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**{{TCG|Water Energy}} features {{p|Lugia}} and the [[Whirl Islands]]
**{{TCG|Water Energy}} features {{p|Lugia}} and the [[Whirl Islands]]
**{{TCG|Darkness Energy}} features {{p|Umbreon}}
**{{TCG|Darkness Energy}} features {{p|Umbreon}}
**{{TCG|Metal Energy}} features {{p|Steelix}}
**{{TCG|Metal Energy}} features {{p|Steelix}} and the [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]]
==Card list==
==Card list==

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HeartGold & SoulSilver
ハートゴールドコレクション / ソウルシルバーコレクション
SetSymbolHeartGold and SoulSilver.png
HGSS TCG Logo.png
Cards in set English: 124
Japanese: 150*
Set number English: 43
Japanese: 43
Release date English: February 10, 2010
Japanese: October 9, 2009
Theme Decks Growth Clash (GrassFighting)
Ember Spark (FireLightning)
Mind Flood (WaterPsychic)
Advent of Arceus
HeartGold Collection / SoulSilver Collection
Reviving Legends

Pokémon TCG: HeartGold & SoulSilver (Japanese: ハートゴールドコレクション HeartGold Collection and ソウルシルバーコレクション SoulSilver Collection) is the name given to the first expansion of cards from the HeartGold & SoulSilver era of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The set brings several new mechanics and features to the game.


HeartGold & SoulSilver is the first expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game series of the same name, though often shortened to HGSS (the same abbreviation is also used for the expansion itself). Based on Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver themselves, the expansion includes mostly Pokémon from Generation II, which itself includes all Pokémon from Generation I. Unlike its predecessor, Neo Genesis, HeartGold & SoulSilver also consists of many Pokémon from the first generation, whereas Neo Genesis included only those related to new Pokémon (such as Horsea and Seadra, which had to be included for Kingdra's sake). In Japan, the expansion heralded the start of the Pokémon Card Game LEGEND series as two subsets, titled HeartGold Collection and SoulSilver Collection.

HeartGold & SoulSilver was the first expansion to use a revamped card design, which included multiple changes:

  • The card border is now gold and silver as opposed to yellow.
  • The illustrator's bar, the Pokémon stage bar and the Pokédex data strip all include tinges of gold.
  • The evolution circle returns to the extreme top-left of the card. The stage name strip is extended further to the left due to this.
  • An unfinished circle is present on Basic Pokémon cards where the evolution circle would be present on Stage 1 and 2 Pokémon cards.
  • The flavor text area has been compressed further down with the illustrator's bar shortened in length to compensate.
  • The top-right corner is now gold and silver to display the Hit Points more prominently.

HeartGold & SoulSilver also introduced two new mechanics, as well as discontinuing two other mechanics. Pokémon SP cards and Pokémon LV.X are no longer present, the latter due to the removal of levels on the cards. Pokémon LV.X were replaced by a new mechanic in the form of Pokémon Prime (Great Pokémon in Japan), Pokémon that are considerably rarer and more powerful than any of their regular counterparts. Pokémon Prime do not play home to any new mechanics: they do not have special names, there are no drawbacks to their use and they evolve the same as any other Pokémon. They have a holographic gold border, much like the silver border of Pokémon LV.X and Pokémon-ex before them, and additional graphics around the illustration box and the card name (which is also holographic gold). They also lack Pokédex data in order to free up space for more Pokémon Powers and attacks.

The second new mechanic to be introduced by the set was Pokémon LEGEND, named after the series in Japan. Pokémon LEGEND are comprised of two cards - a top half and a bottom half - and can include either one or two Pokémon. They can be put into play only during the game itself and only when both halves of the card are ready to be played at the same time. There are no real drawbacks; both halves of the card have the same name so only two of each have can be used in a 60-card deck. As well as that, Pokémon LEGEND cards depicting two Pokémon cause the opponent to take two Prize cards upon its defeat, much like with Pokémon-ex. Pokémon LEGEND cards are entirely holographic and three-quarters of the overall card is comprised of the illustration.

