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The Gym caretaker is a character in the main series Pokémon games. The title actually belongs to at least five characters, each corresponding to a different region. In each case, the caretaker is usually found at the front of a Pokémon Gym, ready to offer tactical advice to novice Trainers. He can often be sarcastic in nature.

Some gyms are unique, in that their caretaker seemingly roams outside its walls. The Celadon Gym caretaker is not seen in his Gym, and appears instead at the Rocket Game Corner, where he plays the slot machines. Similarly, the Cianwood Gym caretaker is found in the city's Pokémon Center instead of the Gym. The Petalburg Gym caretaker will vanish after the player has defeated Norman, and, in Generation II only, the Cinnabar Gym caretaker will arrive after Blaine has been defeated.

No official name was released for the gym caretaker in the first four generations. This gave rise to the fan-designated name "Jim Gai"—a pun on "Gym guy".

In Generation V, he is given the name Clyde (Japanese: ガイドー Gaido) and if the player talks to him before their Gym battle, he will give a Fresh Water; at the Striaton Gym and Nacrene Gym, he approaches the player and gives it, rather than requiring the player to approach him.


Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow

Pewter Gym

"Hiya! I can tell you have what it takes to become a Pokémon champ! I'm no trainer, but I can tell you how to win! Let me take you to the top!"
"Just as I thought! You're Pokémon champ material!"

Cerulean Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! Here's my advice! The Leader, Misty, is a pro who uses water Pokémon! You can drain all their water with plant Pokémon! Or, zap them with electricity!"
"You beat Misty! What'd I tell ya? You and me kid, we make a pretty darn good team!"

Vermilion Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! Lt.Surge has a nickname. People refer to him as the Lightning American! He's an expert on electric Pokémon! Birds and water Pokémon are at risk! Beware of paralysis too! Lt.Surge is very cautious! You'll have to break a code to get to him!"
"Whew! That match was electric!"

Celadon Gym

"Hey! You have better things to do, champ in making! Celadon Gym's Leader is Erika! She uses grass-type Pokémon! She might appear docile, but don't be fooled!"

Fuchsia Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! Fuchsia Gym is a tricked up place. It's riddled with invisible walls! Koga might appear close, but he's blocked off. You have to find gaps in the walls to reach him."
"It's amazing how ninja can terrify, even now!"

Saffron Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! Sabrina's Pokémon use psychic power instead of force! Fighting Pokémon are weak against psychic Pokémon! They get creamed before they can even aim a punch!"
"Psychic power, huh? If I had that, I'd make a bundle at the slots!"

Cinnabar Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! The hot-headed Blaine is a fire Pokémon pro! Douse his spirits with water! You better take some Burn Heals!"
"<player>! You beat that fire brand!"

Viridian Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! Even I don't know Viridian Leader's identity! This will be the toughest of all the Gym Leaders! I heard that the trainers here like ground-type Pokémon!"
"Blow me away! Giovanni was the Gym Leader here?"

Indigo Plateau

"Yo! Champ in making! At Pokémon League, you have to face the Elite Four in succession. If you lose, you have to start all over again! This is it! Go for it!"

Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

Violet Gym

"Hey! I'm no trainer but I can give some advice! Believe me! If you believe, a championship dream can come true. You believe? Then listen. The grass-type is weak against the flying-type. Keep this in mind."
"Nice battle! Keep it up, and you'll be the champ in no time at all!"

Azalea Gym

"Yo, challenger! Bugsy's young, but his knowledge of bug Pokémon is for real. It's going to be tough without my advice. Let's see... Bug Pokémon don't like fire. Flying-type moves are super-effective too."
"Well done! That was a great clash of talented young trainers. With people like you, the future of Pokémon is bright!"

Goldenrod Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! This Gym is home to normal-type Pokémon trainers. I recommend you use fighting-type Pokémon."
"You won? Great! I was busy admiring the ladies here."

Ecruteak Gym

"The trainers here have secret motives. If you win, they may tell you some deep secrets about Ecruteak."
"Whew, <player>. You did great! I was cowering in the corner out of pure terror!"

Olivine Gym

"Jasmine, the Gym Leader, is at the Lighthouse. She's been tending to a sick Pokémon. A strong trainer has to be compassionate. Jasmine uses the newly discovered steel-type. I don't know very much about it."
"That was awesome. The steel-type, huh? That was a close encounter of an unknown kind!"

