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A Date With Delcatty
Kasumi's Earnest Struggle! She's Risking her Life!?
First broadcast
Japan September 2, 2003
United States August 5, 2006
English themes
Opening Pokémon Chronicles theme
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending ラプラスにのって
Animation  ?
Screenplay 大橋志吉 Yukiyoshi Ōhashi
Storyboard 鎌倉由美 Template:Romanizations/鎌倉由美
Assistant director 鎌倉由美 Template:Romanizations/鎌倉由美
Animation director 志村隆行 Takayuki Shimura
No additional credits are available at this time.

A Date With Delcatty (Japanese: カスミ真剣勝負!命かけます!? Kasumi's Earnest Struggle! She's Risking her Life!?) is episode eleven of Pokémon Chronicles, and the eleventh side story episode of Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station in Japan. It was first broadcast in Japan on September 2, 2003, in the UK on July 20, 2005, and in the USA on August 5, 2006.

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Cerulean City is where all the action is: Misty's sister Daisy is back, Butch and Cassidy are coming to steal a Delcatty, and both Tracey and Casey, the baseball-loving Trainer from Johto, are visiting the Cerulean Gym. They're there when a Pelipper delivers a letter to Misty, asking her to meet someone named Georgio by the lighthouse. While Tracey is stuck with pool-cleaning duty, Casey and Misty go to meet the mysterious Georgio. He turns out to be a young Trainer who wants to ask Misty on a date! He even has two great tickets to tonight's Electabuzz vs. Starmies game, the one Casey wants to see.

Misty says no, but Georgio offers to battle her—if he wins, Misty will go the ballgame, and if not, she'll never have to see him again. Misty agrees, but when Georgio sends out his Delcatty, Butch and Cassidy grab it! They were hiding at the top of the lighthouse, and now they make their escape on hang-gliders. Georgio orders his Pelipper to stop them, and Butch and Cassidy crash a short distance away. Misty and the others come running, but Butch and Cassidy send out their Mightyena and Sableye. Misty and Casey battle them with Misty's Corsola and Casey's Meganium; Meganium's Solar Beam blasts the Team Rocket villains into the sky, and Delcatty is safe.

Now Georgio and Misty's battle can begin again. Delcatty may look prim, but its Double Team and Ice Beam moves are enough to knock Corsola out. However, Corsola uses Recover to come back, then knocks Delcatty out! Georgio has lost, but Casey begs for one of his tickets. He agrees to give her a ticket if she defeats him in a battle, so it's his Delcatty against her Elekid. Alas, Delcatty's Iron Tail is a one-hit KO for Elekid, but Georgio gives her his second ticket anyway. That evening, Georgio and Casey head for the stadium and Misty reflects on yet another day in the life of a Gym Leader!


Just like any great Gym Leader, Misty works hard from morning to night performing a set of vital and necessary tasks. At the moment, she's feeding the Pokémon again. They enjoy the new food, which Misty comments that Professor Oak will be glad to hear about. After she pulls Psyduck out of one of the food buckets, Daisy appears. Misty tells her that, despite them being back for three weeks, she hardly ever sees them. She then asks where the other two are, and Daisy explains that Violet is at dance-practice, while Lily is at her body-sculpting class at the Gym. Now that Misty has taken over the Gym, they are devoting all their time to their career as actress models. Misty tells her that being a Gym Leader is tiring work, so Daisy promises that Violet and Lily will pitch in when they get back, though that won't be until late next week.

Elsewhere, two mysterious, though familiar, figures appear at a hamburger restaurant. They ask for a Hyper Happy Burger combo, with a prize in the fries. After being seated and checking that no one is around, they activate a small box that was in the fries. Namba's voice comes out of it and informs Cassidy and Butch that their next mission is to apprehend a Delcatty. It is owned by a young boy living somewhere in Cerulean City and must be seized as quickly as possible.

Outside, Casey is viewing the Cerulean Marine Stadium. Tonight is the big Electabuzz-Starmie game. Casey isn't going to miss this, but she has to find some tickets first.

