Hello! My Future!

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Happy Ending
Korean ending themes
Friends Forever
안녕! 나의 미래!
XY ED 03 Korean.png
Annyeong! Na-ui Mirae!
Hello! My Future!
XY ED 03
Artist 정소윤
Jeong Soyun
Composer 유태진
Yu Taejin

Hello! My Future! (Korean: 안녕! 나의 미래! Annyeong! Na-ui Mirae!) is the third ending theme of the XY series. It debuted in XY049, replacing Happy Ending. It uses the same animation from the corresponding Japanese ending theme, DreamDream.

Ending animation

Serena is seen doing several different Pokémon Performances with Fennekin and Pancham, each time with different clothes and styles in her performance. At the end of her final performance she bows her head and smiles, and then we see her, Fennekin, and Pancham all asleep, revealing Serena was dreaming about becoming a Pokémon Perfomer.




TV Size

Korean English
시간 흐르고 먼 훗날
우리 미랜 어떤 모습일까

마법 같은 일들이

이젠 소중히 간직한
나의 작은 꿈 이뤄지도록

밤하늘 별들에게
소원을 빌어

조그맣고 서툴기만 했던

빛나는 미래의 꿈들로
내 마음을 설레게 해

미소를 지으며 안녕
환하게 웃으며 안녕

오랜 후에
너를 만나는 그 날에

노래를 부르며 안녕
신나게 춤추며 안녕

언젠가 다가올 내 미래에
밝은 인사로 기다려줘

반겨줄 거야
As time flows, in the far future
How would our future look?

Would magical things
Have occurred?

Now, to make my cherished
Small dreams ensue

I make a wish
To the stars in the night sky

Though my song was
Small and clumsy

The dreams of the shining future
Make my heart pound

With a smile, hello
Laughing brightly, hello

After a long while,
On the day I meet you

Singing a song, hello
Dancing excitedly, hello

I’ll be waiting with bright greetings
For my future to come

I’ll greet you
Happy Ending
Korean ending themes
Friends Forever
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