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じーちゃん Grandpa
Gender Male
Hometown Unnamed
Region Kanto
Relatives Coconut (granddaughter), Ginger (wife)

Grandpa (Japanese: じーちゃん Grandpa) is a creepy mad scientist in the romantic manga series Magical Pokémon Journey. He is a genius at making all sorts of things, such as love potions, magic mirrors, and a magical suit that will protect its wearer from harm. He sent Hazel out to catch Pokémon for him so that he could impress girls, but she has not yet caught any.

Grandpa is married to Ginger and is the grandfather of Coconut. He is apparently the president of Pog, Inc, but does not want to return because running the company isn't fun.

Most of his inventions don't work.

In other languages

Language Name Reference to
Japanese じーちゃん Grandpa Refers to the fact that he wishes to be seen as an older, mentorly figure. Also relates to the fact that he is Coconut's grandfather.
English Grandpa Same as the Japanese name.
French Grand-Père Means "grandfather".

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