Mahogany Gym

"Pryce is a veteran who has trained Pokémon for some 50 years. He's said to be good at freezing opponents with ice-type moves. That means you should melt him with your burning ambition!"
"Pryce is something, but you're something else! That was a hot battle that bridged the generation gap!"

Blackthorn Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! It's been a long journey, but we are almost done! Count on me! Clair uses the mythical and sacred dragon-type Pokémon. You can't damage them very easily. But you know, they're supposed to be weak against ice-type moves."
"You were great to beat Clair! All that's left is the Pokémon League challenge. You're on the way to becoming the Pokémon Champion!"

Vermilion Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! You lucked out this time. Lt.Surge is very cautious. He has traps set all over the Gym. But--he-heh--the traps aren't active right now. You'll have no problem getting to Lt.Surge."
"Whew! That was an electrifying bout! It sure made me nervous."

Saffron Gym

"Yo, Champ in making! A trainer as skilled as you doesn't need to be told how to deal with psychic-type Pokémon , right? I expect great things from you! Good luck!"
"That was another fantastic battle!"

Cerulean Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! Since Misty was away, I went out for some fun too. He-he-he."
"Hoo, you showed me how tough you are. As always, that was one heck of a great battle!"

Fuchsia Gym

"Yo, Champ in making! Whoops! Take a good look around you. The trainers all look like the Leader, Janine. Which of them is the real Janine?"
"That was a great battle, trainer from Johto!"

Pewter Gym

"Yo! Champ in making! You're really rocking. Are you battling the Gym Leaders of Kanto? They're strong and dedicated people, just like Johto's Gym Leaders."
"Yo! Champ in making! That Gym didn't give you much trouble. The way you took charge was really inspiring. I mean that seriously."

Cinnabar Gym

"Yo! ... Huh? It's over already? Sorry, dude! Cinnabar Gym was gone, so I didn't know where to find you. But, hey, you're plenty strong even without my advice. I knew you'd win!"
"A Pokémon Gym can be anywhere as long as the Gym Leader is there. They're no need for a building."

Viridian Gym

"Yo, Champ in making! How's it going? Looks like you're on a roll. The Gym Leader is a guy who battled the Champion three years ago. He's no pushover. Give it everything you've got!"
"Man, you are truly tough... That was a heck of an inspirational battle. It brought tears to my eyes."

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

Rustboro Gym

"Whoa! What a breathtaking victory! My cheering must've worked! Great! Check your TRAINER CARD. The STONE BADGE you got should be properly recorded on it. In other words... You've climbed the first step on the stairs to the CHAMPIONSHIP! That's got to feel awesome!"

Dewford Gym

"Whoah! It's turned too bright in here! Your future is bright, too!"

Mauville Gym

"Whoa, you're electrifying! You've powered the door open!"

Lavaridge Gym

"Yow! That was a scorching hot battle!"

Petalburg Gym

"Hey, how's it going, CHAMPION-bound <player>? The doors in this GYM open when you beat the awaiting TRAINERS. Whoops! The doors in this room are already open, so don't attack me! The TRAINERS of PETALBURG GYM use all kinds of items. The door at the left leads to the SPEED ROOM. The door at the right leads to the ACCURACY ROOM. The room's name will be on the door, so choose carefully. Once you've chosen the door... Well, hey, go for it!"
"<player>! Woah! You've overcome even your own father! Like, whoa! What a stunning turn of events!"

Fortree Gym

"Yo, how's it going, CHAMPION-bound <player>? FORTREE GYM LEADER WINONA is a master of FLYING-type POKéMON. She's waiting at the back of this GYM, behind the rotating doors. She's waiting for new challengers who are trying to take wing! Okay, go for it!"
"You did it! You've achieved liftoff!"

Mossdeep Gym

"Yo, how's it going, CHAMPION-bound <player>? The GYM LEADERS here use PSYCHIC-type POKéMON. If you go up against them with FIGHTING-type or POISON-type POKéMON, they'll inflict horrible damage! Plus, they'll come at you with outstanding combination attacks. If you want to win, you'll need to show them how tight you are with your POKéMON. Go for it!"
"Wow, you're astounding! You're one great TRAINER!"

Sootopolis Gym

"Yo! How's it going, CHAMPION-bound <player>? SOOTOPOLIS's GYM LEADER WALLACE is a master of WATER-type POKéMON. And, to get to WALLACE, an icy floor will hamper your progress... Listen, I'm sorry, but that's all the advice that I have for you. The rest of the way, you have to go for it yourself!"
"Yow! You've beaten even WALLACE, who was supposedly the best in all HOENN! Okay! Check out your TRAINER's CARD. If you've gotten all the BADGES, you're set for the POKéMON LEAGUE challenge!"

