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If you were looking for the the male character from the Pokémon Adventures manga who is known as Green in Japan, see Blue (Adventures).

ブルー Blue
Green Adventures.png
Age 19 (as of the ninth chapter)
Gender Female
Birthday June 1
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Unnamed parents
Trainer class Trainer

Green (Japanese: ブルー Blue) is the third main character of the manga series Pokémon Adventures. Her first Pokémon was a Jigglypuff. As a young child, she was kidnapped by Ho-Oh and raised by the evil Masked Man, where she met and became close with Silver. (This kidnapping led to her ornithophobia, which is not cured until the end of the GSC Saga.) The two of them escaped, and Green went to Kanto, where she stole Professor Oak's Squirtle.

Green is quite cunning and quick-witted. She can talk others into believing a bold-faced lie and talk her way out of many tight situations. At one point, she convinces Red to buy a bunch of useless items for his Pikachu. Green is also a master of disguise, she uses her Ditto as a mask and is able to make herself look like anyone she wants.

Green's special skill, as defined by Professor Oak, is evolving; she is known as the "Evolver" (化える者 Evolver). However, until recently she refrained from evolving her Pokémon, because she preferred to lull her opponents into a false sense of security by using unevolved "cute" Pokémon. The special skills of Green and Silver are homophonous in Japanese.

The original Green was designed after the early sketches for a Lass and a female protagonist shown in early concept art for Pokémon Red and Green; however, the idea of choosing the character's gender was unable to be implemented until Pokémon Crystal due to technological limitations of the time. When a female player character from Kanto finally appeared in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Green changed her clothes to match Leaf's in-game appearance.

Character history


When she was only five years old, Green was kidnapped by Ho-Oh, under control of the Masked Man. The Masked Man gave her a Jigglypuff and began to train her as one of his underlings. There, she met Silver and developed a close bond with him. A few years later, the two children escaped from the Masked Man Hideout and then parted ways.

Red, Green & Blue chapter

File:Green Adventures RGB.png
Green's original design
File:Manga Adventures Green.png
Green in the first chapter

Green first met Red and tried to scam him out of his money by selling fake items by using her beauty and flattery. Red hunted her down to reclaim his money, but she used this opportunity to steal his badges. Then Red learned that her Squirtle was stolen from Professor Oak and had evolved into a Wartortle. She is then seen surrounded by a group of Team Rocket members, revealed to have stolen some chip involving Mew. She sends out Ditty and in the confusion of Red saving her from an opponent's Tauros, she was able to switch Ditty as the Tauros and make the opponent's Pokémon defeat themselves thanks to that Tauros' special ability. It was then revelaed that she wants to catch Mew because she thinks that it is "the cutest Pokémon ever". Later it is found out that she really just wants it for money and when the two of them go hunting for Mew, she has Ditty Transform into Mew to fool the pursuing Team Rocket, although they really figure out the hoax and in the ensuring battle Mew gets away. Green then leaves saying that she plans on selling pictures of Mew she took to newspapers, but she does give back Red his badges.

She is later seen trying to sweet-talk her way into Saffron City. After failing, she tries to infiltrate from the air with her Jigglypuff. She then spots Blue and tells him about the barrier and later suggests that they team up. She then gets Red and Blue to team up so they can do all of the work for her getting into Saffron City, which they succeed in doing. She then slipped through the back door of Silph Co. and was able to glide right up to the 3F, where she encountered Sabrina and had to deal with her playing mind games. She later gets away from her by concealing Poké Balls on her chest and make Sabrina have Kadabra slash them off her chest, sending out Jigglypuff which used Sing to freeze Sabrina in her place. She than uses Ditty to disguise herself as Sabrina and reachs the room with the Badge Energy Amplifier and is almost attacked by Red. She then reveals that she frisked a Marsh Badge and traded it to Blue for his Moon Stone. She then takes the Amplifier from Red after it not working with his badges, revealing that the badges she "returned to him" were actually fake and that she kept the real ones. She then puts all of the badges into the Amplifier and made Zapmolcuno form accidently, thinking that it was supposed to make a rare new species of Pokémon. She was knocked out during the battle between her, Red, and Blue against Zapmolcuno but Red takes the Moon Stone and evolved her Clefairy into a Clefable. After a long fight Zapmolcuno was defeated by the combined forces of Blasty, Blue's Charizard, and the newly evolved Saur.

