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Harrison (Japanese: ハリゾウ Harizō) is a character of the day in the Pokémon anime. He appeared in Dueling Heroes.

Harrison was Misty's first opponent in the quarterfinal rounds of the Whirl Cup Competition. His appearance suggested that he enjoyed fishing and Water Pokémon, as he was wearing a fisherman's hat and had a Hawaiian shirt on.

He was very confident that he and his Qwilfish would defeat Misty. However, the young Gym Leader and her Corsola proved him wrong. At one point, Misty used her Pokémon's Spike Cannon to remove itself from Qwilfish's spikes. Misty then moved on to her second battle against Ash, and Harrison was eliminated from the competition.


Harrison's Qwilfish
Harrison's Qwilfish first appeared in a battle against Misty and her Corsola in the first round of the Whirl Cup. Harrison orders Qwilfish to use Water Gun which is deflected by Corsola's Mirror Coat. Seeing that this tactic won't work Harrison tells it to start swallowing water preparing for a volley of spikes. Misty tells Corsola to use Spike Cannon just as Qwilfish uses Pin Missile and the attacks collide hurting Corsola, but Qwilfish is not hurt as it had dived underwater. It then uses Take Down which hits, worried that Corsola might faint Corsola is ordered to dive underwater and use Recover. However Qwilfish has already started up another Take Down. By the time Corsola recovered, Qwilfish already zeroed in. Corsola and Qwilfish dive down and Qwilfish reappears, but so does Corsola, below Qwilfish. Qwilfish is stuck on Corsola's head and can't do much about this so it just swims around. Misty finally gets an idea and tells Corsola to use Spike Cannon. Corsola fires the Spike Cannon sending Qwilfish sky-high and fainting.

Qwilfish's known moves are Water Gun, Pin Missile and Take Down.

Debut Dueling Heroes

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 坂口候一 Kōichi Sakaguchi
English Eric Stuart
Brazilian Portuguese Alex Wendel
European Spanish José Escobosa


  • His English name seems to be similar to Qwilfish's Japanese name, which is ハリーセン Harysen. His Japanese name is also a reference to his Pokémon: ハリゾウ Harizō contains ハリ hari, which means needle and is also present is Qwilfish's Japanese name.

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