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ギャラ Gyara
Poké Ball
Red Gyara.png
Debuts in Gyarados Splashes In!
Caught at Route 4
Gender Male
Ability Intimidate
Nature Lonely
Traded in You know... Articuno!
Original Trainer Misty
Traded for Red's Krabby
Current location With Red
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Gyara (Japanese: ギャラ Gyara) is one of the Pokémon owned by Red in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Gyara debuts in the Red, Green & Blue chapter in his own round, Gyarados Splashes In!. He attacks his original trainer, Misty, but is recaptured by Red, who returns him to her. Later on it is revealed that the drastic change in his attitude was the result of a Team Rocket experiment as is shown in Raging Rhydon, where Koga shamelessly remarks, "Hmm? How should we know of every Pokémon we experiment on?", earning Misty's rage.

In You know... Articuno! Misty trades this Gyarados to Red in exchange for Red's Krabby since it already knew Surf, and the HM03 he found was destroyed by a wild Dragonite that Gyara defeats. Although Red was happy to have obtained it, because of its earlier ferocity it was isolated by Red's other Pokémon. When they ran into Team Rocket again, Gyara was forced to relive some painful memories of its painful experimentation. Red had his other Pokémon help it through that traumatic experience and after that it was broken into the group and now its other Pokémon trusted it more. Although one of the powerhouses of his team, it was unused in his siege with the Team Rocket executives in Saffron City and the Pokémon League, where Blue anticipated its usage, but instead Poli was used for the Lightning Rod strategy to work. It was however utilized earlier in the fight against Mewtwo that led to its capture (where the Great Ball used by Misty to contain it was blown away, and instead a normal Poké Ball was used to recover it), and nearly defeated Bruno's Onix in battle before being defeated with Lax and Saur when Agatha and Lorelei arrive and team up with the mind-controlled Bruno.

In the Gold, Silver, & Crystal chapter, it was lent to Blue by Red, who remarks that it isn't fair to just take his Charizard without a trade, and it is used as one of his team members in the mock Pokémon League, though not to fight his old mentor Chuck. By the FireRed and LeafGreen chapter, it has since been returned to Red, and he uses it in his Double Battle against his old rival, where it fires a devastating Hyper Beam before being paralyzed by Porygon2's Tri Attack. It is critically wounded shielding Red from Deoxys's Psycho Boost attack with its teammates, but participates in the chase for the unstable Forretress Carr left behind before they blow up the airship they were riding on with their combined Explosion. It has not been seen since.

Moves used

Gyara Hydro Pump.png
Using Hydro Pump
Move First Used In
Hydro Pump Gyarados Splashes In!
Hyper Beam What a Dragonite
Surf You know... Articuno!
Bite Can You Diglett?
DragonBreath Flames From Entei
Body Slam The Battle Path
Dragon Rage Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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