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Mudsdale is used by Hapu to carry daikon around on its side. Hapu sent Mudsdale out to battle Team Skull and was able to attack them before they retreated.
Mudsdale is used by Hapu to carry daikon around on its side. Hapu sent Mudsdale out to battle Team Skull and was able to attack them before they retreated.
Mudsdale's only known move is {{m|High Horsepower}}.}}
Mudsdale's only known move is {{m|High Horsepower}}. Its Ability is {{a|Stamina}}.}}
===Voice actors===
===Voice actors===

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ハプウ Hāpuʻu
Sun Moon Hapu.png
Concept art from Sun and Moon
Gender Female
Eye color Gray
Hair color Black
Hometown Ancient Poni Path
Region Alola
Relatives Unnamed grandmother, unnamed grandfather (deceased), Sofū, unnamed mother and father (anime)
Trainer class Island Kahuna
Generation VII
Games Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Specializes in Ground types
Anime debut SM104
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Junko Takeuchi

Hapu (Japanese: ハプウ Hāpuʻu) is the Island Kahuna of Poni Island. She specializes in Ground-type Pokémon. She grants the Poni stamp to Trainers who defeat her.

In the games

Hapu first appears on Route 6 on Akala Island, confronting a pair of Team Skull Grunts trying to steal a Drifloon and asks the player to battle one of them while she deals with the other one.

She is later met in Malie City, where she meets the player and Lillie as they're about to enter the Malie Library.

She later appears on Route 12 on Ula'ula Island and gives the player the ability to ride on Mudsdale to traverse rocky terrain.

Later, she greets the player and Lillie when they arrive at her home on Poni Island, where she lives with her grandmother. She travels with them to the Ruins of Hope in hopes of contacting Tapu Fini. Hapu is then chosen to be the new Island Kahuna by the guardian deity, succeeding her deceased grandfather, and receives a Sparkling Stone as a sign of her new position. Hapu then agrees to tell the player and Lillie all she knows about SolgaleoSUS/LunalaMUM, and directs them to Exeggutor Island to find the remaining flute needed to summon it.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, after Necrozma unleashes several Ultra Beasts around Alola, Hapu is briefly seen facing a Xurkitree at the Ruins of Hope.

As her first act as Kahuna, Hapu challenges the player to her grand trial at Vast Poni CanyonSM/Exeggutor IslandUSUM, using her newly made Z-Ring.

Hapu can be battled again as a Pokémon League challenger in a Title Defense battle after becoming Champion.


Hapu's Pokémon are kept in Ultra Balls.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Grand trial battle

