h POKé

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h POKé
アム Amu
File:H POKé.png
h POKé
Types Category
 Ghost  Poison  ... Pokémon
Hexadecimal identifier Exp. at Lv. 100
C3 Unknown
New Unova
Games found in
Pokémon Red and Blue
Special stat for Mew glitch Time Capsule exploit Pokémon
195 N/A
Equivalent in Yellow
ゥ ( Z4
Height Weight
80' 3" 6099.0 lbs.
Hybrid of Catch rate
Gengar Unknown
Gender ratio
Egg Groups Egg cycles
Unknown Unknown
EV yield

h POKé (Japanese: アム Amu) is a dual-type Ghost/Poison Glitch Pokémon.

In Pokémon Red and Blue, a wild "h POKé" appears if Method #3 of the Mew Glitch is used with a special stat of 195. h POKé is relatively safe (as it is a hybrid of Gengar) glitch Pokémon to use, but it can be difficult to catch and train because normally when h POKé is caught, its Pokédex data (which consists of random sounds and visual glitches) will lock up the game. The frozen Pokédex data can be avoided if the trainer catching h POKé has a Gengar registered in their Pokédex as "owned". A Red/Blue player can also have a ゥ ( Z4 (h POKé's Yellow version equivalent) traded from Yellow. h POKé's cry is long, glitched, and different every time its stats are checked, depending on the last cry heard. On rare occasions, h POKé's cry may lock up the game.

At 6,099 lbs (2766.5 kg), h POKé can be considered as the heaviest glitch Pokémon which can be obtained without the use of a cheating device.

Game data

Pokédex entry

h POKé's Pokédex entry, seen in a different sprite.

Game locations

This Pokémon was unavailable prior to Generation I.
Generation I
Red Blue
Glitch Mew glitch (special stat 195)
None Becomes ゥ ( Z4 in Yellow

Base stats

Stat Range
At Lv. 50 At Lv. 100
HP: 60
120 - 166 230 - 323
Attack: 65
70 - 116 135 - 228
Defense: 60
65 - 111 125 - 218
Special: 130
135 - 181 265 - 358
Speed: 110
115 - 161 225 - 318
Total: 425   (555 on other generations' scale)  
  • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs and IVs of 0.
  • Maximum stats are calculated with 63504 EVs and IVs of 15.
  • Total on other generations' scale assumes that this glitch Pokémon's Special stat would become both Special Attack and Special Defense.

Type effectiveness

Template:RBY Type effectiveness


By leveling up

Generation I
Other generations:
 Level   Move   Type   Power   Accuracy   PP 
00Start Lick Ghost 02020 100}}100% 30
00Start Confuse Ray Ghost 0000 100}}100% 10
00Start Night Shade Ghost 0000 100}}100% 15
088 HM02 Glitch 177177 006}}6% 29
1717 Conversion Normal 0000 —}}—% 30
104104 Pound Normal 04040 100}}100% 35
175175 TM24 Glitch 118118 031}}31% 0
186186 Tackle Normal 03535 095}}95% 35
195195 Pound Normal 04040 100}}100% 35
205205 Super Glitch Glitch 0000 —}}—%
  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by h POké
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of h POké
  • Click on the generation numbers at the top to see level-up moves from other generations


Generation I
Other generations:
 TM   Move   Type   Power   Accuracy   PP 
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM01 Mega Punch Normal 80 85% 20
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM05 Mega Kick Normal 120 75% 5
Bag TM Poison Sprite.png TM06 Toxic Poison 85% 10
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM08 Body Slam Normal 85 100% 15
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM09 Take Down Normal 90 85% 20
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM10 Double-Edge Normal 120 100% 15
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM15 Hyper Beam Normal 150 90% 5
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM20 Rage Normal 20 100% 20
Bag TM Grass Sprite.png TM21 Mega Drain Grass 40 100% 10
Bag TM Electric Sprite.png TM24 Thunderbolt Electric 95 100% 15
Bag TM Electric Sprite.png TM25 Thunder Electric 120 70% 10
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.png TM29 Psychic Psychic 90 100% 10
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM31 Mimic Normal —% 10
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM32 Double Team Normal —% 15
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.png TM33 Reflect Psychic —% 20
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM34 Bide Normal —% 10
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM36 Selfdestruct Normal 130 100% 5
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.png TM42 Dream Eater Psychic 100 100% 15
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.png TM44 Rest Psychic —% 10
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.png TM46 Psywave Psychic 80% 15
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM47 Explosion Normal 170 100% 5
Bag TM Normal Sprite.png TM50 Substitute Normal —% 10
Bag HM Normal Sprite.png HM04 Strength Normal 80 100% 15
  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by h POké
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of h POké


