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For the male character from the Pokémon Special manga who is known as Blue in official English translations, see Green (Special).
ブルー Blue
Age 17 (as of the sixth chapter)
Gender Female
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Unnamed parents
Trainer class Trainer

Blue (English: Green; Japanese: ブルー Blue) is the third main character of the manga series Pokémon Special. Her first Pokémon was a Jigglypuff. As a young child, she was kidnapped by Ho-Oh and raised by the evil Mask of Ice, where she met and became close with Silver. (This kidnapping led to her ornithophobia, which is not cured until the end of the GSC Saga.) The two of them escaped, and Blue went to Kanto, where she stole Professor Oak's Squirtle.

Blue is quite cunning and quick-witted. She can talk others into believing a bold-faced lie and talk her way out of many tight situations. At one point, she convinces Red to buy a bunch of useless items for his Pikachu. Blue is also a master of disguise, she uses her Ditto as a mask and is able to make herself look like anyone she wants.

Blue's special skill, as defined by Professor Oak, is evolving; she is known as the "Evolver" (化える者 Evolver). However, until recently she refrained from evolving her Pokémon, because she preferred to lull her opponents into a false sense of security by using unevolved "cute" Pokémon. The special skills of Blue and Silver are homophonous in Japanese.

The original Blue was designed after the early sketches for a Lass and a female protagonist shown in early concept art for Pokémon Red and Green, however, the idea of choosing the character's gender was unable to be implemented until Pokémon Crystal due to the limitations of the game card. When Leaf finally appeared in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Blue changed her clothes to match.


Five years before the Red, Green & Blue chapter, Blue was kidnapped by Mask of Ice's Ho-Oh when she was only five years old. Mask of Ice gave her a Jigglypuff. There she met Silver and made friends with him. Few years later, the two kids escaped from the Mask of Ice Hideout.

Red, Green & Blue chapter

File:Manga Special Blue.png
Blue in the first chapter

Blue first met Red and tried to scam him out of his money by selling fake items. Red hunted her down to reclaim his money, but she used this opportunity to steal his badges. Then Red learned that her Squirtle was stolen from Professor Oak.

Later, she reveals that she was kidnapped by Ho-Oh as a child, and was in fact originally from Pallet Town. She has ornithophobia and is afraid of Template:Type2 Pokémon because of this.

Blue eventually ends up as rival to Sabrina, and helps Red and Green defeat the Team Rocket's admins—Lt. Surge, Koga, and Sabrina.

Afterwards, she manages to get into the 9th Pokémon League tournament without badges by making it through special qualifying elimination rounds. Blue makes it to fourth place, but is defeated by Professor Oak, who uses her fear of birds against her by using a team of Flying-type Pokémon to defeat her. She confesses to Professor Oak who forgives her for stealing Squirtle and gives her the last Pokédex.

Yellow chapter

Blue trains Yellow and gives Yellow her boy disguise, and sends her off to save Red. She believes the Elite Four were controlling Ho-Oh, so carries a grudge against them. However, she eventually learns she was wrong and resolves to return to Johto.

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

Blue reappears late in the storyline, when her relationship with Silver is disclosed. She and Silver escaped from the Mask of Ice, who used Ho-Oh and Lugia to kidnap her along with Will, Chermaine, Karen, and Keane to be his servants. Blue confronts Ho-Oh and finally overcomes her ornithophobia, and uses the legendary birds to help defeat the Mask of Ice.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

More of Blue's past is revealed in this chapter including how she, along with Silver managed to escape from the clutches of the Mask of Ice. She finally learns that her parents have moved to the Sevii Islands and resolves to reunite with them. Before she can, both they and Professor Oak are kidnapped by Deoxys. Here, her Pokémon finally evolve to their final stages and her Blastoise learns the legendary Template:Type2 move - Hydro Cannon. At the end of this saga, she was turned to stone along with 4 other Pokédex Holders.

Emerald chapter

For most part of this chapter, she, along with four other Pokédex-holders, remained turned into stones. It was only at nearly the end of the chapter that she and the others were liberated by Emerald with the help of the wish-granting legendary Pokémon Jirachi.


Most of Blue's Pokémon nicknames, with the exception of Puriri, contain syllables from the species' Japanese name, followed by a Japanese honorific. "Puriri" comes from Jigglypuff's Japanese name, Purin.

On hand

Squirtle → Wartortle → Blastoise (Lv.80)
JigglypuffWigglytuff (Lv.67)
Nidoran♀NidorinaNidoqueen (Lv.69)
Ditto (Lv.50)
ClefairyClefable (Lv.68)
SnubbullGranbull (Lv.23)

It is a tricky Pokémon Blue stole from Professor Oak. She has trained it so its bubbles have special qualities, allowing her to carry encapsulated sound to instruct her other Pokémon.

Blue's Pokémon since early childhood. Wigglytuff can inflate itself and fly like a balloon, and serves as Blue's usual means of transport.

Blue's Ditty is primarily used by her as a living mask, able to Transform her face into any disguise.

Blue uses this Pokémon when she wants to use Metronome to perform unpredictable attacks. Evolved with Red's Moon Stone.

A powerful Pokémon Blue evolved in the Sevii Islands.

A Pokémon that was left in Silver's care in exchange for Silver's Horsea, later they traded back.

In box

  • Blue occasionally uses this Abra to Teleport herself around.

Status unknown

This is a listing of Pokémon, which Blue caught but they were not listed in the all character Pokémon listings in the end of Volume 15. Since then, it's possible that Blue released them.

  • Weedle - Blue caught this Pokémon to try to trick someone into trading something better for it, but Red stopped her.
  • Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres - Blue caught these three birds in order to overcome her ornithophobia. They were not seen since the third chapter, which means she could have released them.

Formerly owned



  • Blue's Pokémon were unnamed in Viz's American translations of Pokémon Adventures. Their English nicknames were first used in Chuang Yi's translations of Sevii Island Arc. Surprisingly, her Jigglypuff didn't get an English nickname, (although she calls it "Jiggly" sometimes) for some reason.
  • Before official nicknames of Blue's Pokémon were released, Coronis coined his own, which were often seen used by fandom. Coincidentally, Chuang Yi's nicknames were almost the same as Coronis's ones (except Blastoise and Jigglypuff).
  • Her Snubbull (now a Granbull) got a gender change. In Volume 15 he's listed as male, while in Volume 24 she's listed as female.
  • Blue and Green are the only main Pokémon Special characters whose names were changed for the English translation. This is due to the complexity of Generation I's game releases, where in Japan, Red Version was paired with Green Version (leaving Blue as the third), and in the rest of the world Red was paired with Blue (while there was no Green). Since she was not Red's rival, the translators did not see it fitting that she have her name be that of Red's "rival version".
    • A panel in Volume 3 forgets to make this change, however. When the Pokémon League scoreboard is shown, Red's rival is identified as "GREEN" and this girl is identified as "BLUE".
  • Blue is the only of the original 7 Pokédex holders that doesn't have any unevolved Pokémon on hand.
  • Blue is the oldest main character in Pokémon Special

In other languages

Language Name Reference to
Japanese ブルー Blue From Pokémon Blue game.
English Green From Pokémon Green game.
French Olga
German Green From Pokémon Green game.
Korean 블루 Blue From Pokémon Blue game.
Chinese 小藍 Xiǎo Lán 藍 means blue.

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