Green's Charizard

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If you were looking for the Charizard used by the male character in Pokémon Adventures, see Blue's Charizard.
Green's Charizard
グリーンのリザードン Green's Lizardon
Poké Ball
Green Charizard PM.png
Green's Charizard
Debuts in Introducing the Pokémon Clefairy!!
Caught at Pallet Town
Evolves in Search For The Mirage Pokémon Mew!!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Green
Charmander Charizard
This Pokémon spent more than 4 chapters as Charmander.

Green's Charizard (Japanese: グリーンのリザードン Green's Lizardon) is the Starter Pokémon of Green in the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga.


As a Charmander

Green obtained Charizard when it was a Charmander in Professor Oak's laboratory. He chose Charmander to make Red's life easier as Red had trouble deciding which one of the three he wanted. Green tests Charmander's strength over a Clefairy that barged in the professor's lab. Charmander does so by burning Clefairy's tail, which makes the Normal-type run in panic, setting the lab ablaze. Around that time, Green and Charmander already left. Later in Big Battle in the Viridian Forest!!, Charmander carries a bag of Poké Balls during Green's visit with Red to show him the amount of Pokémon caught. During Clefairy's treatment at the Pokémon Center, Green has Charmander throw a fly in the window to sabotage the process.

Charmander challenges its first Gym battle in Bring Down the Powerful Opponent Onix!! against Brock's Onix where it was easily taken out by the rock snake. During the search for a Mew that took the Moon Stone Red wanted which took place in Search For The Mirage Pokémon Mew!!, Charmander leads Red and the others to an abandoned water mill. Charmander battles Clefairy after Green tries to capture the Mew that Bill's wife transformed into. Clefairy changes into a firefighter which made Charmander laugh. Charmander then evolves directly into Charizard, skipping the Charmeleon stage. Charizard was getting difficult for Clefairy to beat. However, Bill uses one of his machines to shrink Charizard only for Clefairy to get in the shrinking process too. Charizard later devolved to its basic stage way after it along with Green ran away from Bill's house after seeing his hideous appearance.

Green and his Charizard

In Pikachu Was Kidnapped!!, Charmander was seen along with Green in the Game Corner playing the slots, rivaling Red and his two pals. In Big Struggle with the Powerful Opponent Venusaur!!, Charmander destroyed Red's boat by using Flamethrower on it so that Green would be way ahead of Red.

Charmander evolved into Charizard again in The Legendary Pokémon Appears!! during the search for Articuno in the Seafoam Islands cave. After getting into the end of the cave, it devolved back into Charmander. They managed to find Articuno only for both Charmander and Green to get frozen by the Legendary Bird's Blizzard despite Charmander having the type advantage.

Charmander had already evolved in Get the Flying Machine!! where it was seen carrying Green on its back. Next to them was Blue, Doduo and his Blastoise after they beated Red in getting the flying machine. It returned to its base form in Aim to be the No. 1 Pokémon!, only for it to do the process again in the next chapter to pull a heavy Snorlax. Charmander evolved into Charizard before The Final Battle!!. It is unknown if it stayed as a Charizard permanently or reverted back to Charmander since then.

Personality and characteristics

Charizard, also as a Charmander, was shown to be fierce and devious towards Clefairy (as it sees itself as Clefairy's rival) and happily obeys Green's every order.

Moves used

Green Charizard Scratch PM.png
Using Scratch
Move First Used In
Flamethrower Search For The Mirage Pokémon Mew!!
Scratch The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Charizard is the first Pokémon to go through devolution in this manga.
    • It has also gone through devolution the most amount of times out of any Pokémon.
  • All of Charmander's evolutions that happened offscreen, it is unknown whether they went straight to Charizard, or if Charizard had to be a Charmeleon before finally evolving to Charizard. The rules of evolution were never explained in this series.

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