Grass Tournament

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The Grass Tournament is an annual Pokémon Battle competition held in Johto. Only Template:Type2 Pokémon are permitted to enter. Each Pokémon trainer enters one Pokémon and fights for the prize, a trophy and a set of Leaf Stones.

In the anime

The 45th annual Grass Tournament was featured in The Grass Route. Ash Ketchum entered the tournament with his Bulbasaur, and Ephraim entered with his Skiploom. Team Rocket also entered; James used his Victreebel, and Jessie, owning no Template:Type2 Pokémon, entered Meowth, disguised as a Sunflora. Ephraim's Skiploom defeated James's Victreebel rather quickly. Ash's Bulbasaur was faring poorly against Meowth, who was doing surprisingly well, subduing Bulbasaur with its Scratch and Fury Swipes moves, until Bulbasaur's Razor Leaf shredded Meowth's costume. Meowth and Jessie were disqualified as Meowth is a Template:Type2. Ash and Ephraim faced each other in the finals. Ash almost won the tournament, but Skiploom learned SolarBeam at the last moment and defeated Bulbasaur for the win.


Trainer Pokémon Place
Ephraim 188 "Skippy" Winner
Ash 001 Bulbasaur Runner-up
"Eissej" 192 "Sunflora" N/A
"Semaj" 071 Victreebel N/A

Other competitors

Grass Tournament Gloom.png
Grass Tournament Weepinbell.png
Grass Tournament Vileplume Paras.png
Bellsprout (×2)
Grass Tournament Vileplume Paras.png
Grass Tournament Vileplume Paras.png
Grass Tournament Vileplume Paras.png
Grass Tournament Vileplume Paras.png
Grass Tournament Tangela.png
Grass Tournament Exeggutor.png