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These are Honey's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Fields of Honor
"Oh, fiddlesticks... So our new student decided to go back home?"
"And I'd been hoping we'd get to welcome a new member of our little family here, too..."
"Well, hello? And who are you, love?"
"Of course! You must be the new student that's supposed to join the dojo today!"
"Oh, everything's just coming up roses! Now, I'm quite sure they already told me your name, but..."
Regardless of choice: "That's right! You're <player>! Of course you are, love. Though I'm rather sure that's NOT the name I was told before..."
"My name's Honey. I help keep this place running. You can consider me the lady of the house. Not that the Master Dojo is just any old house!"
"Seems you've already met our KlaraSw/AverySh. Bit of an odd Ducklett, but she'sSw/he'sSh one of our own! She'sSw/He'sSh training hard here at the dojo so sheSw/heSh can become a Gym Leader someday. I can trust the two of you to get along, right?"
"Oh dear, but look at me! Here I am making you stand around outside after you've come all this way! Come in, come in! Don't mind the faint stench of sweat!"
Master Dojo
"Everybody, I have an announcement to make! We've got a new student joining us today! Please welcome <player>! I'm sure you'll all have lots to teach him/her!"
"All our students are so good and hardworking. Everyone really gives it their all around here."
"Hello, sweetie pie! It's not usual for you to bother greeting a newcomer!"
"This is Hyde—my darling only son."
"He's so good with his hands, always making something new. Such a clever boy."
"And that handsome gent in the back is my darling hubby and the very master of the Master Dojo!"
"Don't let him fool you into thinking he's just a silly old man. He's a real beast when he gets serious."
"Well, darling, I'll leave the rest up to you!"
  • After the player defeats Mustard for the first time
"I know you might be feeling nervous, being new here and all. But don't you worry. All our students are good, through and through. They'll take care of you."
  • After the player clears Mustard's first trial
"Oh, that's right, darling! I had nearly forgotten..."
"Squirtle! Bulbasaur! Come on in, sweeties!"
"These are our sweet little Pokémon, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. We've all been taking care of them together. And I'd say they're more than a little curious about your strength as a Trainer. Why don't you pick one to keep for yourself? You did succeed in the trial, after all! And just so you know, these two have been raised in a very special way. When they evolve, they'll be able to Gigantamax!"
"Both Bulbasaur and Squirtle will have the power to Gigantamax eventually. It's a tough decision, isn't it? Give it a good think before you chose one!"
"Heehee! It's so hard to choose just one, isn't it? Take your time to think it over, love."
If the player selects Bulbasaur: "So you're going to go with our sweet Bulbasaur? It's first-rate with Grass-type moves!"
If the player selects Squirtle: "So you're going to go with our little Squirtle? It's great with Water-type moves!"
"Bulbasaur/Squirtle looks pleased as punch that you chose it! Remember that your new Pokémon will be able to Gigantamax once it has fully evolved. So be sure to raise it well!"
"And don't you worry, Squirtle/Bulbasaur. I'll be sure to raise you with lots of love. I'll make you oh-so-strong, so you'll never lose to Bulbasaur/Squirtle. Teehee!"
"Well, aren't you just the sweetest thing!"
"That lovely lad is always so kind. Give him a bit of Armorite Ore, and he'll teach your darling new Pokémon a new move. You should give it a try."
  • If talked to again after starting Mustard's second trial
"I'm going to take good care of that cute little Squirtle/Bulbasaur. Raise your Bulbasaur/Squirtle well!"
  • After the player obtains the Max Mushrooms
"Hello, hello? Is this <player>'s phone? How's the trial coming along, love?"
Regardless of choice: "You mean you've already managed to find three Max Mushrooms?! I've been checking in on everybody's progress, but it seems you're in first place once again! You really are our new rising star, arent you? I suppose I'd better go put the pot on the stove, but you be careful on your way back! Ciao!"
  • After the player clears Mustard's second trial
"Mmm, mmm, mmm! I've really outdone myself this time!"
"Now all that's left to add are those lovely Max Mushrooms you've brought us!"
"Why, KlaraSw/AverySh! What in the world has gotten into you! I've never seen you in such a flutter..."
"Aww, chin up, darling KlaraSw/AverySh! You did it! This is a cause for celebration!"
"Oh, KlaraSw/AverySh... Well! If that's all you're after...then I'm perfectly happy to oblige! Though this is hardly the first time you've asked for something, and I rather doubt it'll be the last."
