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|desc=Hiroto has two {{p|Frillish}}; one male, and one female.
|desc=Hiroto has two {{p|Frillish}}; one male, and one female.
Male Frillish's known moves are {{m|Hydro Pump}} and {{m|Psychic}}.<br>
Frillish's known moves are {{m|Hydro Pump}} and {{m|Psychic}}.}}
Female Frillish's only known move is {{m|Hydro Pump}}.}}
==Voice actors==
==Voice actors==

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If you were looking for the Character of the day in Wings 'N' Things with the Japanese name of "Hiroto", see Zachary Evans.
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As such, their information may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.
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Reason: pictures and voice actors for Frillish and Watchog.

(Japanese: ヒロト Hiroto) is a character of the day who appeared in BW115.

He works with his Pokémon on a gulf rescue team.


Watchog is Hiroto's main Pokémon.

Watchog's known moves are Strength, Cut and Sand-Attack.

Debut BW115
Dewott is one of Hiroto's other Pokémon.

Dewott's known moves are Hydro Pump and Razor Shell.

Debut BW115
Voice actors
Japanese Chiaki Takahashi
Frillish (×2)
Hiroto has two Frillish; one male, and one female.

Frillish's known moves are Hydro Pump and Psychic.

Debut BW115

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 檜山修之 Nobuyuki Hiyama

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