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Hamilton and Craig in the subsequent airings

Hamilton (Japanese: ヒロキ Hiroki, タクヤ Takuya) is the character of the day in Cream of the Croagunk Crop! of the Pokémon anime. He was the defending champion of the Croagunk Festival in Pastoria City.

Hamilton first comes off as an arrogant boy. Brock overheard Hamilton talking about a marriage with Nurse Joy. Angered, Brock interrupts the conversation saying that he won't let him marry Nurse Joy. Joy then corrects him and tells him that Hamilton wants his Croagunk, Craig, to marry her Croagunk, Chrissy. Brock then decides to enter the competition with his Croagunk to defeat him and win the love of Nurse Joy.

Craig seemed equally matched to Brock's Croagunk and knew a variety of different moves. But the competition was interrupted by Team Rocket who began to steal all the Croagunk.

Setting their differences aside, Hamilton, Brock, and Nurse Joy teamed up with their Croagunk to help. Eventually it was Chrissy who saved the day. Crasher Wake decided that Nurse Joy was the winner for saving the festival, even though she didn't enter. Hamilton also agreed to Wake's choice.


Hamilton's only known Pokémon is a Croagunk named Craig (Jp: グレキチ Gurekichi, グレッコ Gurekko). Craig was the winner of Pastoria City's Croagunk Festival one year ago and was awarded a crown and the throne that was granted to every winner. Craig appeared to be very affectionate towards his Trainer, clinging to Hamilton's chest while sitting on the throne. Hamilton had planned for Craig to marry Chrissy, the Croagunk that belonged to Pastoria City's Nurse Joy, which made Brock stand up for Nurse Joy vowing to defend her and Chrissy from the arrogant Trainer. Called upon to defend his title, Craig put up a good fight against Brock's Croagunk, however the match was called off when Team Rocket attacked, and Craig teamed up with Brock's Croagunk to take on their giant mecha, only to be captured and later freed by Chrissy.

Craig's known moves are Cross Chop and DynamicPunch.

Debut Cream of the Croagunk Crop!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 沢海陽子 Yōko Sōmi
English Jason Griffith
Spanish Latin America Jorge García
Spain Carmen Podio


Hiroki and Gurekichi in the original airing
  • Hamilton is based on a character named Hiroshi from the anime and manga Dokonjō Gaeru. The story is about a boy who accidentally squashes a frog and now the frog's spirit lives on in an imprint on Hiroshi's shirt. Hamilton also bears an almost identical appearance to Hiroshi.
    • Craig is a reference to the frog, known as Pyonkichi, because it did spend a lot of time on the front of his shirt.
  • Hamilton's appearance and even the Japanese names of both himself and Craig were changed shortly after the episode's initial airing in Japan. It is believed that it was to avoid a lawsuit from the producers of Dokonjō Gaeru.

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