"I hope you don't feel that your thunder's being stolen, <player>... But we're a family here, and families share! So...we'll go ahead and use Klara'sSw/Avery'sSh mushrooms today! It's just so rare for herSw/himSh to try hard at something. I really want to reward that. You understand, don't you? You can hold on to the Max Mushrooms you found. I'm sure you'll find a good use for them!"
"All right, everybody! Soup's on! The famous Max Soup of the Master Dojo!"
"I'll keep one of our lads in the kitchen on soup duty from now on, too. So you can ask him to serve up a fresh bowl of Max Soup whenever you need!"
  • If talked to again
"Don't worry—the kid on soup duty knows what he's doing. I made sure I taught him well!"
  • If talked to again after starting Mustard's third trial
"In battles, there's always a winner, which means there's always got to be a loser, too... Oh? Sorry. Don't mind me! Just talking to myself!"

  • At the Battle Court
  • During Mustard's third trial
"I'm cheering for both of you!"
"Oh, well done! You both gave it your all!"
  • After the player defeats Mustard
"Oh, darling! Did I hear right? You actually lost?!"
"You know I can't resist seeing you get all serious about battle, you cheeky thing! You look utterly dashing, darling!"
"Oh, but look at me getting all distracted... You were amazing, <player>!"
"Well, at least she'sSw/he'sSh aware of herSw/hisSh own flaws..."
  • After the player completes Mustard's three trials, before receiving Kubfu
"Everyone's happy to win something, aren't they? But losing is also something to be valued. It's the fuel that propels you to growth. Know what I mean, love?"
  • After the player completes Mustard's three trials, after receiving Kubfu
"Hrmm... If only someone— *mumble*"
"No, but who would gather that many— *mumble*"
"Oh! <player>! Just the person I wanted to see! Tell me... Do you collect Watts?"
Sure do: "Of course you do! You're such a pro at all this, <player>!"
What are those?:
"I'll have you know that the Watt business is positively booming right now around here. They say that those who hold the most Watts hold the key to success! I've actually been trying to gather up Watts to spruce up the dojo a bit, get some more gear... But both my darling hubby and my son are more the indoor types, you know? And it's pretty hard for me to collect that many Watts all on my own... If you ever happen to have some Watts to spare, <player>, I'd be glad to take them! Oh, but I wouldn't ask you to give them to me and not get anything in return! This would be a business transaction, of course. I'll reward you for your generosity! Whenever you have some extra Watts, simply come and talk to me!"
  • If talked to
"Hello, <player>! What can I help you with, love?"
I'm here to share some Watts!: "How many Watts could you bear to part with?"
Donating Watts: "You'll give us <value> W?"
What's the next goalpost?: "Well, <player>, you've given us... <value> W so far!"
If a goal is not met: "If you could spare us another <value> W, <player>, then...let's see... (see below)"
If a goal has been met: (see below)
Nothing/Never mind/No: "Whenever you have some extra Watts, simply come and talk to me!"
Watt Donation Goalposts
  • 5,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I could hire a hair stylist for the dojo so you could change your look whenever you like!"
Meeting the goalpost: "With over 5,000 W, I can afford to have a hair stylist come work here at the dojo, too!"
"Hello, hello? Is this the hair salon? Yes, this is Honey from the Master Dojo. ♪"
"I was wondering if you could spare a stylist to come enjoy the lovely island life with us! Yes, that's right—the Isle of Armor... Mm-hmm..."
"They're sending someone right over!"
"Now that's a real pro... True masters are always picky about their craft. Hee! But now we can always look our best—even out here in the wilds!"
  • 10,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost:
Meeting the goalpost: "And since we've gathered over 10,000 W, I can order a Rotomi terminal for the dojo!"
"Hello, hello? Is this the Pokémon Center? This is Honey from the Master Dojo! ♪"
"I'd like to buy one of your Rotomi terminals for some Watts, but what do you say? Mm-hmm... Mm-hmm... Yes, that's right..."
"We were able to make a deal! And I got them to send it right over at once!"
"Though... Hmm? This doesn't look quite right... There's something written on the screen here. Now let me see... "Thank you for your purchase! To get your new Rotomi up and running, you must first install our proprietary software. To order your copy today, contact our sales department...at..." What!"
"They're simply trying to gouge us for more Watts! Of all the greedy, conniving business practices!"
"I'm awfully sorry about this, <player>... But it looks like we'll need a bit more of your help to get our Rotomi up and running..."
  • 20,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I could get our Rotomi actually up and running!"
Meeting the goalpost: "And now that we've exceeded 20,000 W, we can finally get our Rotomi up and running!"
