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Ash Ketchum started his journey in Pallet Town.

A hometown is a town that a person considers their home. In the main series video games, it is the town that the player's journey begins in.

In the games

In the main series games, the player and their rival will begin their journey in their hometown, venturing onto the first routes from there, encountering the Pokémon Professor, and getting their starter Pokémon. After defeating the Elite Four and Champion, the player will start again from their hometown when the game is next loaded.

The hometown varies with the region the player starts in:


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In the anime

Iris's hometown in the anime

Hometowns in the anime are more diverse than in the video games. Main characters (and their rivals) are not always limited to the six towns specified in the video games. Like many of the other settlements in the anime, the hometowns are significantly larger than their game counterparts.






In the manga

The various series of Pokémon manga follow the games in having their main characters start in Pallet Town, New Bark Town, Littleroot Town, Twinleaf Town and Nuvema Town. There are some characters, though, that have unique hometowns such as Yellow from Pokémon Adventures who was born in Viridian Forest.

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