File:H POKé.png
h POKé
 Ghost  Poison 
Rare Candy
Level 225

First evolution
 Grass  Poison 
Leaf Stone
Leaf Stone

Second evolution
 Grass  Poison 


  • h POKé has only two moves it can learn while leveling up (under level 100).
  • h POKé can learn all Generation I Ghost-type moves.
  • h POKé's cry changes depending on the last Pokémon's cry played. Because this includes its own cry, viewing its stats multiple times in succession can cause long glitchy strings of sound, sometimes minutes long. Sometimes its cry never even ends, effectively locking up the game.
  • h POKé, when compared to all other Pokémon, is tied with ♀ . for being the tallest and heaviest Pokémon.

External Links

Red/Blue: 'M (00)MissingNo.▶ Aaゥ (C1)ゥ .4h POKé
PokéWTrainerPkMn (C5)ゥL ゥM 4♀Pゥ ゥゥTゥU?◣ゥ 8PC4SH
PPkMn ◣ nTrainer▼ W G dOPkMn4XPkMn PkMn T4B 8 4 8
ゥ 'M p'u ゥAゥ GPゥ ゥ ゥ4 hGlitch (D7)PkMnaPkMnゥ ♂ fPkMnk
PkMnRPkMn "B (DA)Glitch (DB)Glitch (DC)7PkMn 'v-PkMn.PkMn
/PkMn ▼PkMn'v……ゥ (E3)Glitch (E4)C- -
Pゥ 4$X CcA (EA)Glitch (EB)Glitch (EC)hゥ
.gゥ$'Mゥ$ (F0)94ゥ l (F2)ゥ l (F3)ゥ$ (F4)
ゥ (F5)G'Mp'Ng'Mp'Ng ゥ$94 hGlitch (FA)'M 'N gO
ゥ$ 6ゥ'M (FE)'M (FF)
Yellow: 3TrainerPoké $MissingNo.4 44 4 Hy♀ .pPkMnp' 'ゥ ( Z4
X ゥ- xゥ,4. .ァ7gug gァ / g J 1Glitch (CA)
. pゥ.8ゥ. BPkMn pゥぁ ゥぇ (CE)4, ゥァ (CF)ゥ'B ァ h
PkMn ? Aゥゥ)ゥ (D4)'ゥ.PkMn pゥぁ ゥぇ (D6)B (D7)PkMn (D8)
ゥ (D9)]ゥ' BPkMn (DC)4, ゥァ (DD)8 (DE)p ID
8 P ァ'r 'r 4(h4to894 89 48B 4 8Z ゥ9
ゥHIゥ.4(h4hi?$4HI?'r ゥ$ Pゥ. 4(?/4(h4?
ゥ► ゥ▼ ゥh 4Pゥ ゥ.... ゥ ( .I' .' B' ゥゥ ゥェ ゥ ▷ゥ $ A (F3)♂ p ゥ
▼ pゥゥ $ A (F6)PkMn (F7)ゥ 4- 4$ゥ▾ ゥ♂F q ,
ゥ$ 4MN ゥ× 'rゥ. 4-ゥ/ 4ァ 4,Q ◣
Glitch EggGlitch Unown
Generation III: -???????????Bad EggÓË {e Ai
Generation IV: -----Bad EggGeneration IV hybrid
Generation V: -----Bad Egg
Generation VI: Bad EggGeneration VI 724+ glitch Pokémon

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