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Bulbapedia is a free encyclopedia about Pokémon written collaboratively by many people, based on MediaWiki software, and run by Bulbagarden. It is a wiki, meaning that once anyone creates an account here, he or she will be able to create and edit pages (except certain important pages). The following articles contain information about Bulbapedia; reading, creating, and editing articles; and participating in this project.

Getting started
About Bulbapedia | General disclaimer | Spoiler warning

Browsing Bulbapedia
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Starting Bulbapedia
Starting an article | Tutorial on editing pages | Site FAQ

Editing Bulbapedia
Manual of style | Style primer | Link templates

Images and media
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Keeping track of changes
Messages from the Editor | Dealing with Vandalism

Policies and guidelines
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Userspace policy
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Talk page policy
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Code of conduct
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The Bulbapedia community
Staff | Editorial board

Technical information
Wikipedia help | The MediaWiki software | Copyrights

If you inquire help for a certain article or issue that was unanswered here, post it on the Bulbawiki Forum.

Important links
For more pieces of information, please see the Welcome Portal.

Bulbapedia policies and guidelines
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