Harry Goodman

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Harry Goodman
ハリー・グッドマン Harry Goodman
Harry Goodman
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Ryme City
Relatives Tim Goodman (son), unnamed wife and child
Generation VI, VII
Games Detective Pikachu

Harry Goodman (Japanese: ハリー・グッドマン Harry Goodman) is the father of Tim Goodman, one of the main characters in Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

In the games

In the beginning of Detective Pikachu, Harry can be seen driving away from the Pokémon Comprehensive Laboratory just before getting hit by a projectile and blown off a bridge.

In the movie

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In other languages

Language Title
Albania Flag.png Albanian Herri
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic هاري Hari
Basque Flag.png Basque Harry Goodman
Bulgaria Flag.png Bulgarian Хари Гудман Khari Gudman
Catalonia Flag.png Catalan Harry Goodman
Denmark Flag.png Danish Harry Goodman
Dutch The Netherlands Flag.png Netherlands Harry Goodman
Belgium Flag.png Belgium Harry Goodman
Finland Flag.png Finnish Harry Goodman
France Flag.png French Harry Goodman
Germany Flag.png German Harry Goodman
Greece Flag.png Greek Χάρι Γκούντμαν Khári Goúdman
Israel Flag.png Hebrew הארי גודמן Harry Goodman
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Harry Goodman
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Harry Goodman
Italy Flag.png Italian Harry Goodman
South Korea Flag.png Korean 해리 Hari
Latvia Flag.png Latvian Harijs Gudmen
Lithuania Flag.png Lithuanian Haris Gudmanas
Mongolia Flag.png Mongolian Харри Kharri
Poland Flag.png Polish Harry Goodman
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Harry Goodman
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Harry Goodman
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Harry Goodman
Spain Flag.png Spain Harry Goodman
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Harry Goodman
Thailand Flag.png Thai แฮร์รี่ กู๊ดแมน Ḥærī̀ kū̂dmæn
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Harry Goodman
Ukraine Flag.png Ukrainian Гаррі Ґудман Harri Gudman
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Harry Goodman

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