Gathered! Gym Leader!

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Gathered! Gym Leader!
しゅうけつ!ジムリーダー! Gathered! Gym Leader!
Battle Rules: Double Battle
ポケモン4ひきの ダブルバトル。
LV.50に ほせい。
おなじ どうぐ ポケモン きんし。
さまざまな ちほうの ジムリーダーが
PWTに しゅうけつ!

(Japanese: しゅうけつ!ジムリーダー! Gathered! Gym Leader!) is a downloadable tournament for the Pokémon World Tournament which features new Double Battle teams for Jasmine, Norman, Volkner, and Misty, all of which feature their signature Pokémon (Steelix, Slaking, Electivire, and Starmie, respectively) and three Generation V Pokémon. They will always use the four Pokémon listed here, and Misty is guaranteed to reach the final match. In Japan, its distribution began July 14, 2012.






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