Title Defense battle

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Grand trial battle

Title Defense battle


Route 6
"You there, Trainer. Can you come to my aid?"
"Over here."
"These scoundrels are Pokémon thieves. And you're on familiar terms with them?"
"I am Hapu."
"Life in the big city sure is something else. Pokémon thieves roam about brazenly..."
"Hmm, I leave that one to you."
"Mudsdale, shall we stomp these scoundrels? It'll be a mess to clean up afterward, but I am willing if you are."
"You'll be fine getting home?"
"Glad to see that one will get home on her own."
"I've got you to thank for that. Give me your name, Trainer."
"<Player>, eh? That's a fine name. I like the way you handled yourself in battle."
"Mudsdale and I are always wandering all about Alola to try to achieve our goals, so perhaps we'll meet again someday. I am indebted to you for your aid, after all."
"Ah yes. You might want to try your hand at a Battle Royal or two, <player>. Mudsdale here thinks you'd be well suited to it, given how strong you are."
Malie City
"<Player>. Been a while, friend."
"Looks like your island challenge is coming along favorably. That must be pleasing to the tapu."
"So, <player>, who might this be?"
"My apologies if Mudsdale spooked you just now. Doesn't seem like you're a trial-goer. What are you up to?"
"Well, that's some fine initiative. I'd be happy to show you the way whenever you'd like to go. My Mudsdale here is as sturdy as all get-out. She can easily carry two."
Route 12
"Greetings, <player>."
"Well met! I was seeking you. If you're going to travel about Ula'ula, you ought to do it while astride a Mudsdale. There is no call for hesitation. Consider it my thanks for Akala Island."
"It was remiss of me not to register her for you when we met one another in Malie. I was just so taken aback by Lillie and how lovely she was that it escaped me. By no means was I just waiting for a time when you were in trouble!"
"If you seek the next trial, go straight on through here to Tapu Village. I'll be cheering for you on your island challenge!"
Ancient Poni Path
"Oh! Been a while, <player>. And you brought Lillie along, too?"
"You look different...like you're ready to go all out in something now."
"Ho! Then you do your best, Lillie."
"No one could call you lily-livered!"
"The kahuna? Hrmm. Don't have one here on Poni."
"Hmph... Well, I suppose the time might be right now... I already finished up my battle against that odd little thing that appeared out of the sky..."
"All right. Let us all proceed to the ruins. You stick with me, you two."
Ruins of Hope
"I give my thanks... for your great blessing. As kahuna, I will do my best for the people... and the Pokémon of Alola."
"Oh! So you two were watching?"
"The kahunas are chosen by the Pokémon we worship here in Alola—our sacred guardians. They are chosen from among the people living on the island each guardian watches over. Lillie told me that you're pretty new to our parts, eh, <player>? You came to Alola from far off? You must really be something then. I heard how you were given a sparkling stone by the tapu, even as a stranger to our shores."
"My grandfather... My grandfather was also chosen for this honor. The honor of being our island's kahuna. But he died suddenly some years back, and we were left without a kahuna on Poni."
"I tried to follow in his footsteps, but I was not chosen by the tapu back then. So I set out on my own sort of island challenge, traveling Alola and trying to grow stronger."
"Lillie. The kahuna you wished to meet is right here."
"So you want to know about SolgaleoS/LunalaM, who we pay tribute to at the Altar of the SunneS/Altar of the MooneM?"
"The world of the beasts, eh... Is that what that thing was that came to Poni Island? A beast? Tapu Fini and I tried to fight it, but it nearly did us both in. We did not stand a chance."
"All right. I will tell you what I know."
"But what I know is not much. Just that there is a ceremony held for the Legendary Pokémon at the altar. A ceremony that uses two particular flutes to somehow give the Legendary Pokémon power."
"Ho! That looks to be the flute that used to reside at the lake on Ula'ula."
"The other is said to be held on Exeggutor Island. I do not know why there of all places, but it has been passed down that that's where it belongs."
"Yes. And no reason to dally here. Let us go and speak with the seafolk's chief! Lillie, you take Mudsdale. We proceed to Seafolk Village!"
Seafolk Village
"That's what friends do."
"To journey to Exeggutor Island, you should speak with the chief of the sea folk. I shall be wishing for your safety!"
Vast Poni Canyon
"Did everything go well?"
"Nothing wrong with that. People cannot survive all on their own. They have got to help one another out. Same for Pokémon, too. That is what my grandfather used to say."
"I would like to see this battling skill of yours, <player>, that makes Lillie smile so."
"Just so! It is my grand trial! I may be young, but that does not mean that I will be outdone by any of those other kahunas! I am certain that my bonds with Mudsdale and the rest of my team are the closest you will find anywhere in Alola!"
  • Before battle
"Do you want to try to take me and my Pokémon on at our full strength?"
I need to prepare first: "Then I will wait."
Only if you'll take on mine: "Ahaha! Now, don't be hasty, <player>! Look at the state of your Pokémon. We have got to have them in peak condition for this to be a fair fight./I am Kahuna Hapu! And I have made the sparkling stone that the tapu entrusted me with into a Z-Ring of my own!"
"Having a Z-Ring like we do, <player>, means that we battle with the tapu beside us."
"This is the first grand trial of Kahuna Hapu! I will battle you with everything that I have got!"
  • If talked to again if "I need to prepare first" is chosen or after the player healed their Pokémon
"Come! If you want to proceed to that canyon, you will have to get through me and my grand trial!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Thud! That's the sound of your strength rocking me to my core!"
  • After being defeated
"Oho... You sure showed me."
"That was enjoyable. Looks like I cannot beat you even when I am not holding back... I appreciate this chance, <player>. It has really taught me a few things."
"Take your Ground-type Z-Crystal then... This Groundium Z is yours!"
"I will teach you the pose, too, so eyes up here!"
"Phew... Well, I must applaud you, Lillie. You sure found a prodigious Trainer to befriend."
"Then go on with you two! Head straight through here and find the altar!"
"The path to the shrine is through the canyon. You will find other Trainers in this place, though. They come for training. It will be a tough road."
"You will have to pitch in, too, Lillie. But if you two end up in any real trouble, Mudsdale and I will hasten to you."
Altar of the SunneS/Altar of the MooneM
"Our history tells us that the Vast Poni Canyon trial was the very first trial ever to be held."
"You did a fine job clearing it, just as expected, <player>!"
"Look at the two of you. I think this might just work out."
"No, I am quite sure of it!"
  • If talked to again
"You know...parents are people, too. Then again, so are their children. They should both be able to tell one another how they feel."
  • After battling SolgaleoS/LunalaM
I was concerned so I ascended. And what do I find but the Legendary Pokémon... and a strange hole in the sky."
"However, I'm relieved to see you all unharmed!"
"You there, big fellow. Carry the lady, will you? She is weak, but I do not believe that she is seriously harmed. We should take her to be treated directly."
"<Player>...you have done well in guiding Lillie, though she is not a Trainer."
"And Lillie, you too gave it your best. We will wait for you down below. When you are ready, come find us."
Pokémon League
First challenge
  • Before battle
"Phew! It is difficult, triumphing over all the Elite Four in a row. However, defeating the Champion will surely be even more challenging."
  • Upon being defeated
"I am training to properly form my desire for victory."
  • After being defeated
"We do our utmost as kahunas, always striving onward to make a tale worthy of our history. Looks like you are going to make a fine tale for yourself, Champion!"
Subsequent challenges
  • Before battle
"If I am serious about my role as a kahuna, then taking on the Champion seems fitting!"
  • Upon being defeated
"I am training to properly form my desire for victory."
  • After being defeated
"We kahunas are chosen by Pokémon. And the Champion is chosen by the people. It brings me some joy to see this new age coming to Alola."
Ancient Poni Path
  • Hapu's house
"The children hailing from other islands sure seem to speak in a most peculiar fashion. My own venerable grandfather is the only one I had to emulate growing up..."
Seafolk Village Restaurant
"I am famished!"
"Ah, and here is <player>! A meeting by chance is preordained. We shall dine together! Chief! The usual for me and my friend <player> here."
"And here it is! When I am too busy working our fields to get a proper meal in, I always depend on the good folks here to help keep me fed. You sure end up with a mighty appetite after a pleasant bit of work!"
"Phew... That hits the spot! And with just a little extra space to spare, too. It is not good to overeat, you know. That is why I like the portions here so well. Hm? What is the matter, <player>? Do not tell me that you do not mean to finish? What a waste!"
"I sell them our vegetables wholesale, so they let me eat for free. So let me treat you today. Have these, too."
"Well then. I would say it is time we both got back to work."


