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Ho-Oh Shrine
ホウオウのほこら Hohou Shrine
Ho-Oh Shrine.png
Ho-Oh Shrine
Region Johto
Debut Pop Goes The Sneasel

The Ho-Oh Shrine (Japanese: ホウオウのほこら Hohou Shrine) is an anime-exclusive location on Mt. Silver in the Johto region. It was featured in Pop Goes The Sneasel.

The shrine and surrounding temple grounds were built in honor of Ho-Oh. Legends explain that people once ravaged the place so badly that the Pokémon suffered because of it and the vegetation was wiped out. Ho-Oh appeared afterwards and unleashed a rose-colored flame that set the area alight and destroyed the weapons of war. From the ashes came new life and the area was restored back to nature. However, one tree branch continued to burn. This flame was later housed in the Ho-Oh Shrine and declared the "Sacred Flame". Today the Sacred Flame continues to burn as a symbol of peace and is used to announce the opening ceremony of the Johto League Silver Conference.

In Pop Goes The Sneasel, a Sneasel, Machop, and Machoke were attacking anyone who got too close to the Sacred Flame. The attendant feared the opening of the Silver Conference would be delayed, though Ash, his friends and Harrison intervened. Harrison went on to catch the Sneasel, while the attendant employed Machop and Machoke as permanent guards for the shrine. The much anticipated torch relay later began, and the Silver Conference resumed as planned.

Pokémon seen at the Ho-Oh Shrine

Machop anime.png
Machoke EP265.png
Harrison Sneasel debut.png

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