Afterwards, she manages to get into the 9th Pokémon League tournament without badges by making it through special qualifying elimination rounds. Green makes it to fourth place, but is defeated by Professor Oak, who uses her fear of birds against her by using a team of Flying-type Pokémon to defeat her. He then reveals to her that he knew of reports and saw pictures of a girl who got kidnapped in Pallet Town by a bird Pokémon and when he saw the same face stealing a Squirtle he knew he had to talk to her and remind her that stealing is wrong. She confesses to Professor Oak who forgives her for stealing Squirtle and gives her the last Pokédex. She has ornithophobia and is afraid of Template:Type2 Pokémon because of her kidnapping.

Yellow chapter

Green is first seen in the shadows listning to the battle between Yellow and Lorelei, calling Yellow an idiot when she told Lorelei her name, something Green said not to do. She is then seen attacking Lorelei's hand with one of horsea's attacks after Yellow and Bill escaped her and Lorelei was just about to give chase again. She then disappears.

Green trains Yellow and gives Yellow her boy disguise, bugging her hat in the process so she could be tracked and heard, and sends her off to save Red. She believes the Elite Four were controlling Ho-Oh after hearing it from Silver, so carries a grudge against them. She then journies to Bill to take a look at his transport system and look at Red's recent withdrawls. With Pika gone from his party Green knew he would want to replace it with another Pokémon and after Bill begrudgingly allowed it after she tied him up she saw that Red did so and withdrew Vui, but before she could find out the Pokémon Center where the transaction took place, Bruno's Hitmonlee came in and smashed the transporter. After chasing it for a while Hitmonlee was defeated only for them to realize that it was simply a decoy to keep them away from Lance in Vermilion City.

Once she reaches Cerise Island she meets up with Yellow and they stealthily navigate the island by having Jigglypuff fly them across shrouded in Horsea's Smokescreen. Once the map Yellow obtained was eaten by a Slowbro they followed it to a cave and found Blaine, Blue, Koga, Sabrina, and Lt. Surge. When Sabrina's Spoons of Destiny chose partners Green found herself paired up with Sabrina. She battles Lorelei and she uses her ice voodoo dolls to chain Green and Sabrina together, and since they did not work together well at all, Green was quickly knocked out and Sabrina found herself carrying dead weight. After Sabrina stalls for a while Green wakes up just in time to have Blasty propel them up so they wouldn't fall off a cliff. Lorelei then tells her that she attacked Green first because of the humiliation that Green caused her when she first battled Yellow and Green recalled her tale of training Yellow, using it as a scapegoat to have her Clefable use minimize to get the dolls and then had Blasty blast them, separating her arm from her body. In truth this was really just Ditto (explaining why she didn't have wounds from the ice cuffs like Red and Sabrina endured), which had been her arm all along and had Ditto tie up Lorelei from behind. This angered Sabrina, who could've gotten out of the ice cuffs and not be carrying Green around the whole battle.

However, she eventually learns she was wrong about Ho-Oh and that it was Lugia instead and resolves to return to Johto.

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

Green reappears late in the storyline, when her relationship with Silver is disclosed. She and Silver escaped from the Masked Man, who used Ho-Oh and Lugia to kidnap her along with Will, Chermaine, Karen, and Keane to be his servants. Green confronts Ho-Oh and finally overcomes her ornithophobia, and uses the legendary birds to help defeat the Masked Man.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

More of Green's past is revealed in this chapter including how she, along with Silver managed to escape from the clutches of the Masked Man. She finally learns that her parents have moved to the Sevii Islands and resolves to reunite with them. Before she can, both they and Professor Oak are kidnapped by Deoxys. Here, her Pokémon finally evolve to their final stages and her Blastoise learns the legendary Template:Type2 move - Hydro Cannon. At the end of this saga, she was turned to stone along with four other Pokédex holders.

Emerald chapter

For most part of this chapter, she, along with four other Pokédex-holders, remained turned into stones. It was only at nearly the end of the chapter that she and the others were liberated by Emerald with the help of the wish-granting legendary Pokémon Jirachi. In the tourney that included all of the Pokédex-holders, it is said that she won her first match, which was against Crystal but it is not said how the other battles went.


Most of Green's Pokémon nicknames, with the exception of Puriri, contain syllables from the species' Japanese name, followed by a Japanese honorific. "Puriri" comes from Jigglypuff's Japanese name, Purin.

On hand

This is the Wigglytuff Green has had since she was a child, starting as a Jigglypuff. It was Green's first Pokémon. It can inflate itself and fly like a balloon, and serves as Green's usual means of transport. It has a Lax nature. Its nickname in Japanese is ぷりり Puriri.

Wigglytuff's known moves are Defense Curl, Tri Attack, Sing, Disable, Double-Edge and DoubleSlap.