Spr SM Hapu.png VSHapu.png
In-battle model from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
VS model from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Hapu SM OD.png
Overworld model from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon

In the anime

Hapu in the anime

Hapu made her debut in SM104. She was first seen growing daikon in her field and gave some to a group of Sensu Style Oricorio who were singing as she worked. Later when Ash and his classmates approached the field, Hapu accused them of stealing daikon and had her Golurk attack Pikachu. Pikachu was soon defeated and Hapu left. Later, Hapu resumed working in her field and realizing more daikon had been stolen, she set off on Golurk. The thieves were revealed to be Tupp, Zipp, and Rapp from Team Skull who were using the daikon to lure a group of Oricorio towards them to steal. Hapu arrived on the beach and confronted Ash but soon realized Team Skull were the culprits. She sent out her Mudsdale to attack them but stopped when Plumeria showed up which make Tupp, Zipp, and Rapp retreat. After freeing the Oricorio, she picked up the stolen daikon and left on Golurk, but not before she apologized to Ash for mistaking him as a daikon thief.


This listing is of Hapu's known Pokémon in the anime:

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On hand

Hapu's Golurk
Golurk is Hapu's first known Pokémon. Hapu uses Golurk to fly around the island.

Golurk assists Hapu in picking daikon out of the ground in her field and gives them to Mudsdale to carry. When Hapu believed Ash was responsible for stealing the daikon, Golurk attacked them, quickly defeating Pikachu.

Golurk's known moves are Flash Cannon and High Horsepower.

Debut SM104
Hapu's Mudsdale
Mudsdale is Hapu's second known Pokémon.

Mudsdale is used by Hapu to carry daikon around on its side. Hapu sent Mudsdale out to battle Team Skull and was able to attack them before they retreated.

Mudsdale's only known move is High Horsepower. Its Ability is Stamina.

Debut SM104

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 竹内順子 Junko Takeuchi

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Hapu in Pokémon Adventures

Hapu debuted in PASM21. She was first mentioned by Hala, Olivia, and Nanu, where they decided to name her the next Island Kahuna of Poni Island. She first appeared in person at the Seafolk Village, where she rescued Sun from a group of wild Crabrawler led by a Crabominable. While she fought off the Crabrawler, Hapu told Sun to escape, but he refused as the Crabrawler had previously stolen a package containing a Mirage Berry he was supposed to deliver.

