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Hidden Land まぼろしのだいち
Phantom Land
Basic info
Floors: 24
Rest stops: Yes
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: None
Boss: Dusknoir*
Recruiting: No
Items: 48
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 2

The Hidden Land (Japanese: まぼろしのだいち Phantom Land) is a Dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. The Hidden Land has 15 floors, while the Hidden Highland has eight. The Hidden Land was passed down in oral legends for a long time, but nobody had ever found it. It is an area located in a gap in time, or between the split of a second, as Lapras put it. It was hidden to prevent anything happening to Temporal Tower, which was the home of Dialga, controller of time. If the flow of time was disrupted, Temporal Tower would collapse. This would cause time to stop, and the planet would be paralyzed, in a shroud of darkness. The only key to entering this land was the partner's Relic Fragment.

When Torkoal, the town elder, is asked about the Hidden Land at the Hot Spring, he mentions that one needs "proof" to enter, but then forgets. He comes the next day and tells the guild that the proof is of a strange certain marking. The player remembers that their partner's Relic Fragment has a strange pattern on it, and tells him/her to show it to Torkoal. He is astonished when he sees the needed pattern on the Relic Fragment. When the fragment is brought to a larger marking in Brine Cave, the two react and a light shines from the large marking, summoning Lapras, who will ferry Grovyle, the player, and their partner to the Hidden Land. At the end of the Hidden Land is the Old Ruins, where the Rainbow Stoneship lies, as well as Dusknoir, who ambushes the party with his Sableye.

No Pokémon, except Grovyle, the player, the player's partner and Lapras, can enter the Hidden Land. Ironically, this means that if the player recruits Dialga, it will not be able to go back to Temporal Tower. Even on post-game visits, the player must be the leader, and the player will be kicked out and lose items and money if the partner is knocked out.

The floating island explored during the player and partner's visit to the future appears to be the future version of the Hidden Land, due to the Temporal Tower being there and the two landmasses having the exact same shape. Presumably, Dialga's maniacal behavior caused the Hidden Land to become visible to all.

The weather is often Sunny; however, it can also be Hail if an Abomasnow is on the floor due to its Snow Warning Ability.

Pokémon encountered

Hidden Land

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Dragonite (Pokémon) Dragonite 1-15 37-40 Unrecruitable
Manectric (Pokémon) Manectric 1-15 28-31 Unrecruitable
Tropius (Pokémon) Tropius 1-15 35-38 Unrecruitable
Rampardos (Pokémon) Rampardos 1-15 40-43 Unrecruitable
Bastiodon (Pokémon) Bastiodon 1-15 35-38 Unrecruitable
Purugly (Pokémon) Purugly 1-15 37-40 Unrecruitable
Garchomp (Pokémon) Garchomp 1-15 37-40 Unrecruitable
Abomasnow (Pokémon) Abomasnow 1-15 40-43 Unrecruitable
Magmortar (Pokémon) Magmortar 1-15 36-39 Unrecruitable

Hidden Highland

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Dragonite (Pokémon) Dragonite 1-8 40-41 Unrecruitable
Manectric (Pokémon) Manectric 1-8 31-32 Unrecruitable
Tropius (Pokémon) Tropius 1-8 38-39 Unrecruitable
Rampardos (Pokémon) Rampardos 1-8 43-44 Unrecruitable
Bastiodon (Pokémon) Bastiodon 1-8 38-39 Unrecruitable
Purugly (Pokémon) Purugly 1-8 40-41 Unrecruitable
Garchomp (Pokémon) Garchomp 1-8 40-41 Unrecruitable
Abomasnow (Pokémon) Abomasnow 1-8 43-44 Unrecruitable
Magmortar (Pokémon) Magmortar 1-8 39-40 Unrecruitable

Old Ruins

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Sableye (Pokémon) Sableye Old Ruins 38 Unrecruitable Boss
Dusknoir (Pokémon) Dusknoir Old Ruins 45 Unrecruitable Boss
this boss is only fought on the first visit

Traps encountered

Along the way though this dungeon, players will encounter as many traps as they did in Brine Cave.

Image Trap
Chestnut Trap RTRB TDS.png Chestnut Trap
Selfdestruct Trap RTRB TDS.png Selfdestruct Trap
Warp Trap RTRB TDS.png Warp Trap
Slow Trap RTRB TDS.png Slow Trap
Spin Trap RTRB TDS.png Spin Trap
Pokémon Trap RTRB TDS.png Pokémon Trap
Slumber Trap RTRB TDS.png Slumber Trap
Summon Trap RTRB TDS.png Summon Trap
Gust Trap RTRB TDS.png Gust Trap
Poison Trap RTRB TDS.png Poison Trap
Trip Trap RTRB TDS.png Trip Trap

In the anime

The Hidden Land in the anime

The Hidden Land appeared in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness, where Team Poképals and Grovyle arrived there with Lapras. Once they arrived at the Old Ruins, they prepared to use Rainbow Stoneship to get to the Temporal Tower, but were ambushed by Dusknoir and a group of Sableye before they could do so. Dusknoir stole the Relic Fragment needed to activate the Rainbow Stoneship and intended to return to the future through a time portal, but was stopped by the combined effort of Team Poképals and Grovyle. In order to prevent Dusknoir from stopping Piplup and Chimchar, Grovyle took Dusknoir with him back to the future, leaving behind the Time Gears before doing so. After this, Team Poképals activated the Rainbow Stoneship and headed to the Temporal Tower to stop Primal Dialga.

In other languages

Hidden Land

Language Title
France Flag.png French Terres Illusoires
Germany Flag.png German Verborgenes Land
Italy Flag.png Italian Terra Nascosta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 환상의 대지 Hwansang-ui daeji
Spain Flag.png Spanish Tierra Oculta

Hidden Highland

Language Title
France Flag.png French Hautes Terres Illusoires
Germany Flag.png German Verborgenes Hochland
Italy Flag.png Italian Altopiano Nascosto
South Korea Flag.png Korean 환상의 대지 저편 Hwansang-ui daeji jeopyeon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Corazón Tierra Oculta

Old Ruins

Language Title
France Flag.png French Ruines Anciennes
Germany Flag.png German Alte Ruinen
Italy Flag.png Italian Antiche Rovine
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고대 유적 Godae Yujeok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ruinas Arcanas

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