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(Rank II)
(Rank II)
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* Happens automatically during the ''Italic text''Legend of Ransei.
* Happens automatically during the ''Legend of Ransei''.
====Rank III====
====Rank III====

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主人公 Shujinkō
Conquest hero.png
Artwork with Eevee
Gender Male
Relatives None
Kingdom Aurora
Specialty Normal
Default Pokémon Eevee

The Hero (Japanese: 主人公) is the male player character of Pokémon Conquest. He is a Warlord from, and the leader of, Aurora.

His counterpart is the Heroine.

In the games

Arceus and the hero of Pokémon Conquest
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Rank information

The hero in the opening credits

Rank I

Arceus and the hero of Pokémon Conquest
Conquest Hero I.png Power 65
Wisdom 60
Charisma 65
Total 190
Warrior Skill Top Speed
Capacity 4
Perfect Links
Eevee Eevee

Rank II

Conquest Hero II.png Power 75
Wisdom 70
Charisma 80
Total 225
Warrior Skill Courage
Capacity 6
Perfect Links
Eevee Eevee Vaporeon Vaporeon Jolteon Jolteon
Flareon Flareon Espeon Espeon Umbreon Umbreon
Leafeon Leafeon Glaceon Glaceon
  • Happens automatically during the Legend of Ransei.

Rank III

Conquest Hero III.png Power 80
Wisdom 85
Charisma 100
Total 265
Warrior Skill Motivate
Capacity 8
Perfect Links
Eevee Eevee Vaporeon Vaporeon Jolteon Jolteon
Flareon Flareon Espeon Espeon Umbreon Umbreon
Leafeon Leafeon Glaceon Glaceon Arceus Arceus
  • Reaches a 80% link with either Eevee or any one of the Eeveelutions in Two Heroes of Ransei.


  • Start of turn:
    • With low health:
  • Otherwise:
  • Start of battle:
    • When attacking a castle:
"I'll show you what I'm made of!"
  • Upon forming a Link:
"I have formed a link with <Pokémon's name>!"
  • When using his Warrior Skill:
"Right, this should help our cause!"
  • When being defeated:
    • When being recruited:
  • Otherwise:
"Oh no, <Pokémon's name>..."


A youth in possession of a rare talent to communicate on a deep level with Pokémon of all kinds. This Warrior's friendship with Eevee dates back to childhood.

Historical origin


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