Hondew Berry

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Hondew.png Hondew Berry Berry
ロメのみのみ Rome Berry Fruit
No. 24
Size (in) Size (cm) Firmness
6.4"" 0.0 cm Hard
Tag description
Generation III A berry that is very valuable and rarely seen. It is very delicious.
Generation IV This somewhat-rare Berry projects an image of luxury, so it is favored as a gift item.
Bag description
Generation III
Generation IV Unknown
Generation V Unknown
Generation VI Unknown
Generation VII Unknown
Makes a Pokémon more friendly, but lowers Special Attack effort value (Emerald, Diamond and Pearl only.) Otherwise, Pokéblock Ingredient.
Name Honeydew
Design Unknown
Natural Gift
Type Unknown
Power Unknown
Ice Cream Scoop
Flavor 1 Flavor 2 Flavor 3

Hondew Berry is a type of berry.


This berry can be gotten from people that hand out berries, and on route *someone who knows insert here please*. if you go up the waterfall there, and use an acro bike to cross the river, you will encounter an invisble Kecleon. After defeating/catching him, go north. There you will find a small patch of soft soil, with three Hondew trees in it.

Growth and harvest

Berry blending

Berry crushing

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