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0554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
ハンベル Hamber
Hamber HZ.png
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Dark Blue
Hair color Silver
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Anime series Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Debut The Treasure After the Storm!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Hironori Kondo
Member of Explorers
Rank Second-in-command

(Japanese: ハンベル Hamber) is the second-in-command of the Explorers who also serves as an advisor and assistant for Gibeon. He is a recurring major antagonist within Pokémon Horizons: The Series.



Hamber demanding the pendant

Years prior to the series, Hamber became friends with Diana, but they became estranged as time went on. Sometime later, Hamber became a member of the Explorers and told his boss about a mysterious pendant that his friend Diana possessed. Hamber then contacted Diana and demanded she give the pendant to him, but failed as she escaped from him. Later, Hamber found out that Diana no longer possessed the pendant as she gave it to her granddaughter, Liko.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Hamber first appeared in The Treasure After the Storm!, communicating with Amethio regarding Liko's pendant.

After Amethio's mission to Roy's hometown, Hamber appeared along with the admins of the Explorers at a meeting with Gibeon. When Amethio and Spinel began to argue, Hamber reminded the two that they were in the presence of their leader and after the group left the place, Hamber spoke with Gibeon about his boss's goals.

In HZ016, Hamber showed up at another meeting with the Explorers Admins to hear Spinel's briefing on his mission. After he refused to give complete information, Hamber decided to end the meeting.

In HZ024, Hamber received Amethio's report on his unit's unsanctioned activity pursuing the Rising Volt Tacklers in Galar. Upon learning of the mysterious Pokémon that had emerged from the pendant, Hamber recruited Sango and Onyx to accompany him to Galar, as he wished to see the Pokémon directly for himself. In the next episode, Hamber told Sango and Onyx to stay behind until he needed them. Hamber then reunited with Diana as he tried to prevent her escape, but failed. After the Rising Volt Tacklers escape them, Hamber reported to Gibeon.

In HZ027, Hamber met with Amethio to discuss new information about the current objective of the Explorers, shortly after, Hamber and the other Admins of the group will meet to discuss the next objectives. Following Amethio's suggestion, Hamber and others discussed the possibility of going after Lucius' mysterious Rayquaza, but the meeting ended without a consensus.


Hamber's open eye

Hamber is loyal and respectful to the Explorers' leader Gibeon, talking to him in a respectful and reverent tone. Despite this, he is willing to indulge his own curiosity at times, as instead of reporting Amethio's unsanctioned actions to Gibeon immediately, he decided to investigate Terapagos's appearance directly for himself.

Although Hamber expresses some concern for his subordinates' safety when they undertake dangerous operations, he does not hesitate to be stern with them if they are acting improperly in Gibeon's presence.


On hand

Hamber's Dusknoir
Dusknoir is Hamber's only known Pokémon.

None of Dusknoir's moves are known.

Debut HZ024

Traveling with

Hamber Rotom Phone.png
Rotom Phone

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 近藤浩徳 Hironori Kondo
English N/A


Hamber HZ.png
Official artwork from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハンベル Hamber From hambergite

Boss: Gibeon
Administrators: HamberAmethioSpinel
Agents: OniaZirc

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