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Oreburgh Gym

"Howdy! How's it going, Champ-to-be? That's what I said to a really impatient boy earlier, too. The Gym Leader is a user of Rock-type Pokémon. Well, listen. Rock-type Pokémon really hate water, all right? They're also weak to Grass-type moves. Gee, they sure have weaknesses! But don't think it will be easy. You don't get to be a Gym Leader without covering for weaknesses. Going after a Rock-type Pokémon with a Fire-type Pokémon won't be easy, either. That's all the advice I can give. Thanks for listening!"
"Oh! <Player>! You've taken care of the Gym Leader! So, did my advice come in handy or what? If my advice was useful, it'd be great if you'd become my fan!"

Eterna Gym

"Hey, there! How's it going, Champ-to-be? Actually, that's what I said to some boy who zipped in here earlier, too! The Gym Leader, Gardenia, is a user of Grass-type Pokémon. It should be obvious, but Grass-type Pokémon really hate fire. They're also at a huge disadvantage against the Flying type, too. Oh, wait a second. I should tell you about the Gym itself first. You can't challenge the Gym Leader until you beat all the Gym's Trainers. It's a bit challenging, but just think of it as good training and go for it!"
"Oh! <Player>! You've beaten the Gym Leader! Your Pokémon look much tougher than when they went in, too! At least that's how I see it!"

Hearthome Gym

"Hey, there! How's it going, Champ-to-be? This Gym is some kind of wicked! What's wicked about it? I'll tell you! First, it's pitch-black! Oh, no worries, though! I have a flashlight right for you. Also, there are the usual Gym Trainers. They have flashlights, too. If you cast a light on one, or they catch you in the light, the battle's on! OK, now this is really important! It's about the tiles on the floor. First, find the one blue tile in the room, and memorize the mark on it. Next, head for the red door with the same mark on it. Advance through the correct red doors to reach the Gym Leader. If you choose a wrong red door, you get sent back here, though. That's how this place is. Go get 'em, Champ-to-be!"
"Oh! <Player>! You've beaten the Gym Leader! There seems to be no end to how tough you are getting! At least that's how I see it! ...You do realize I say that to everyone, right?"

Veilstone Gym

"Hey, there! How's it going, Champ-to-be? The Gym Leader is a user of Fighting-type Pokémon. She'd be a terror against Normal-type Pokémon. But! And it's a big but! Just between you and me... Maylene, the Gym Leader, said Flying- and Psychic-type Pokémon could be real trouble for her! If you want to battle her, smack the punching bags along the rails. You have to hit those bags hard!"
"Oh! <Player>! You've beaten the Gym Leader! Of course, I thought you'd win."

Pastoria Gym

"The Gym Leader Wake... Uh, I mean Crasher Wake, is a master of Water-type Pokémon. I'd say you've got guts if you try to face down Water types with Fire- or Ground-type Pokémon! But that part I'll leave up to you! Go and have some good battles!"
"Oh! <Player>! You've beaten the Gym Leader! So, how was it? Did you enjoy your battle against Wake... I mean Crasher Wake? Sure, winning is important, but don't forget to have fun, too! I think Wake... I mean Crasher Wake, showed you what I mean by fun."

Canalave Gym

"Hey, there! Champ-to-be! The Gym Leader here uses Steel-type Pokémon. Steel-type Pokémon have high Defense, so you'd have to hit them hard!"
"Oh! <Player>! You've beaten the Gym Leader! Good going! That makes it six Gym Badges! I tell you what, you're really turning into one fine Trainer. If you were to say you're going to try to become the Pokémon Champ... No one'd laugh at you now! I'm in your corner, kiddo!"

Snowpoint Gym

"Hey, there! How's it going, Champ-to-be? Do you see the big snowballs placed here and there? You need to slide on the ice with enough momentum to crush them. The Gym Leader is a user of Ice-type Pokémon. Melt her defenses with scorching-hot Fire-type moves! It's all about focus with this Gym! Bear down and focus!"
"Oh! <Player>! You've beaten the Gym Leader! You were more focused than her, and your Pokémon picked up on it!"

Sunyshore Gym

"Hey, there! How's it going, Champ-to-be? Let me check out your Trainer Case. Let's see how many Badges you have. One, two, three... Woah! Wow! You've already got seven! That means if you can beat this Gym Leader, you're on your way to the Pokémon League next. That also means this is the last time I get to give you advice. This is it, kiddo! Listen carefully... one last time! The Gym Leader here is a master of Electric-type Pokémon! That's all I have to say! The rest is up to you!"

