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The Habitat List in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

The Habitat List (Japanese: せいそくちリスト Habitat List) is a Pokédex feature introduced in Black 2 and White 2. It lists each area the player has visited, along with every Pokémon the player has seen or caught that can be found in each area.

Each area's entry is divided into three parts: a main section, a Surfing section, and a fishing section. The main section aggregates all Pokémon found in tall grass, dark grass, rustling grass, walking in caves, dust clouds, and Flying Pokémon's shadows. The Surfing and fishing sections aggregate Pokémon found in the water normally and those found in rippling water. The Habitat List only includes Pokémon that can be found via random encounter; gift Pokémon and Pokémon that are found by interacting with them on the overworld, such as the MandibuzzB2 and BraviaryW2 on Route 4, are not included. Version-exclusive Pokémon are only part of the Habitat List in the version in which they can appear.

When the player has seen every Pokémon available in the main section, Surfing section, or fishing section of an area, that section's entry will be decorated with the outline of a Poké Ball. After the player catches every Pokémon available in a section, the outline will be filled in. On the listing page, they're marked as grey and colored Poké Ball, respectively, while an exclamation mark means player has achieved one of them but hasn't been awarded with it yet (player is awarded upon checking that area's section). When a player has caught every Pokémon available in all three sections of an area, that area's name will be decorated with a large gray shadow resembling a Poké Ball.

Rewards for completing the Habitat List

The following items are received if the player talks to a particular NPC after completing an area's section of the Habitat List:

Area Reward Location
Virbank Complex Great Ball x5 From a girl at the southernmost end in the inner area
Reversal Mountain TM54 (False Swipe) From a Scientist east of the Ace Trainers on 1F
Pinwheel Forest Nest Ball x5 From the Scientist on the south side of the inner area
Route 3 Dive Ball x5 From the School Kid at the fork in the road

The following areas appear in the Habitat List, but do not have any rewards for completion:

Aspertia City Route 19 Route 20 Floccesy Ranch Virbank City
Castelia City Castelia Sewers Route 4 Desert Resort Relic Castle
Route 5 Route 16 Lostlorn Forest Driftveil Drawbridge Route 6
Relic Passage Clay Tunnel Mistralton Cave Chargestone Cave Route 7
Celestial Tower Strange House Undella Town Undella Bay Route 14
Abundant Shrine Route 12 Village Bridge Route 11 Route 9
Seaside Cave Route 21 Route 15 Marvelous Bridge Humilau City
Route 22 Giant Chasm Route 23 Victory Road Route 8
Icirrus City Dragonspiral Tower Twist Mountain Striaton City Dreamyard
Route 2 Route 1 Route 17 Route 18


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