The Japanese version of the expansion also brings about a change to the long-standing Trainer card: The three different types of Trainer are now classified as Goods, Supporter and Stadium, though Goods cards retain their title of Trainer cards in English regions. Similarly to Supporter cards and Stadium cards, which were color-coded orange and green respectively after their reclassification in the Diamond & Pearl expansion, Goods cards (including Trainer cards in English) are now color-coded blue. As with Pokémon cards, Trainer cards have also been redesigned: the illustration box now has a gold outline and the text area is metallic silver.

Japan's set also introduced a type of card that had been present in English regions since the launch of Expedition Base Set in the form of reverse holographic cards, known in Japan as mirror cards (ミラーカード). These feature the same holofoil treatment as reverse holographic cards that has been present since Diamond & Pearl in English.


Card list

HeartGold & SoulSilver

No. Card Name Type Rarity
1/123 Arcanine Fire Rare Holo
2/123 Azumarill Water Rare Holo
3/123 Clefable Colorless Rare Holo
4/123 Gyarados Water Rare Holo
5/123 Hitmontop Fighting Rare Holo
6/123 Jumpluff Grass Rare Holo
7/123 Ninetales Fire Rare Holo
8/123 Noctowl Colorless Rare Holo
9/123 Quagsire Water Rare Holo
10/123 Raichu Lightning Rare Holo
11/123 Shuckle Grass Rare Holo
12/123 Slowking Psychic Rare Holo
13/123 Wobbuffet Psychic Rare Holo
14/123 Ampharos Lightning Rare
15/123 Ariados Grass Rare
16/123 Butterfree Grass Rare
17/123 Cleffa Colorless Rare
18/123 Exeggutor Psychic Rare
19/123 Farfetch'd Colorless Rare
20/123 Feraligatr Water Rare
21/123 Furret Colorless Rare
22/123 Granbull Colorless Rare
23/123 Hypno Psychic Rare
24/123 Lapras Water Rare
25/123 Ledian Grass Rare
26/123 Meganium Grass Rare
27/123 Persian Colorless Rare
28/123 Pichu Lightning Rare
29/123 Sandslash Fighting Rare
30/123 Smoochum Psychic Rare
31/123 Sunflora Grass Rare
32/123 Typhlosion Fire Rare
33/123 Tyrogue Fighting Rare
34/123 Weezing Psychic Rare
35/123 Bayleef Grass Uncommon
36/123 Blissey Colorless Uncommon
37/123 Corsola Water Uncommon
38/123 Croconaw Water Uncommon
39/123 Delibird Water Uncommon
40/123 Donphan Fighting Uncommon
41/123 Dunsparce Colorless Uncommon
42/123 Flaaffy Lightning Uncommon
43/123 Heracross Grass Uncommon
44/123 Igglybuff Colorless Uncommon
45/123 Mantine Water Uncommon
46/123 Metapod Grass Uncommon
47/123 Miltank Colorless Uncommon
48/123 Parasect Grass Uncommon
49/123 Quilava Fire Uncommon
50/123 Qwilfish Water Uncommon
51/123 Skiploom Grass Uncommon
52/123 Slowbro Water Uncommon
53/123 Starmie Water Uncommon
54/123 Unown Psychic Uncommon
55/123 Unown Psychic Uncommon
56/123 Wigglytuff Colorless Uncommon
57/123 Caterpie Grass Common
58/123 Chansey Colorless Common
59/123 Chikorita Grass Common
60/123 Clefairy Colorless Common
61/123 Cyndaquil Fire Common
62/123 Drowzee Psychic Common
63/123 Exeggcute Psychic Common
64/123 Girafarig Colorless Common
65/123 Growlithe Fire Common
66/123 Hoothoot Colorless Common
67/123 Hoppip Grass Common
68/123 Jigglypuff Colorless Common
69/123 Jynx Psychic Common
70/123 Koffing Psychic Common
71/123 Ledyba Grass Common
72/123 Magikarp Water Common
73/123 Mareep Lightning Common
74/123 Marill Water Common
75/123 Meowth Colorless Common
76/123 Paras Grass Common
77/123 Phanpy Fighting Common
78/123 Pikachu Lightning Common
79/123 Sandshrew Fighting Common
80/123 Sentret Colorless Common
81/123 Slowpoke Water Common
82/123 Snubbull Colorless Common
83/123 Spinarak Grass Common
84/123 Staryu Water Common
85/123 Sunkern Grass Common
86/123 Totodile Water Common
87/123 Vulpix Fire Common
88/123 Wooper Water Common
89/123 Bill Su Uncommon
90/123 Copycat Su Uncommon
91/123 Energy Switch T Uncommon
92/123 Fisherman Su Uncommon
93/123 Full Heal T Uncommon
94/123 Moomoo Milk T Uncommon
95/123 Poké Ball T Uncommon
96/123 Pokégear 3.0 T Uncommon
97/123 Pokémon Collector Su Uncommon
98/123 Pokémon Communication T Uncommon
99/123 Pokémon Reversal T Uncommon
100/123 Professor Elm's Training Method Su Uncommon
101/123 Professor Oak's New Theory Su Uncommon
102/123 Switch T Common
103/123 Double Colorless Energy E Uncommon
104/123 Rainbow Energy E Uncommon
105/123 Ampharos Lightning SuperRare Holo
106/123 Blissey Colorless SuperRare Holo
107/123 Donphan Fighting SuperRare Holo
108/123 Feraligatr Water SuperRare Holo
109/123 Meganium Grass SuperRare Holo
110/123 Typhlosion Fire SuperRare Holo
111/123 Ho-Oh LEGEND Fire Rare Holo LEGEND
112/123 Ho-Oh LEGEND Fire Rare Holo LEGEND
113/123 Lugia LEGEND Water Rare Holo LEGEND
114/123 Lugia LEGEND Water Rare Holo LEGEND
115/123 Grass Energy E Common
116/123 Fire Energy E Common
117/123 Water Energy E Common
118/123 Lightning Energy E Common
119/123 Psychic Energy E Common
120/123 Fighting Energy E Common
121/123 Darkness Energy E Common
122/123 Metal Energy E Common
123/123 Gyarados Water Rare Holo
ONE Alph Lithograph T Rare Holo

