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The name currently in use is a fan designator; see below for more information.
The original Gym Leader of the Blackthorn Gym

The Gym Leader is a character of the day who appeared in Great Bowls of Fire!. As the title suggests, he was the original Gym Leader of the Blackthorn Gym until his passing.

The Gym Leader was first mentioned by Kaburagi in Fangs for Nothin' after Dragonite fired a Hyper Beam at Ash and his friends when Team Rocket lied to her about protecting the Dragon Fang from the group; Kaburagi mentioned that the Dragonite belonged to the Gym Leader and did not feel the same after he passed away. The Gym Leader than appeared in a flashback in the next episode, where he was dedicated to protect the Dragon Holy Land. However, the original Gym Leader passed away and as a result, Dragonite volunteered to take the Gym Leader's place. Since his passing, other people, including Clair, have served as the new Gym Leader of the Blackthorn Gym.


Gym Leader's Dragonite
Dragonite belonged to the original Gym Leader of the Blackthorn Gym. As he passed away, Dragonite stepped in to become the protector of the Dragon Holy Land.

Dragonite first appeared when she saved Team Rocket from falling down a waterfall. Team Rocket told her that they were protecting the Dragon Fang from any thieves, when in truth they wanted to steal it themselves. Dragonite fired a Hyper Beam to prevent Ash and his friends from getting to Team Rocket as it thought they were the thieves and then took Team Rocket to the Dragon Shrine to prevent them from getting caught by the group, and gave the trio a large amount of fruit. After James unsuccessfully tried taking the Prayer Flame, it lit the landscape on fire and Dragonite came by and turned on the trio. Dragonite went into an attacking rage and attacked them. When Ash and his friends saved Team Rocket from an attack from Dragonite, Charizard and Dragonair battled her. Their attempts in getting her to snap out of her rage were unsuccessful as Dragonite kept attacking and became blinded in rage. However, after combining Charizard's Fire Spin with Dragonite's Hyper Beam, it caused an explosion which sent Dragonite falling to the river and turned her back to normal.

Dragonite physically reappeared in A Pokémon of a Different Color!, after it was revealed that she had been caught by Clair sometime before the events of this episode.

Dragonite's known moves are Hyper Beam, Outrage*, and Whirlwind*.

Debut Fangs for Nothin'
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi

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