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ハレタ Hareta
Gender Male
Hometown Route 201
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Kaisē (father)

Hareta (Japanese: ハレタ) is the main character of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure and the adopted grandson of Professor Rowan. His clothes indicate that he is based on Lucas, however his hairstyle is vastly different and his vest lacks the white stripe that appears on that of Lucas.

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201

When Hareta was a small child, he was left in the custody of Professor Rowan by his father. While doing his studies, Rowan realized that the child had extraordinary abilities for befriending almost any Pokémon and thus decided that it would perhaps be a good idea to let young Hareta live on Route 201 with the wild Pokémon. One day, the Professor sent his assistant Mitsumi to find Hareta. After Hareta is found by Mitsumi, he accidentally angers an Onix by waking it up and is told by Mitsumi (who is stuck on top of Onix's head) to choose one of the three Pokémon in her bag. Hareta chooses Piplup, however after a poor start where he almost eats it by accident, Piplup refuses to battle and tells Hareta to do it instead. Onix is perplexed by this occurrence and calms down as Professor Rowan himself arrives. After the Professor takes Hareta and Mitsumi back to the Sandgem Town he provides them with the task of finding Dialga, the god of time. Hareta is excited by the prospect of meeting such an awesome Pokémon. He is also provided with a new set of clothes, which he feels are uncomfortable compared to his shorts.

Before they leave, Hareta decides to get in some training, however Piplup still isn't interested in listening to him. During an incident where Onix has gone into a strange state of rage, Hareta gains Piplup's respect by going in alone to help Onix, and by working together, things are returned to normal and Hareta's journey with Mitsumi begins.

Upon arrival in Jubilife City, Hareta wanders off on his own, encountering Team Galactic for the first time. The two Grunts attack with String Shot, binding him while they take his Piplup. However Hareta manages to give chase and even manages to bite K-2, who retaliate with a Poison Sting attack and take him to the Oreburgh Mine that night to exact their revenge. Luckily, he is rescued by Mitsumi and Roark, the Oreburgh City Gym Leader. Learning of Roark's position, Hareta impulsively challenges him to a Pokémon battle, which Hareta barely manages to win thanks to an Oran Berry held by Piplup, thus earning the Coal Badge.

Upon arriving in Floaroma Town, Hareta and Mitsumi meet Jun, another Pokémon Trainer also sent by Professor Rowan to find Dialga. After proclaiming love to Mitsumi, Jun challenges Hareta to a battle, however he retracts the challenge when he learns that Hareta hasn't yet caught any Pokémon other than Piplup. Hareta thus decides to go catch a Pokémon, eventually returning with a Shinx, ready for Jun's challenge. However, before the battle can start, they discover that the Valley Windworks is being attacked by Team Galactic. Hareta and Jun manage to defeat Commander Mars in a double battle, thus driving Team Galactic out. Having both worn their Pokémon out in the battle with Mars, Jun suggests that they postpone their match for a later date, heading out.

As his journey with Mitsumi contnues, Hareta catches a Misdreavus in the Eterna Forest and defeats the Eterna City Gym Leader, Gardenia, earning his second badge. Eventually, Hareta and Mitsumi arrive in Hearthome City where they meet up with Jun again. Hareta and Jun both enter a Super Contest, but are disqualified due to the trouble they cause. Following this, Hareta watches as Mitsumi competes in a Master class contest, and meets a mysterious man who introduces himself as an old friend of Mitsumi. When Hareta mentions it to Mitsumi afterward, she claims that she doesn't know of any friends in Hearthome.

As they continue traveling the Sinnoh region, Hareta continues to win Gym Battles, earning another three badges before arriving in Celestic Town, where Hareta and Mitsumi once again come across "Mitsumi's old friend", Cyrus, the boss of Team Galactic. He tries to convince Hareta to join his cause in creating an ideal new world, saying that the sacrifice of thousands or even tens of thousands of Pokémon would mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Hareta refuses his offer as he can never forgive the notion of Pokémon being sacrificed. After a heated battle, Hareta is eventually defeated and washed away by a river as a result of Gyarados's Giga Impact.

Hareta is later found by Byron, the Gym Leader of Canalave City, who takes Hareta to Canalave Gym, also known as "The Fortress of Steel", in order to test his abilities. Hareta makes it through to where Byron is, but fails the test due to letting his guard down and not considering his remaining strength. Byron then send him to train on Iron Island, where he receives a Riolu egg from Riley. After several days of training, not only does the egg hatch, but Hareta's Shinx evolves into Luxio, and he has caught several new Pokémon, including Onix, Geodude and Zubat.

As Hareta returns to the mainland, a large explosion occurs at Lake Valor, where Team Galactic has now captured Azelf. With the combined power of Hareta and the Gym Leaders, Team Galactic are defeated, but still escape with Azelf. After an inconclusive second battle with Cyrus due to Saturn's interference, Hareta travels to the north to rendezvous with Mitsumi and Jun. However, he learns from Jun that Mitsumi has been taken captive by Team Galactic. Jun also tells Hareta that he needs some alone time to become stronger as he's much too weak in his current state. While in the vicinity, Hareta meets Candice, who puts him to a test to defeat her legendary golems, which he manages to do with his Riolu evolving into Lucario in the process.