HeartGold Collection

No. Card Name Type Rarity
001/070 Weedle Grass Common
002/070 Kakuna Grass Uncommon
003/070 Beedrill Grass Rare
004/070 Spinarak Grass Common
005/070 Ariados Grass Rare
006/070 Hoppip Grass Common
007/070 Skiploom Grass Common
008/070 Jumpluff Grass Rare Holo
009/070 Sunkern Grass Common
010/070 Sunflora Grass Rare
011/070 Shuckle Grass Rare Holo
012/070 Heracross Grass Uncommon
013/070 Growlithe Fire Common
014/070 Arcanine Fire Rare Holo
015/070 Ho-Oh LEGEND Fire Rare Holo LEGEND
016/070 Ho-Oh LEGEND Fire Rare Holo LEGEND
017/070 Slowpoke Water Common
018/070 Slowbro Water Rare
019/070 Staryu Water Common
020/070 Starmie Water Rare
021/070 Lapras Water Rare
022/070 Totodile Water Common
023/070 Croconaw Water Common
024/070 Feraligatr Water Uncommon
025/070 Feraligatr Water SuperRare Holo
026/070 Qwilfish Water Uncommon
027/070 Corsola Water Uncommon
028/070 Remoraid Water Common
029/070 Octillery Water Rare Holo
030/070 Mantine Water Uncommon
031/070 Mareep Lightning Common
032/070 Flaaffy Lightning Common
033/070 Ampharos Lightning Uncommon
034/070 Ampharos Lightning SuperRare Holo
035/070 Koffing Psychic Common
036/070 Weezing Psychic Rare
037/070 Smoochum Psychic Rare Holo
038/070 Jynx Psychic Common
039/070 Slowking Psychic Rare Holo
040/070 Unown Psychic Uncommon
041/070 Wobbuffet Psychic Rare Holo
042/070 Mankey Fighting Common
043/070 Primeape Fighting Rare
044/070 Phanpy Fighting Common
045/070 Donphan Fighting Uncommon
046/070 Donphan Fighting SuperRare Holo
047/070 Spearow Colorless Common
048/070 Fearow Colorless Rare
049/070 Cleffa Colorless Rare Holo
050/070 Clefairy Colorless Common
051/070 Clefable Colorless Rare Holo
052/070 Chansey Colorless Common
053/070 Blissey Colorless Uncommon
054/070 Blissey Colorless SuperRare Holo
055/070 Tauros Colorless Uncommon
056/070 Sentret Colorless Common
057/070 Furret Colorless Rare
058/070 Hoothoot Colorless Common
059/070 Noctowl Colorless Rare Holo
060/070 Girafarig Colorless Common
061/070 Dunsparce Colorless Uncommon
062/070 Stantler Colorless Common
063/070 Energy Switch G Uncommon
064/070 Switch G Uncommon
065/070 Pokémon Reversal G Uncommon
066/070 Poké Ball G Uncommon
067/070 Professor Elm's Training Method Su Uncommon
068/070 Professor Oak's New Theory Su Uncommon
069/070 Bill Su Uncommon
070/070 Double Colorless Energy E Uncommon
071/070 Alph Lithograph G