"Hello, hello? Is this the Pokémon Center? Honey from the Master Dojo! ♪ Yes, again! Fancy that... We ordered a Rotomi from you a little while back... Yes, yes, it does look lovely... But we'd rather prefer it to actually WORK, too. Mm-hmm... Could you send someone right over?"
"Now that that's taken care of... Let's fire it up!"
"And I am delighted to hear it! I'm sure you'll be worth every last Watt you've cost us... In fact, we'll make sure of it!"
"Our Rotomi is up and running thanks to your Watts, <player>! So be sure to use it plenty!"
  • 30,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I'll put in a vending machine where you can buy really cheap drinks whenever you like!"
Meeting the goalpost: "And now that we've blown past 30,000 W, we can get a vending machine for the dojo, too!"
"Hello, hello? Is this Macro Cosmos Living? Yes, this is Honey over at the Master Dojo. ♪ I was just wondering if we could get one of your lovely vending machines over here at our dojo... Yes, yes, that's right... Of course..."
"*glug glug glug* Ahhhhh! That is some refreshing water!"
"We're able to offer the drinks at far less than the usual asking price, so I'd get all your drinks from here from now on if I were you!"
"We've only got Fresh Water in stock so far, but the dojo's services are really getting robust! With some more Watts, I can expand the lineup even further, too."
  • 40,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I'll increase the vending machine's lineup by adding Soda Pop, too!"
Meeting the goalpost: "And we've hit 40,000 W! We can stock Soda Pop in the vending machine!"
"Hello, hello! Macro Cosmos Living, right? Honey from the Master Dojo here! ♪"
"*gulp gulp gulp* Ahhhhhh... Lovely!"
"Soda Pop brings a little fizz and sparkle to every day, doesn't it? And we don't even have to leave the dojo now to get some! And there's still more room to expand the lineup further...if we get some more Watts."
  • 50,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I'll increase the vending machine's lineup by adding Lemonade, too!"
Meeting the goalpost: "And since we've hit 50,000 W, I can order in some Lemonade for the vending machine!"
"Hello, hello, Macro Cosmos Living! Honey from the Master Dojo here! ♪"
"*gulp gulp gulp* Now that's just what was needed! I've got such a spring in my step that I feel I'm dancing on air!"
"A refreshing bottle of Lemonade sounds like just the thing to cool you down when you're feeling all hot and sweaty! I think we've got quite the lineup of drinks now, but maybe we could use something to nosh on?"
  • 100,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I'll have fresh ingredients for cooking delivered regularly to the dojo!"
Meeting the goalpost: "And since we reached 100,000 W, I think I can arrange for regular deliveries of fresh ingredients to come here to the dojo!"
"We managed to pull off a swift new contract! It took no time at all, and it's sure to be a hit! We'll have fresh ingredients delivered to the dojo each day now, so feel free to take your pick! Within reason, of course...you silly sausage!"
"What should I do next with all these Watts... I wonder if people would like to get nutritious drinks from a vending machine, too..."
  • 200,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I'll make it so you can buy nutritious supplements from a vending machine right here at the dojo!"
Meeting the goalpost: "Since you've given us 200,000 W, I'll add some healthier drinks to our lineup!"
"Ah, er, hello? Have I reached No. 1 Pharmacy? This is Honey from the Master Dojo! ♪ I was just thinking how much I'd love to offer your supplement drinks here... Right, right... Mm-hmm... Naturally..."
"You can now buy your fill of Protein and Iron right here at the dojo! This...is...AMAZING! And since we bought so many, we got bulk pricing. Good for the body...and the pocketbook!"
"I know it's not the whole array of supplements yet, but this is still a huge step for us! With some more Watts, I can expand the lineup even further, too."
  • 300,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I'll make more kinds of supplements available in our vending machine!"
Meeting the goalpost: "And since we've reached 300,000 W, let's try to get some more supplements in stock!"
"Hello, hello? Is this No. 1 Pharmacy? It's Honey from the Master Dojo! ♪ Thank you so much for all your support so far. In fact, we'd like to offer some more of your products here at the dojo... Mm-hmm... Mm-hmm..."
"Look! Look! Now we've got Calcium and Zinc, too! If I just raised my Sp. Atk enough, maybe I could fire off a Focus Blast or two... And there's still more room to expand the lineup further if we get some more Watts!"
  • 400,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I'll make even more kinds of supplements available in our vending machine!"
Meeting the goalpost: "So! Since we reached 400,000 W, let's get even more supplements in stock!"