Back at the Gym, Tracey has brought Misty another batch of Professor Oak's Pokémon food. Just as Tracey is explaining that Professor Oak was pleased with the reaction from Horsea and Starmie, Casey appears at the door. Casey explains that she is in town for that night's baseball game, and then goes into the Team's song. Misty stops her mid-way through, and then introduces her to Tracey. Casey asks if he is her boyfriend, but Misty pushes her aside and asks why everyone she introduces him to comes to that conclusion.

Misty shows Casey the swimming pool, who can't believe how beautiful it is. Daisy then appears saying that she gets that all the time. Misty introduces the two to each other and Tracey says hello to Daisy. Just then, a Pelipper flies in through the window. It drops a letter out of its mouth, which Tracey catches. Seeing that it is for Misty, he gives it to her and the Pelipper flies away. Misty opens and reads the letter:

Dear Misty,
I will wait for you at the lighthouse. Meet me at 2 o'clock and don't be late.

None of them are sure who Georgio is. Daisy suggests that he might be a secret admirer, but then Casey says that she thinks it is someone wanting revenge after he lost a battle. Misty asks Tracey to come and find out what it is all about, but Daisy reminds him that he promised to clean the pool. After all, actress models and pool grime do not mix. Misty tells Tracey not to mind her as she has no manners, unless he wouldn't mind cleaning the pool. Casey then adds that she could go with Misty. Later, Tracey is seen cleaning the pool and wondering if it pays to be the nice guy.

Elsewhere, Butch and Cassidy are searching for the boy with the Delcatty.

Misty and Casey are now at the lighthouse. Misty is feeling jumpy, but Casey promises that she and Meganium won't let anything bad happen. A tough-looking sailor appears but before Casey can do anything he walks right past them. As Casey comments that it was a false alarm, a boy to the left of them says hello. He tries to introduce himself, but Casey jumps forward asking if he sent the letter. Georgio admits to it, so Casey tells him that he can't take it out on her friend just because he lost a battle. Georgio asks if she is crazy and Misty confirms that she has never seen him before. Casey then asks what it is all about. With a bit of prompting from Casey, he explains that he was wondering if she would go on a date with him. Misty and Casey are now lost for words. So Misty just screams.

When pushed for an answer, Misty tells him that she can't. Georgio tells her that she is the most beautiful girl that he has ever seen, which interests her. Casey says she isn't the type to fall for that mushy stuff... or is she? To answer that, Psyduck pops out of its Poké Ball and starts snickering. After returning Psyduck, Misty says that she is getting out of there. Georgio then tells her that he has prime seats for the Electabuzz-Starmie game, which interests Casey. Georgio then challenges Misty to a battle. If he wins they go to the game, but if he loses he will go away and she won't need to see him again. Casey asks if he will go with her if he loses, but Georgio says the battle is on his terms. Misty accepts on the grounds that a Gym Leader has to accept every challenge she gets.

Misty sends out her Corsola while Georgio sends out his Delcatty. Georgio sends Delcatty forward to attack but it is snatched up by a metal claw. Butch and Cassidy, who are on the other end of said claw, place Delcatty into an over-sized blue Poké Ball.

"All right! Prepare for trouble!"
"And while you're at it, make it double."
"Here's our mission so you better listen."
"To infect the world with devastation"
"To blight all peoples in every nation."
"To denounce the goodness of truth and love."
"To extend our wrath to the stars above."
"And Butch."
"Team Rocket circles the Earth day and night."
"So surrender to us now or prepare to fight fight fight."

