Hot Water (TCG)

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Hot Water Box
The Hot Water Theme Deck from Base Set 2 of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Fire and Water type Pokémon and contains the following cards: -
Quantity Card Type Rarity
Poliwag Water Common
Poliwhirl Water Uncommon
Poliwrath Water Rare Holo
Goldeen Water Common
Charmander Fire Common
Charmeleon Fire Uncommon
Magmar Fire Uncommon
Doduo Colorless Common
Dodrio Colorless Uncommon
Gust of Wind T Common
Energy Removal T Common
Poké Ball T Common
Potion T Common
Energy Retrieval T Uncommon
Pokémon Trader T Rare
15× Water Energy Water E
13× Fire Energy Fire E

Like other Theme Decks, Hot Water also includes a rulebook, damage counters, a custom coin (Pikachu) and card list. Template:ThemeDeck1

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