pokémon thieves like you! Just to let you know... You're about to feel my rage!"
"<Player>! Cover me!"
  • After the grunts are defeated and leave
"Five years ago... Team Plasma stole my little sister's Purrloin. It had been given to her as a present. I was only a little kid... I couldn't do anything... So... So that's why I have to get stronger!" (walks up to the player) "Good work! I knew you had good instincts! Well then..." (he heals the player's party) "Listen up! You fill up that Pokédex. Keep getting stronger and stronger, and back me up! I'll be counting on you from here on out, too!"

At Driftveil City

  • Upon player's arrival in city
"Start talking, you Team Plasma trash!"
"You're not getting away!"
  • Upon entering the Team Plasma warehouse
"You guys are all Team Plasma too, right? Tell me, what makes you different from the Team Plasma back there?!"
"I'm Hugh. From Aspertia City... Five years ago, Team Plasma--I mean you--stole my little sister's Pokémon. I'm the pathetic trainer who wasn't able to stop you. "Separated"? What a joke! YOU were the thieves who STOLE them!"
"Just an apology? That's it?! Where's my sister's Pokémon?! Purrloin! WHERE'S PURRLOIN?"
"Enough already! Apologizing isn't going to get my sister's Pokémon back! <player>! I'm going to the Pokémon Gym! I'll get stronger and crush every single member of Team Plasma!"

At Lacunosa Town

  • Upon first talking to him
"What's up? Have you seen Team Plasma anywhere around here? I heard a rumor to that effect?"
"Shut your mouth. All I want is to get back a stolen Pokémon! <player>! Give me a hand! You ready?"
  • If answered yes
"Just so you know... You're about to feel my rage!"
  • After the grunt and sage are defeated and flee
"Get back here!"

At Route 21, upon locating the Plasma Frigate

"You found them! I knew you could do it! But... How do we get in?"
"I thought you weren't going to fight Team Plasma?"
"What was that?! The guy sure doesn't follow through! Well, I guess he was being kind in his own way... All right, I'm going in!"

At Plasma Frigate

  • Upon Zinzolin presenting Kyurem to the player
"Not with me around, you won't! Thanks for removing the barrier! That was a big help!"
  • After they are defeated
"I'm not going to lose to Team Plasma! By the way, what is this place? That Pokémon... It's so icy... Could that be the source of the attack on Opelucid City?"
"That should be obvious! I'll do whatever it takes to get my sister's Pokémon back! Are YOU the one who stole a Purrloin in Aspertia five years ago?"
"That's the ONLY Purrloin in the world that my late grandpa caught for my little sister!"
"Don't mess with me! You were the one who lost!"

At Giant Chasm

  • Upon arrival
"You're already here, huh? Anyone who tries to block us will go running away with their tail between their legs!"
"You're all alone now... So, which one of us are you gonna tackle?"
"Oh, yeah... I remember you. Being ex-Team Plasma is really rough, eh?"
"Well, I suppose... If we don't crush Team Plasma, then guys like you and that N guy will always be treated like villains. OK! I'm outta here, <player>!"
  • In the Crater Forest
"Come here. Wait a sec. He said he wants to talk to them so his old allies won't get hurt."
"Well, that didn't work. Hey!" (all the Team Plasma members turn to him) "Let me through!"
"I'm going to get a stolen Pokémon back! I'm not gonna listen to villains like you! Rood! Ex-Team Plasma! Why do you have Pokémon by your sides? To protect what's important to you, right? Even if your precious Pokémon are hurt, even if your ideals are damaged, the time to fight is NOW!"
"<player>! As usual, take the other one!"
  • After defeating the grunts
(to Rood) "Thanks..." (to the player) "I'm passing through! Oh, it looks like their backup has arrived."
"Got it! If I rescue it, that helps you absolve your guilt, doesn't it? Guess I'll help you out!"
  • Upon entering the Shadow Triad's room
"Wait... You're one of the Shadow Triad, right? Tell me about the Purrloin that was stolen in Aspertia."
"Wh-what? Don't mess with me... That's someone else's Pokémon!"
  • After the Shadow Triad are defeated
"... ... Hey... <player>... If we let Team Plasma do whatever we want... There'll be more sad Pokémon like Purrloin and Kyurem..."
  • After Ghetsis is defeated
"Team Plasma's ship flew away... Is it over?"'
No: "I suppose... You have to be the one who decides when it's over."
Yes: "I see... So it's finally over."
"More importantly, you rescued Kyurem from Team Plasma, right? You're really something! I'm...gonna make sure Purrloin gets back to my little sister! Still can't take it out of the Poké Ball yet, though..."
"What are you gonna do? ... ... He said to go to the Pokémon League? That's a good idea! I mean, now you're the strongest in Unova, right? Go prove it! Do you remember where we first met up in the Giant Chasm? If you follow the path from there, it goes out onto Route 23 Victory Road and the Pokémon League are just past there!