Misty recognizes "Biff" and Cassidy, but before Butch can get too annoyed, Cassidy tells them that they have to go. "You know us. Business as usual." Georgio tells them to give Delcatty back, but Butch and Cassidy just run off. They then use a hang-glider to glide through the air. This isn't a problem as Georgio sends Pelipper out to stop them. After a crash landing, Pelipper uses Water Gun on them. They recover, however, and send out Sableye and Mightyena. So Misty and Casey send forward Corsola and Meganium. Sableye starts out by using Fury Swipes on Corsola. Corsola retaliates with Spike Cannon. Mightyena goes to Tackle Meganium, but Meganium dodges and uses Razor Leaf. Next, Sableye uses Shadow Ball on Corsola. Corsola dodges this and Tackles Sableye. Mightyena hits Meganium with Iron Tail, but is then hit by Meganium's Body Slam. Meganium finishes with a SolarBeam that hits Butch, Cassidy, Sableye and Mightyena, sending them blasting off. After freeing Delcatty, they head back to the lighthouse to have their own battle.

Delcatty starts off by hitting Corsola with Double-Edge. Corsola then hits Delcatty with a Tackle. Delcatty then uses Iron Tail and Double Edge. Corsola sends out another Spike Cannon, but Delcatty dodges it. Delcatty then uses Double Team. Corsola starts using Spike Cannon again, but the real one is not hit. Corsola is really worried now, but Delcatty then comes together and uses a powerful Ice Beam. Corsola is looking bad, and Georgio says it looks like it's a date. However, Misty then orders Corsola to use Recover. It then uses Spike Cannon, followed by Tackle. This knocks Delcatty out, resulting in a win for Misty. Georgio accepts that the date is off, though Misty promises that they can have another battle in the future if he wants to.

Casey now asks Georgio if he will sell her the extra ticket. Georgio suggests that they battle for the ticket. Casey agrees and sends out her Elekid. Georgio sends Delcatty forward. Misty is unsure about this decision, but Georgio assures her that Delcatty will be fine. Elekid starts out with a ThunderPunch, which Delcatty dodges. It then hits Elekid with a Double Edge. Next, Elekid uses Thunderbolt. Delcatty uses Double Team, so Elekid uses the bolt to take out each clone. As soon as they disappear, Delcatty hits Elekid with an Iron Tail. Elekid holds its ground for a moment, but then collapses. Georgio is the winner.

Casey is disappointed, but Georgio gives her the ticket anyway. He says it is because he has a spare one anyway and he wouldn't have got his Delcatty back if it wasn't for her. Casey is really excited about this, and she thanks Misty as it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't come to see her. Misty says it was her pleasure. Later, Casey and Georgio head out on their date. Casey checks that dinner is included in the price of the ticket, and Georgio assures her that it is all taken care of. As the camera moves away from them, they sing the Electabuzz fight song.

Back at the Gym, Misty has been telling Tracey and Daisy about the day's events. Daisy asks if he was a good dresser and Misty replies that he was very nice but she just has too much to do at the Gym. She then asks why Tracey is holding a wrench and he explains that he had done a few minor repairs. Daisy says she is letting him take her to dinner as a thank you gift, and that they can take care of the Gym together. As day changes to night, Misty is sitting on the diving board while taking to her Togepi. She wonders if she should go to Hoenn to look for her friends, and looks up at the starry sky as the episode ends.

Major events







Dub edits

  • There was more of an element of risk raised with a death threat in the decision to meet the letter sender in the Japanese version, thus the phrase "She's risking her life?" in the title. This is also the reason for the dub's title, a play on the phrase "date with destiny". However, the death threat is removed from the dub.
  • A very significant shipping line was removed in the dub version. In the original, Misty would not go on a date with Georgio because there is "someone else". It should be noted, however, that some people argue that it was technically a PokéShipping hint that was added in. However Orangeshippers, and Gymshippers argue that she was referring to Brock or Tracey when she said that. Also there's a possibility that Misty may have just made that up as an excuse to not go out with him even though there wasn't a "someone else".
  • The dub removes a 32-second scene involving Tracey and Daisy checking the pipes together.
  • The ending is different in both versions. While she decides that she has "found her calling" in the dub, in the original Misty took back the Gym and she wonders what to do. It is at this point that she decides that she might just go and meet Ash in Hoenn, which she does in The Princess and the Togepi.

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