Pokémon Black and White

Striaton Gym

"Hello! I'm Clyde. I'm the guide for Trainers challenging a Pokémon Gym. We appreciate your challenging the Gym. Take this to commemorate the occasion. One basic element of Pokémon battles is the relationship between types. If you choose Pokémon with effective types and effective moves, victory is just a step away! In this Gym, you process by stepping on the switch with the type that is effective against the Pokémon type shown on the curtain."
"I hope you'll always remember the incredible moment when you received this Gym Badge."

Nacrene Gym

"A Pokémon Gym where a Leader waits for a challenger at the back of a museum... It has a great atmosphere, doesn't it? So... I will give this to you! All Trainers in this Gym use Normal-type Pokémon. This is just between you and me... Normal-type Pokémon are weak against Fighting-type Pokémon. Around here, Fighting-type Pokémon show up around Pinwheel Forest. Now, I will explain about the Gym itself! In this Pokémon Gym, if you answer questions hidden in books, you can move forward. For your information, the first book is "Nice to Meet You, Pokémon." If you don't know where the book is, please ask anyone!"'
"Did you hear it? Strange people came charging through the museum... Oh! The Gym Badge!! Congratulations! So, the museum! Oh, no. What shall we do?!"
"I love to compare the expressions when a Trainer comes here for the first time and when a Trainer wins the Gym Badge."

Castelia Gym

"The Gym Leader said he was going to Prime Pier and left for a little bit. You're welcome to go track him down."
"What do you think of Castelia City? I bet, with all of the bustling people, you started feeling worn down on your way to the Gym! Never mind! This will help. Take it! The theme of this Gym is walking through walls. At first glance, these funny honey walls may look impassible or even impossible. If you try hard, it'll work out. So I say. But...if it doesn't, here's a sweet tip: step on the switches on the floor!"
"Wow! That's amazing. You swatted aside our Gym Leader Burgh's tricky attacks... I can barely imagine how much stronger you're going to get!"

Nimbasa Gym

"How about it? I can see you're surprised! Would you ever have guessed that this Gym is a roller coaster? OK, let me fill you in... And take this, too! In this roller coaster Gym, the first step is to get in the car. Next comes the platform! There, you can change where the coaster is going! Sometimes you continue by riding the cars of opponents you defeat. That's how you aim for the Gym Leader! By the way, Electric-type Pokémon don't do well against Ground-type moves..."
"Elesa uses sparkling bright Electric-type attacks! But the combination of you and your Pokémon was even more impressive! It was... It was... an emotional roller coaster."

Driftveil Gym

"I'm sure it was tough dealing with all that right after you arrived here. For now, I'll just give you this! The Gym Leader Clay uses Ground-type Pokémon! Well, just between you and me, Ground-type Pokémon aren't good against Water-type attacks. Kinda makes me wonder why Clay is living next to water."
"Every now and again, I hope you look at the Gym Badge you won here and remember the battle!"

Mistralton Gym

"Please take this Fresh Water! Just between you and me... Rock, Electric, Ice... Flying types have more weaknesses than people know about. If you use Pokémon and moves of those types, victory is practically yours! By the way, to proceed in this Gym, you climb in the cannons to move forward. The cannons go up, down, left, and right. You can get in them from anywhere!"
"Woo! Not many people look that good being shot out of a cannon... You make it look easy! And congratulations on your victory against the Gym Leader."

Icirrus Gym

"Please take this Fresh Water! Ice can be melted with Fire or shattered with Fighting. Or you might want to smash it into dust with Rock or Steel."
"From Brycen, I've learned how to say more with fewer words."

Opelucid Gym

"Welcome to the Opelucid Gym, the Unova region's strongest and biggest trial! First off, please take this Fresh Water. It'll help you in the challenge ahead. Let me give you a brief explanation of the trick to the Opelucid Gym! The path around this Gym is shaped like two dragons. This path changes when you step on the switches on the dragons' arms. Pay attention to how the dragons' necks move!"
"You beat the Gym Leader? Wow, that's amazing! Oh, by the way, since I gave you all that Fresh Water... Don't you owe me some of your winnings? ...I'm kidding! It's just a joke! No, seriously, congratulations!"


  • All of the caretakers before Generation IV were known for saying, "Yo! Champ-in-the-making!"

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