"Hello, hello, No. 1 Pharmacy? It's your old pal Honey from the Master Dojo! ♪ Do you think we could ask for just one more teeny tiny addition to our regular order?"
"Now we've got HP Up and Carbos for sale! If I raise my Speed a bit more, I might be able to finish my hair and makeup in just seconds! But first, I've got to think of another way to help the Master Dojo's name recognition!"
  • 500,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I'll have a special Master Dojo design made for your League Card!"
Meeting the goalpost: "And since we've got 500,000 W now, I think we can finally negotiate to get the Master Dojo added as a League Card background!"
"Ahem. Hello? Hello. Is this the Pokémon League? Honey here from the Master Dojo! ♪ I've got a plan that I think will benefit the both of us, if you might be interested... Mm-hmm... Exactly right..."
"Heehee! It all went smoothly, and I got everything settled!"
"Update your League Card anytime from our very own Rotomi!"
  • 800,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "I'll be able to make you a true work of beauty! You'll have to wait to find out just what! Teehee!"
Meeting the goalpost: "And now that we've blown past 800,000 W, I'm going to show you a real work of art!"
"Hello, hello? Is this the Pokémon League? It's me again! Yes, me—Honey! ♪ There's actually something really special I'd like your help putting together... ♪ Oh, you! Now, don't tease! No! I swear it's not like that! Heehee..."
"And here we go! Fresh off the presses!"
"We'll spread these League Cards far and wide to help promote the dojo! That was my initial plan, anyway. But they caught us in such a random moment, didn't they... I think we'd better just keep this a personal keepsake and not spread it about much. Maybe our next batch of Watts can go toward something a bit more battle focused... Mm-hmm!"
  • 1,000,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost:
Meeting the goalpost: "You've blown right past 1,000,000 W! To celebrate, I'm going to give you the chance to battle the strongest of Trainers!"
"Hello? Is this my favorite Pokémon League? That's right—it's Honey! Teehee! Did you recognize my voice, you sweet thing? Well, I was just calling today to see if I could ask you a teeny tiny favor?"
"Well, that was a shame... I had them reach out to some other regions' Champions to ask about a battle, but... I guess Galar is just a bit too far to come for a friendly pickup match. Those party poopers! Well, if that's the way they're going to be, I'll simply have to let you battle another top Trainer! When you're ready to take on that challenge, just say the word and let me know!"
  • 3,280,000 W
Prior to meeting goalpost: "Well, there's not much more that I can offer you...except maybe a bit of my time? We don't get much time to really talk here at the dojo with so many students around. Would you like to go on a nice quiet walk, just you and me?"
Meeting the goalpost: "We've reached 3,280,000 W at last! This is the final reward I have to offer you, but... Dear <player>... Would you care to take a little stroll with me?"
"You know, <player>, we have so much to thank you for... It's all because of the Watts you shared with us that we were able to make the Master Dojo into the fine facility it is today."
I tried my best to help: "And you succeeded! It’s amazing how you managed to collect so many Watts!"
No, no... It was nothing!: "Oh, you humble Hubert! I won't have you downplaying this effort!"
"You know, when my hubby first told me that he wanted to open a dojo of his own... I have to admit, I had a lot of doubts. I was still working at my previous job at the time. And there was simply so much work that went into getting the dojo built... Let alone the question of whether anyone would even want to move to an uninhabited island like this, just to train at an unknown dojo! But...my hubby-wubby and I both gave it our all. And when Hyde came along, the students all pitched in and helped out with everything. And of course, you've been a huge help as well, <player>!"
"We've made it to where we are today because we got so much help from so many people... This has been an entirely different chapter of my life, but it's turned out to be a great one! So thank you, <player>."
"I'd like you to take this. Not as any sort of payback for all you've done, but just because I want you to have it."
"It's a very rare card that only the master and I have had copies of until now!"
"Oh, look! Slowpoke!"
"Teehee! Don't they look all lovey-dovey to you? Ahhh! This has been so lovely! It's been so long since I was last able to simply take a nice stroll without worrying about a thing! Just feeling the lovely breeze on my face... But if we stay away too long, I suppose everyone will start to worry about us. It's time we headed back home!"
Let's go home!: "Heehee! Of course! Our family is waiting!"
Can't we stay just a little longer?: "Now, now... Look who is trying to hog Ms. Honey’s attentions all to him/herself!"
"Thank you for the lovely stroll, <player>. Though, I'm a little embarrassed about how much I blathered on about my own past! Don't tell anyone I'm such a soggy Sally! I'm counting on you!"