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Guy (Japanese: ガイ Guy) is the character of the day from Exploud and Clear.

Guy was trying to get his Loudred to evolve. Ash decided to help him out by battling him with his Treecko. During the battle, both Pokémon ended up evolving. However, after Loudred's evolution, it stopped listening to Guy. It ran off, shoving Guy aside in the process. Ash told his newly evolved Grovyle to run after it.

Team Rocket took notice, and tried to capture the Exploud. When Guy saw this, he jumped in front of Team Rocket's cork gun and stopped them from capturing Exploud. After seeing Guy protecting him, Exploud began to listen to him.


Guy's Loudred

Guy's Exploud
Whismur → Loudred → Exploud
Exploud is Guy's main partner and as seen in the episode, it was his partner even when it was just a Whismur. It evolved afterwards, but started to go wild and disobey Guy. In battle, both Ash's Treecko and Guy's Loudred evolved into Grovyle and Exploud, respectively. After evolution, Exploud continued to disobey Guy and it was up to Ash and his friends to get Exploud to bond with its Trainer again. After stopping a Team Rocket heist, Exploud smiled which confirmed that it is friendly towards Guy. After reuniting, it continued the battle with Ash's Grovyle but without a clear winner.

Exploud's known moves are Stomp, Supersonic, Earthquake, and Hyper Voice.

Debut Exploud and Clear!
Voice actors
Japanese Kōichi Sakaguchi
English Darren Dunstan (as Loudred)
Brian Maillard (as Exploud)

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小野坂昌也 Masaya Onosaka
English Michael Sinterniklaas
European Spanish Fernando Cabrera

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