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Hexagon Brothers artwork in Pokémon XD

The Hexagon Brothers (Japanese: 六つ子ブラザーズ Sextuplet Brothers) are a team of six Cipher Peons in Pokémon XD. They are named Resix (Japanese: モノル Monol), Blusix (Japanese: ジレル Direl), Browsix (Japanese: トリル Trill), Yellosix (Japanese: テトル Tetol), Purpsix (Japanese: ペタル Petal), and Greesix (Japanese: ヘキル Hekil). They are dressed in the colors of their names, specialize in a different type of Pokémon, and have a Shadow Pokémon of the corresponding type. The types are Fire, Water, Ground, Electric, Poison, and Grass, and the Shadow Pokémon are Houndour, Spheal, Baltoy, Mareep, Gulpin, and Seedot, accordingly.

The Hexagon Brothers have their own motto, in which they count off. However, they always mess up their counting (e.g. forgetting to count the first person, or counting an extra time after six). They appear at the Cipher Lab and at Phenac City (disguised as the "Justy Gang"). They can be rebattled at the Cipher Lab at any time.


At Cipher Lab (Before Snagging their Pokémon)

At Phenac City

At Cipher Lab (any time after unlocking and going to Citadark Isle)


  • Interestingly, their colors are the same as the colors of the TCG's original six Basic Energy cards, and each of their Pokémon falls into a TCG type represented by one of these types (Gulpin, however, being a Poison-type, was a Grass-type in the TCG before Diamond & Pearl).
  • Resix's team after snagging and before beating the game gives only Special Attack EVs. Under the same conditions, Browsix's only provides HP EVs. This makes them among the few places to EV train in XD.
  • Unlike the rest of the Hexagon Brothers, Greesix does not replace his Shadow Pokémon after it is snagged.
  • During Cipher's invasion of Phenac City, Greesix, Blusix, and Resix stand in the same areas that Verde, Bluno, and Rosso stood in in Colosseum.

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 六つ子ブラザーズ Sextuplet Brothers
France Flag.png French Frères Hexagone
Germany Flag.png German Hexagon-Brüder
Italy Flag.png Italian Sestetto Iride
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hermanos del Hexágono


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese モノル Monol
France Flag.png French Sirouj
Germany Flag.png German Rubex
Italy Flag.png Italian Carmine
Spain Flag.png Spanish Rosexto


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ジレル Direl
France Flag.png French Sibleux
Germany Flag.png German Azurex
Italy Flag.png Italian Celestino
Spain Flag.png Spanish Azusexto


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese トリル Trill
France Flag.png French Sibrin
Germany Flag.png German Kastanex
Italy Flag.png Italian Bruno
Spain Flag.png Spanish Narasexto


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese テトル Tetol
France Flag.png French Sijone
Germany Flag.png German Flavex
Italy Flag.png Italian Dorino
Spain Flag.png Spanish Amasexto


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ペタル Petal
France Flag.png French Siviolé
Germany Flag.png German Purpex
Italy Flag.png Italian Violantino
Spain Flag.png Spanish Morasexto


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ヘキル Hekil
France Flag.png French Sivère
Germany Flag.png German Verdex
Italy Flag.png Italian Verdiano
Spain Flag.png Spanish Versexto

Members of Cipher
Leaders: EviceGreevil
Chief Executives: Nascour
Admins: Miror B.DakimVenusEin
Other Members: BlunoVerdeRossoSkrubMirakle B.
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