Having passed the test, Hareta is brought to the Snowpoint Temple by Candice to try and catch Regigigas. As Regigigas shows its gargantuan power, Candice begins to question whether waking it was a good idea, however Hareta replies that it's the same as he is. It doesn't want to be scary and hurt anyone, but its desire for incredible battles left everyone terrified of it due to its massive power, hence why it came to rest alone in the temple. After a heartfelt speech, Hareta manages to convince Regigigas to join him in the battle against Team Galactic.

After storming Team Galactic HQ with the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, it comes down to Hareta and Byron as the others are defeated. With the others being held hostage, the two of them are forced to follow instructions, which lands Hareta in a battle with Team Galactic's greatest warrior, none other than Mitsumi. After making sure that Byron keeps out of the way by removing him from the scene, the battle between former allies begins. Throughout the battle, Hareta is able to keep up with Mitsumi through ingenuity and crazy techniques, all the while trying to help her remember the person she was before being brought back to Team Galactic. After finally breaking through to the real Mitsumi, the battle is settled with a "Piplup and Regigigas Hang Ten Surf". Team Galactic's plans move into their final phase as the Red Chain is completed and the base's self destruct sequence is activated. Hareta and Mitsumi are luckily both able to escape the destruction thanks to Jun, who came on his Dragonite. Once everyone is reunited and safe, Hareta notes that Piplup is in poor condition, Mitsumi explains that it's because it can't handle its own power with it's small body due the Everstone it's holding preventing it from evolving. Once the Everstone is removed, Piplup evolves into Empoleon and Hareta is ready to go to the Spear Pillar for the final showdown with Team Galactic.

Due to miscalculations in Cyrus's plan, a fight breaks out between Dialga and Palkia at Spear Pillar. With the combined efforts of Hareta, Mitsumi, Jun, Cynthia, Professor Rowan, the Gym Leaders and even Team Galactic, the gods of time and space are calmed and peace returns once again.

At the Pokémon League, Hareta gains a new rival in Kōya. After defeating Flint of the Elite Four in the first round, Hareta continues blitzing the competition until finally he comes up against Kōya, during the battle, Hareta's Luxio evolves into Luxray. Unfortunately, the battle is interrupted due to a terrorist attack by Team Galactic, under Charon's new leadership. During the incident, Hareta meets his father, Kaisē, and Kōya is revealed to be an International Police agent working with Looker on Kaisē's trail. Once the incident is solved, Kaisē gives Hareta a Pokémon egg and runs off again before Looker apprehends him.


Hareta's Empoleon
Main article: Hareta's Empoleon

Hareta chose Piplup as his partner to save Mitsumi from a rampaging Onix in the forest. It later evolved into Prinplup and then into Empoleon when Mitsumi removed its Everstone.

Debut In Search of the Legendary Pokémon Dialga!!
Hareta's Luxray
When Jun challenged Hareta to a Pokémon battle, he retracted his offer when he discovered that Hareta's only Pokémon was Piplup. After having the concept of catching wild Pokémon explained, Hareta went and caught a Shinx so Jun would accept to battle him. However, said battle never actually occured due to Team Galactic's interference at the Valley Windworks.

Shinx evolved into Luxio after a battle with K2 while on Iron Island. During the battle at Lake Valor, Hareta attempted to use Luxio as a secret weapon to finish off Cyrus's Gyarados, however was thwarted by Saturn's revived Rhyperior. Saturn is ultimately defeated by Piplup, but Cyrus remained unharmed for a retreat.

It later evolved into Luxray in the Pokémon League battle against Kōya.

Debut The Mystery Boy, Jun!!
Hareta's Misdreavus
Misdreavus was caught in Eterna Forest. It enjoys using Astonish to scare people. In the battle at Lake Valor, it is used against Saturn's Gallade. Initially its Astonish attack increased Gallade's speed due to its Steadfast ability. However using Roark's old bike obtained from Byron, Hareta and Misdreavus were able to get in close enough to unleash a finishing attack.
Debut Win with Teamwork!!
Hareta's Lucario
Hareta was given the egg containing Riolu by Riley. Riolu evolved into Lucario in the battle against Candice.
Debut Serious Training on Iron Island!!
Hareta's Onix
Onix was caught on Iron Island. It proved to be important at the Spear Pillar acting as a platform for Hareta in the void where Dialga and Palkia's battle took place.
Debut Serious Training on Iron Island!!
Hareta's Geodude
Geodude was caught on Iron Island.
Debut Serious Training on Iron Island!!
Hareta's Zubat
Zubat was caught on Iron Island.
Debut Serious Training on Iron Island!!
Hareta's Regigigas
Main article: Hareta's Regigigas

With the help of Candice and her three legendary golems, Hareta could enter the Snowpoint Temple. He caught Regigigas after convincing it to help him stop Team Galactic.

Debut A Novel Test!!
Hareta's Bonsly
Bonsly was caught on the way to Team Galactic HQ.
Debut Team Galactic's Greatest Warrior
Hareta's Kadabra
Hareta used Kadabra in the battle against Mitsumi. It used Skill Swap to swap abilities with Regigigas.
Debut Team Galactic's Greatest Warrior
Hareta's Chingling
Chingling was caught shortly before Hareta's first meeting with Shaymin.
Debut The Tale of Hareta and Shaymin
Hareta's Minun
Hareta received an egg containing Minun from Kaisē at the Pokémon League. It hatched at Stark Mountain. It is apparently related to Kaisē's Plusle, who despite being in Veilstone City at the time of Minun's hatching, was able to sense that it had been born.
Debut Hareta's Father, Revealed!!
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