Hapu's Mudsdale easily defeated the Crabrawler horde, but struggled against the leader Crabominable's ability to accurately hit Mudsdale's weak points even after being blinded. Hapu managed to to seize victory after Sun used Machamp Shove to sway the boat and move Mudsdale's body out of the way of Crabominable's attack and leaving the Woolly Crab Pokémon defenseless to Mudsdale's next attack. With Crabominable defeated, Sun asked Hapu to deliver the Mirage Berry as he was too injured from earlier to do so. Hapu accepted, but is shocked to receive a Sparkling Stone from Tapu Fini, who was watching the battle the entire time. Overjoyed that the guardian deity accepted her as the next Kahuna of Poni Island, Hapu cried tears of joy.

Afterward, Hapu and Sun traveled to the grave of Hapu's grandfather on Vast Poni Canyon. Hapu wished to meet with her grandfather so that she could show him that she became the next Kahuna of Poni. As they traveled, the Crabominable from before followed them in the hopes of joining Hapu's team. Hapu rejected Crabominable's request and suggested it join Sun's team instead, which it reluctantly agreed to. Hapu then revealed she possessed the Moon Flute and asked Sun if he was capable of playing it. Later, Hapu and Sun witnessed Nebby and another Cosmoem fly to the top of Vast Poni Canyon to meet with each other.

Noticing that the Cosmoem are moving to the Poni Altar, Hapu and Sun decided to postpone their grave visit and follow the two Protostar Pokémon. As they traveled, Hapu told Sun about Solgaleo and Lunala, two Legendary Pokémon that are said to have come to Alola from another world, similar to the Ultra Beasts. She also stated that the Moon Flute is meant to be played with another flute at the Poni Altar. The two are then surrounded by a group of Aether Foundation Employees demanding that Hapu come with them to the Poni Altar. Before the Employees could attack, a Xurkitree lands on top of them, having already been defeated by Gladion, who also asked Hapu about the Poni Altar. After the Employees retreat, Hapu noticed that Lillie is in possession of the missing Sun Flute. While Gladion is unable to play the Sun Flute, Sun is actually able to get it to work. The four guardian deities of Alola then appear and takes Sun to the Poni Altar along with the Sun and Moon Flutes. Hapu, Gladion, and Lillie then proceed to follow after them.

Upon arriving at the Altar and meeting Anabel, Hapu and the others discovered that Sun and Moon managed to evolve Nebby and the other Cosmoem into Lunala and Solgaleo, respectively. Shortly after, Anabel received a call from Looker, who reported that a large number of Ultra Beasts have made their way to Poni Island. Hapu, Moon, Gladion, and Anabel fought off the attacking beasts, but were interrupted when a large Ultra Wormhole opened up with a hand emerging from it. The hand grabbed Solgaleo, taking control of its body. The possessed Solgaleo grabbed Sun with its tail and jumped into the wormhole while Moon and Nebby chased after them.


Hapu's Mudsdale
Mudsdale is Hapu's first known Pokémon. It was first used to rescue Sun from a group of wild Crabrawler at the Seafolk Village before defeating the Crabrawler's leader, a Crabominable.

Mudsdale's known moves are Counter, Mud-Slap, and Mega Kick.

Debut PASM21
Hapu's Flygon
Flygon is Hapu's second known Pokémon. It was first seen inside of its Poké Ball when Hapu rejected Crabominable's request to join her team.

None of Flygon's moves are known.

Debut PASM23
Hapu's Golurk
Golurk is Hapu's third known Pokémon. It was first seen inside of its Poké Ball when Hapu rejected Crabominable's request to join her team.

None of Golurk's moves are known.

Debut PASM23
Hapu's Gastrodon
Gastrodon is Hapu's fourth known Pokémon. It was first seen inside of its Poké Ball when Hapu rejected Crabominable's request to join her team.

None of Gastrodon's moves are known.

Debut PASM23


  • When the player encounters Hapu in Malie City, she refers to her Mudsdale as "she". However, the Mudsdale she uses in battle is male.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハプウ Hāpuʻu From hāpuʻu, Hawaiian for Cibotium fern
English Hapu From her Japanese name
French Paulie Possibly from Polypodiopsida
German Hapu’u Same as Japanese name
Italian Hapi Similar to her Japanese name
Spanish Hela From helecho, fern
Korean 하푸우 Hapu'u Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 哈普烏 / 哈普乌 Hāpǔwū Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 哈普烏 Hāpóuwū Transliteration of her Japanese name

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Lush Jungle
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