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For the books, see Pokémon: Sinnoh Hall of Fame and Pokémon Hall of Fame.

Entering the Hall of Fame in Pokémon Platinum.

The Hall of Fame is a record kept by the Pokémon League of all the Pokémon Trainers who have ever beaten the Elite Four and the Pokémon Champion. As seen in the games, the Trainer's ID number, name, and Pokémon team are recorded. For each Pokémon of the player's party, the species, name, gender, level, and area met are recorded. The Hall of Fame is in a room accessible from the room that the Champion takes challengers in, and may be accessed by people who have entered it by way of PC. Starting in Generation IV, the movesets are shown in the list in addition to OT, number, and Pokémon name.



  • In the Generation I games, if the player encounters Missingno. or other glitch Pokémon, the Hall of Fame data may be corrupted by a glitch in the game. When Missingno. has been seen on the save file, the player's Hall of Fame is badly corrupted with entirely different Pokémon which will often consist of glitched characters and names. Players can often see particular Pokémon in the Hall of Fame, whether they have seen them in the Pokédex or not. This effect also works in Pokémon Yellow when encountering Glitch Pokémon through the Mew glitch. However, a way to avoid the effects of this glitch is to encounter Missingno. or any other glitch Pokémon before entering the Hall of Fame, because encountering a Missingno. only affects the teams already registered in the Hall of Fame. Players can also defeat the Elite Four multiple times after having encountered Missingno., as the game will automatically overwrite older Hall of Fame entries after the Elite Four is defeated 20 times.
  • In Pokémon Red and Green, by performing the Dokokashira door glitch players can quickly complete the game by forcing the next door to take them to another location, this can include the Hall of Fame room. This extremely hazardous and gamebreaking glitch was removed from Pokémon Blue, causing it to not be present in the translated Pokémon Red and Blue.