History of the Pokémon world

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The history of the Pokémon world are been know until this day because these histories were been passed down into/on legends that has been passed down to generation to generation. Nobody knows if it is real or not, but there are some symbols that proofs that these legends are real.

Below here is a timeline of events in the history of the Pokémon world, primarily those established in the canon of the Pokémon games, since these apply most to other forms of canon. There is also a separate timeline of events for the Pokémon anime.


Beginning of the universe

This information is based primarily on the mythology of both the Sinnoh and Hoenn regions.

  • Creation of Pokémon world
    • Groudon is formed from magma, Kyogre is formed by the pressure in the deep sea trenches, Rayquaza is formed by the minerals of the ozone layer.
    • Groudon brings the land, Kyogre expands the sea.
    • Mew is born.
    • Groudon and Kyogre battle, destroying nearly all the Hoenn region.
    • Rayquaza stopped the battle between Groudon and Kyogre. Both Pokémon had fallen into deep sleep: Kyogre was sealed into the Deep-Sea Seafloor cavern, and Groudon was sealed on the Mystic caves of Mt. Chimney. Red and Blue Orbs were created and guarded in the high peaks of Mt. Pyre to prevent the awakening of Kyogre and Groudon which will start into a battle.
    • Rayquaza had fallen into a deep sleep and sealed away into the ancient Sky Pillar.
    • Mt. Coronet is created.
    • Regigigas moves the continents.
    • The Sinnoh region is created around Mt. Coronet
    • Stark Mountain is created, Heatran is formed from lava.


This information is based primarily on the study of fossils and archaeological remains.

Recent history

This information is based on historic records.

  • 1969
    • First humans land on the moon.

Contemporary history


  • Three years after Generation I/Generation III, Generation II/Generation IV: The events of Gold, Silver, Crystal, Diamond and Pearl.
    • Gold/Kris leaves New Bark Town on an errand for Professor Elm, bonding with his/her starter Pokémon on the way. A red-haired boy steals one of Elm's three Pokémon, and challenges him/her as Gold/Kris's journey across Johto continues. A revived Team Rocket, using plans formulated three years prior, enrages many Gyarados, including a red one, at the Lake of Rage and as well takes over the Johto Radio Tower in a desperate attempt to contact Giovanni. As they are defeated, the leader vows to never again re-form Team Rocket, and Gold/Kris continues to gather Johto's badges, eventually gaining all eight and traveling to the Pokémon League at the Indigo Plateau in Kanto. After championing it, over a new Elite Four and its previous champion, Lance, Gold/Kris then heads to the Kanto region to challenge its eight gyms, which have changed from three years prior. After gaining all eight of their badges, for a total of sixteen, Professor Oak declares him/her ready to travel to Mt. Silver, deep in the caves of where he/she meets and defeats Red.
    • Lucas/Dawn and Pearl leave Twinleaf Town in an attempt to see a Pokémon like the recently-reported red Gyarados in the nearest of Sinnoh's lakes, Lake Verity. After being attacked by a wild Starly at the lake, and using one of Professor Rowan's Pokémon to fend off the attacker, the journey begins in earnest, where both Lucas/Dawn and Pearl challenge the Sinnoh region's eight gyms to gain the badges necessary to challenge the Pokémon League. Along the way, however, Lucas/Dawn is brought into many conflicts with Team Galactic, whose leader, Cyrus, wishes to re-make the entire universe in his image with the powers of the legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia. Defeating the team and calming Dialga/Palkia, Lucas/Dawn challenges Sinnoh's Elite Four and champion, Cynthia, and becomes champion him/herself.
    • Meteor strikes Earth, forming 2 Deoxys.