At Victory Road

"Wait up!" (catches up to the player) "I'll battle with you before you take on the Pokémon League. The more Pokémon battles you have, the stronger you get, right?"
  • During battle (the first non-KO HP loss)
"I saw that move coming from miles away!"
  • Upon being defeated
"...Phew! You're really something!
"<player>! Thanks to you, I accomplished what I set out to do during my journey! I wish I could've shown you my little sister's huge smile! This is my thanks!" (gives the player TM24) "I think you're really amazing! So become the Champion! Get the proof that you're a Trainer your Pokémon can be proud of! See you!"


Spr B2W2 Hugh.png B2W2 Hugh Back.png VSHugh.png Hugh Xtransceiver.png Hugh OD.png
Hugh's Trainer sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Hugh's back sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Hugh's VS sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Hugh's Xtransceiver sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Hugh's overworld sprite from
Black 2 and White 2

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Hugh as a child in Pokémon Adventures

Hugh first appears in Aspertia City as a child, getting a Pidove, a Tynamo and a Purrloin from his grandfather, an Artist. From the three Pokémon, Hugh decides to give the Purrloin as a birthday gift for his sister. As it refuses to listen to him, Hugh is forced to wrap the Purrloin itself rather than wrap its Poké Ball.

Later, he gives the Purrloin to his sister, which listens to her. When he tries to train his Trapinch with her Purrloin, they are attacked by two Team Plasma Grunts. Though he tries to defend, Hugh is easily defeated and his sister's Purrloin is stolen by the escaping Grunts. Angered, Hugh swears revenge on Team Plasma.


Hugh's Trapinch
Trapinch is Hugh's first Pokémon. It was first seen being used to train against Hugh's sister's Purrloin before being interrupted by Team Plasma.

None of Trapinch's moves are known.

Debut Black & White chapter
Hugh's Pidove
Pidove was given to Hugh by his grandfather, along with a Tynamo and a Purrloin.

None of Pidove's moves are known.

Debut Black & White chapter
Hugh's Tynamo
Tynamo was given to Hugh by his grandfather, along with a Pidove and a Purrloin.

None of Tynamo's moves are known.

Debut Black & White chapter

Given away

Hugh's sister's Purrloin
Purrloin is a Pokémon Hugh got for his sister's birthday. Although it wouldn't listen to him, the Purrloin listened to his sister perfectly. Later, it was stolen by Team Plasma, fueling Hugh's hatred for the group.

Purrloin's only known move is Scratch.

Debut Black & White chapter

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Hugh in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Hugh Su Boundaries Crossed Uncommon 130/149 Freeze Bolt Uncommon 056/059
      BW-P Promotional cards   170/BW-P



Language Name Origin
Japanese ヒュウ Hue From hue.
English Hugh From his Japanese name. Also a homophone to hue.
French Matis From matís, Catalan for hue. Possibly named after French painter Henri Matisse.
German Matisse Possibly named after French painter Henri Matisse.
Italian Toni From toni (tones) and tonalità (hue).
Spanish Matís From matiz (hue).
Korean 휴이 Hyu-i Similar to his Japanese name, possibly also from the name "Huey" or "Hughie"


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