Hotel Grand Lake

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Hotel Grand Lake ホテルグランドレイク
Hotel Grand Lake
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Route 213 and Valor Lakefront
Region: Sinnoh
Generations: IV
Sinnoh Hotel Grand Lake Map.png
Location of Hotel Grand Lake in Sinnoh.
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Hotel Grand Lake (Japanese: ホテルグランドレイク Hotel Grand Lake) is one of Sinnoh's most popular resorts. Taking up a large stretch of Route 213 and part of Valor Lakefront, the hotel's rooms are actually small bungalows spread out on terraces along the grounds. The hotel is also the home of the Seven Stars Restaurant, an eatery where double battles are held every day between 9 AM and 11 PM. The resort is very close to Pastoria City, and not too far away from Sunyshore.

Places of Interest

Seven Stars Restaurant

File:Seven Stars Hotel outside.png
Outside Seven Stars Restaurant
Main article: Seven Stars Restaurant

The Seven Stars Restaurant is an indoor eatery located in the center of the Hotel Grand Lake. In the restaurant, the player may choose to battle the customers. This is considered proper etiquette in the restaurant. They are double battles and the Pokémon range in level from 20-23. The battles are only held between 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Out of the nine pairs of trainers, five of them are randomly chosen everyday. They each sit around tables in their pairs as couple. Both Trainers are willing to give out gossip and information of their date, whether it be good or bad.

Missing key woman

Nearby the hidden suite key

A woman standing in front of her cottage, located on the northern corner of the Hotel Grand Lake, lost her Suite Key to gain access to her cottage. Apparently, she is sure she had it when she went to the reception, located on the southern corner of the Hotel Grand Lake area. The key can be found by using the Dowsing Machine in the area near the southern exit of the Valor Lakefront. Upon talking to the girl, she will take it back and enter her suite. As a reward, the girl will give a Lava Cookie. That is the only way to get a Lava Cookie in Diamond and Pearl without trading or using the Pal Park. In Pokémon Platinum, she will give a White Flute instead due to the cookie being available in the Veilstone Department Store. She mentions that both of these items can only be found in Hoenn.


Trainers are able to heal their Pokémon fully at the Hotel Grand Lake Reception area. By talking to the receptionist, players are able to rest and fully recover all the player's Pokémon. The Reception heals all party Pokémon in a matter of seconds. This service heals all status conditions, recharges HP and PP of all party Pokémon, free of charge. The receptionist is located at the main counter just as the player enters the building from the north side.

Game Freak director

A Game Freak member appears in Sinnoh's Grand Lake Hotel resort area. They are the ones who will present the player with a Diploma upon their completion of a regional Pokédex or the national one. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the diploma is found in the top left house of the Hotel Grand Lake on Route 213 by another of Game Freak's lead developers.

Other areas

The Hotel Grand Lake is a tricky place to navigate through fully. Many of the bungalows and cottages are located on hills, and can only be reached through the use of Rock Climb. If the player uses Rock Climb to visit the cottage below the Seven Stars Restaurant, they will be given a Coin Toss app for the Pokétch. There is an item in the trash can beside the person who gives away the Pokétch app. In the bungalow to the northwest of the hotel entrance there is a clown who will give away TM92 (Trick Room) to Trainers.


Item Location Games

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In the anime

The Seven Stars Restaurant was featured prominently in A Full Course Tag Battle!. The restaurant had a battlefield in which a Trainer wishing to have a meal has to battle the owners of the restaurant, Roman and Kylie. Trainers winning against Roman and Kylie are presented with a free seven course meal.

Ash, Dawn, Brock, and May visited the restaurant with reservations set by May. Upon arriving, they realized that they had to battle Roman and Kylie. Ash and Brock defeated them; however, during May and Dawn's battle, Team Rocket broke in and stole all of the food. After retrieving the food and defeating Team Rocket, the group was offered a free meal, despite not completing the battle. However, May and Dawn battled Kylie and Roman and defeated them, securing a free meal.


  • A guest in the hotel mentions several places and Pokémon not in Sinnoh that he would like to visit. These sights include Clefairy at Mt. Moon, a Rainbow-colored Pokémon at the Tin Tower, a Silver-colored Pokémon at the Whirl Islands, and a rocket launching into space at the Space Center.
  • There is a couple that appears and when either character is challenged and/or defeated they mention their father owns the restaurant. They even mention they are on a date.

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