Debut Tauros the Tyrant
Main article: Blasty

Blasty (Japanese: カメちゃん Kame-chan) is Green's main and "starter" Pokémon. It has fairly strong battle skills and the ability to hover in the air by blasting water at the ground. She has also trained it so its bubbles have special qualities, allowing her to carry encapsulated sound to instruct her other Pokémon. It was stolen as a Squirtle post the events of Bulbasaur, Come Home!. It evolved into Wartortle prior to Wartortle Wars, and then into a Blastoise prior to Zap! Zap! Zapdos!.

Debut Wartortle Wars
Main article: Ditty

Ditty (Japanese: メタちゃん Meta-chan) is a Ditto Green uses. It's not that strong of a battler, but she uses it for disguising herself and for tricking people like Team Rocket.

Debut Tauros the Tyrant
Green uses Clefy (ピッくん Pikkun) when she wants to use Metronome to perform unpredictable attacks. As a Clefairy, it evolved with Red's Moon Stone. Once it evolved, it was able to hold off the legendary bird hybrid for some time. In addition to Metronome, Clefy can use Growl and Minimize. It has a Naughty nature.
Debut A Little Kadabra'll Do It
Nidory (ニドちゃん Nido-chan) is a powerful Pokémon Green evolved in the Sevii Islands. It was first seen in the Indigo Plateau during the Pokémon League, when she used it to convince a Fisherman to trade her Weedle for his Nidoran ♂, saying that the latter has fallen in love with her, as a Nidoran ♀. It later appeared in Cerise Island, as a Nidorina. It has a Quiet nature.

Nidory's only known move is Double Kick.

Debut Just a Spearow Carrier
As a Snubbull, it was left in Silver's care in exchange for Silver's Horsea. Sometime during the Yellow Saga, he returned it and has since evolved into Granbull. It has a Timid nature.

Bull's known moves Bite, Scary Face, Take Down and Charm.

Debut The Might of Metapod

In box

Green's Abra
Green sometimes uses Abra to Teleport around. It has a Quirky nature.
Debut VS. Hitmontop

Status unknown

Green's Weedle
Green used Weedle to try and trade with an unsuspecting Trainer until Red stopped her. It has not been seen since.
Debut Just a Spearow Carrier
Green's Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres
Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres
Green caught these three Pokémon to overcome her fear of birds. She then loaned Zapdos to Blue, Articuno to Red, and used Moltres herself in order to fight Lugia and Ho-Oh. They have not been seen since.
Debut The Last Battle VIII

Formerly owned

Green's Horsea
This Horsea was initially Silver's but, after the two of them escaped the Masked Man, he gave her Horsea and she gave him Snubbull. Sometime after the Yellow saga she gave it back. It has since evolved into a Kingdra.
Debut Cloystered


  • Green's Pokémon were unnamed in Viz's American translations of Pokémon Adventures. Their English nicknames were first used in Chuang Yi's translations of Sevii Island Arc. Surprisingly, her Jigglypuff didn't get an English nickname. This was later attributed to a memory of the Masked Man telling her not to nickname it when she was very young.
  • Before official nicknames of Green's Pokémon were released, Coronis coined his own, which were often seen used by fandom. Coincidentally, Chuang Yi's nicknames were almost the same as Coronis's ones (except Blastoise and Jigglypuff).
  • Her Snubbull (now a Granbull) got a gender change. In Volume 15 he's listed as male, while in Volume 24 she's listed as female.
  • Green and Blue are the only main Pokémon Adventures characters whose names were changed for the English translation. This is due to the complexity of Generation I's game releases, where in Japan, Red Version was paired with Green Version (leaving Blue as the third), and in the rest of the world Red was paired with Blue (while there was no Green). Since she was not Red's rival, the translators did not see it fitting that she have her name be that of Red's "rival version". This name change is present in both the VIZ Media and Chuang Yi translations.
    • A panel in the original VIZ printing of volume 3 forgets to make this change, however. When the Pokémon League scoreboard is shown, Red's rival is identified as "GREEN" and Green is identified as "BLUE". This error was still present in the "Best of Pokémon Adventures" compilation volume, but was corrected for the 2009 second edition.
  • Green is the only one of the original seven Pokédex holders that doesn't have any unevolved Pokémon on hand.
  • Green is the oldest main character in Pokémon Adventures, having her birthday June 1st while Red and Blue's birthdays come August 8th and November 22nd.
  • Green and Emerald are two of four Pokédex holders that share the same astrological sign, they are both Gemini. The only other two are Gold and Ruby who are both Cancers.

In other languages

Language Name Reference to
Japanese ブルー Blue From Pokémon Blue game.
English Green From Pokémon Green game.
French Olga
German Green From Pokémon Green game.
Korean 블루 Blue From Pokémon Blue game.
Chinese 小藍 Xiǎo Lán 藍 means blue.

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