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A pile of held items in the anime

A held item (Japanese: held item) is an item that may be carried by a Pokémon. This capability was first introduced in Generation II; however, when a Pokémon obtained in Generation I is traded to a Generation II game through the Time Capsule, it may be holding an item, such as a TM09 held by an Abra. Likewise, items held by Pokémon traded to Generation I will not be lost.

Held items range from Berries, which can be used in battle for recovery of HP, curing of a status condition, raising of a stat, and other effects; to the Soothe Bell, which boosts friendship gained.


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Though most items can be held by a Pokémon, many have no effect while held. Key Items and HMs cannot be held; in Generation IV, only Giratina can hold the Griseous Orb, and Apricorns and Poké Balls made from them cannot be held; from Generation V onwards, TMs cannot be held. Any other type of item may be held, but Potions, Revives, herbal medicine, status condition healing items, Ethers, Vitamins, Rare Candies, TMs, evolutionary stones, Fossils, Repels, escape items, battle items, valuable items, exchangeable items, Mulch, Flutes, and Wings have no effect apart from use via Fling. Poké Balls have no effect while held and cannot be flung.

List of Abilities and moves affecting held items


Name Effect Generation
Compound Eyes If a Pokémon with this Ability leads the party, it increases the chances of running into a Pokémon with a held item III
Pickup May obtain a held item after a battle
From Generation V onward, at the end of a turn will obtain an item used by another Pokémon
Sticky Hold Protects the Pokémon from item theft III
Klutz Negates the effect of the Pokémon's held item, for most items IV
Harvest May restore an eaten Berry at the end of a turn V
Pickpocket Steals the held item of a Pokémon that uses a contact move on the possessor (as long as the possessor does not have an item) V
Unnerve Prevents the opposing Pokémon from eating Berries V
Magician Steals the held item of a Pokémon that is hit by the Pokémon's move (as long as the possessor does not have an item) VI
Symbiosis Transfers the possessor's held item to an ally when that ally consumes its held item VI


Name Effect Generation
Thief Steals the target's held item (as long as the user does not have an item) II
Trick Swaps the user's and target Pokémon's held items (even if one of them does not have a held item) III
Knock Off Disables the target's held item for the rest of the battle III
Covet Steals the target's held item (as long as the user does not have an item) III
Recycle Restores an item consumed by the user III
Embargo Disables any item use on or by the target (including held items) IV
Fling Consumes the user's held item and deals damage to the opponent depending on the item flung (some items have added effects) IV
Switcheroo Swaps the user's and target Pokémon's held items (even if one of them does not have a held item) IV
Magic Room Disables all Pokémon's held items for five turns V
Bestow Gives the user's held item to the target V

List of held items

In the main series


Main article: Berry

Berries have varying effects. Some weaken supereffective moves, and others cure status conditions. Berries also affect the power and strength of the move Natural Gift. All can be used to make Pokéblocks or Poffin.

Colored orbs

Main article: Colored orbs

Starting in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, these items allow Groudon and Kyogre to undergo Primal Reversion when held.


Main article: Drive

Drives change the type of the holder's Techno Blast.

EV-enhancing items

Main article: EV-enhancing item

These items, when held by a Pokémon, promote EV gain in several different ways.

Evolution-inducing held items

Main article: Evolution-inducing held item

These items, when held by a Pokémon, will cause it to undergo evolution when activated by another event, such as gaining a level or being traded.

Experience-affecting items

Main article: Experience-affecting item

These items, when held by a Pokémon, affect the amount of experience that a Pokémon gains in battle.


Main article: Gem

Gems increase the power of a specific type of move by 30% (50% in Generation V) and are consumed after use. They are found in dust clouds.


Main article: Incense

These items, when held by a Pokémon in the day-care, will cause it to produce an Egg that will hatch into a baby Pokémon introduced after Generation II. They will also affect the holder in various ways during battle.

Mega Stones

Main article: Mega Stone

These items, when held by their respective Pokémon, will allow the holder to undergo Mega Evolution during battle.


Main article: Memory

Equipping a Memory to Silvally with RKS System will cause both it and its Multi-Attack to change type to that of the Memory held.


Main article: Plate

Plates are ancient stone tablets engraved with text that increase the power of moves of a specific type. There is one for each type except Normal. Equipping a Plate to Arceus with Multitype will cause both it and its Judgment to change type to that of the Plate held.

Stat-enhancing items

Main article: Stat-enhancing item

These items, when held, will increase certain stats of Pokémon. Some can only be used by specific Pokémon.

Type-enhancing items

Main article: Type-enhancing item

Type-enhancing items increase the power of a used move of the enhanced type by 20% (10% prior to Generation IV). Some are given out by the Week Siblings.


Main article: Z-Crystal

Z-Crystals are required to be held for performing Z-Moves. There is one for each type. Additionally, there are also specific Z-Crystals that, when held by specific Pokémon, will enable them to use their exclusive Z-Moves.

In-battle effect items

Main article: In-battle effect item

These items will take effect during battle to either aid or hinder the Pokémon holding them or an opponent.

Out-of-battle effect items

Main article: Out-of-battle effect item

These items will only take effect outside battle, in the overworld.


Main article: Mail

Mail allows players to send messages to each other by attaching it to a Pokémon that is to be traded.


Main article: Scarf

Scarves up the Contest condition of the Pokémon that is holding it without the Pokémon being fed Pokéblocks or Poffin.

In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series


Main article: Glasses

These items increase the user's stats, prevent status conditions, or reveal hidden items when held.


Main article: Scarf (Mystery Dungeon)

These items increase the user's stats or prevent status conditions when held. Some are also needed for evolution.

Recruitment-affecting items

Main article: Recruitment → Recruitment-affecting items

These items increase the recruit rate when held.

Munch Belt

Main article: Munch Belt

The Munch Belt raises the holder's Attack and Special Attack by 8 each but empties the belly faster.

Tight Belt

Main article: Tight Belt

The Tight Belt prevents the holder's belly from emptying.

Miracle and Wonder Chest

Main article: Experience-affecting item → In side games

These items increase the holder's experience gain.

Seven Treasures

Main article: Seven Treasures

These items raise the recruit rates of certain types when held.

Space Globe

Main article: Space Globe

The Space Globe doubles the power of all of the holder's moves.

IQ Booster

Main article: IQ Booster

The IQ Booster increases the IQ gained by the holder as it travels between floors.


Main article: Flag

These items are exclusive to Gates to Infinity; when held, they have various effects on the user and teammates around it.


Main article: Looplet

Introduced in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, these items may raise the holder's stats or give the holder other benefits and can be enhanced by attaching emeras to them.

In the TCG

Held items were eventually introduced in the TCG as well, first as Pokémon Tools, then later on as Pokémon cards with held items to mimic Pokémon that hold an item when found in the wild.

In other languages

Language Title
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Drží předmět
Denmark Flag.png Danish Genstande
Finland Flag.png Finnish Kannettava esine
France Flag.png European French Objet tenu
Germany Flag.png German Getragenes Item
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Mellékelt tárgy
Italy Flag.png Italian Strumento tenuto
South Korea Flag.png Korean 지닌물건 Jinin mulgeon
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Gjenstand
Poland Flag.png Polish Przedmiot
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Item retido
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Objeto que lleva
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Föremål med sig
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Vật mang theo

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