SoulSilver Collection

No. Card Name Type Rarity
001/070 Caterpie Grass Common
002/070 Metapod Grass Uncommon
003/070 Butterfree Grass Rare
004/070 Paras Grass Common
005/070 Parasect Grass Uncommon
006/070 Chikorita Grass Common
007/070 Bayleef Grass Common
008/070 Meganium Grass Uncommon
009/070 Meganium Grass SuperRare Holo
010/070 Ledyba Grass Common
011/070 Ledian Grass Rare
012/070 Vulpix Fire Common
013/070 Ninetales Fire Rare Holo
014/070 Cyndaquil Fire Common
015/070 Quilava Fire Common
016/070 Typhlosion Fire Uncommon
017/070 Typhlosion Fire SuperRare Holo
018/070 Poliwag Water Common
019/070 Poliwhirl Water Uncommon
020/070 Poliwrath Water Rare
021/070 Politoed Water Rare Holo
022/070 Magikarp Water Common
023/070 Gyarados Water Rare Holo
024/070 Marill Water Common
025/070 Azumarill Water Rare Holo
026/070 Wooper Water Common
027/070 Quagsire Water Rare Holo
028/070 Delibird Water Uncommon
029/070 Lugia LEGEND Water Rare Holo LEGEND
030/070 Lugia LEGEND Water Rare Holo LEGEND
031/070 Pichu Lightning Rare Holo
032/070 Pikachu Lightning Common
033/070 Raichu Lightning Rare Holo
034/070 Zubat Psychic Common
035/070 Golbat Psychic Common
036/070 Crobat Psychic Uncommon
037/070 Crobat Psychic SuperRare Holo
038/070 Drowzee Psychic Common
039/070 Hypno Psychic Rare
040/070 Exeggcute Psychic Common
041/070 Exeggutor Psychic Rare
042/070 Natu Psychic Common
043/070 Xatu Psychic Rare Holo
044/070 Unown Psychic Uncommon
045/070 Sandshrew Fighting Common
046/070 Sandslash Fighting Rare
047/070 Sudowoodo Fighting Rare Holo
048/070 Tyrogue Fighting Rare
049/070 Hitmontop Fighting Rare Holo
050/070 Igglybuff Colorless Uncommon
051/070 Jigglypuff Colorless Common
052/070 Wigglytuff Colorless Uncommon
053/070 Meowth Colorless Common
054/070 Persian Colorless Rare
055/070 Farfetch'd Colorless Rare
056/070 Aipom Colorless Common
057/070 Snubbull Colorless Common
058/070 Granbull Colorless Rare
059/070 Teddiursa Colorless Common
060/070 Ursaring Colorless Uncommon
061/070 Ursaring Colorless SuperRare Holo
062/070 Miltank Colorless Uncommon
063/070 Full Heal G Uncommon
064/070 PokéGear 3.0 G Uncommon
065/070 Pokémon Communication G Uncommon
066/070 Moomoo Milk G Uncommon
067/070 Fisherman Su Uncommon
068/070 Collector Su Uncommon
069/070 Copycat Su Uncommon
070/070 Rainbow Energy E Uncommon
071/070 Alph Lithograph G

Both Sets

No. Card Name Type Rarity
Grass Energy E
Fire Energy E
Water Energy E
Lightning Energy E
Psychic Energy E
Fighting Energy E
Darkness Energy E
Metal Energy E

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