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ゴリガン Gorigan
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Trainer class Cipher Admin
Generation III
Games Pokémon XD
Member of Cipher
Rank Admin

Gorigan (Japanese: ゴリガン Gorigan) is a character who appears in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

Gorigan's role in Cipher is to run the Cipher Key Lair, which is Cipher's chief Shadow Pokémon manufacturing facility. Though his strange, ape-like appearance and mannerisms make him seem dull, he is actually quite smart (at least smart enough to run the Key Lair effectively) and commands a lot of respect and fear among the Cipher Peons. However, he also has a very short temper.

He first meets Michael outside the wreck of the S.S. Libra, but leaves Cipher Peons to fight in his stead. Gorigan later meets Michael on the top floor of the Key Lair and attacks him for shutting down the facility, but Michael defeats him. He is later fought on Citadark Island and is the final opponent of Orre Colosseum's third round.

Gorigan's movement is based on apes: he often appears to be dragging his arms around and leaps around in a bizarre manner, even going so far as banging his chest with his fists in a gorilla-type fashion. To reflect this, Gorigan's Psychic-type Shadow Pokémon are both in the Human-Like Egg Group. He also uses Pokémon with the Intimidate ability to weaken his opponent's attacks.


Cipher Key Lair

Citadark Isle

Orre Colosseum Round 3

Possible Pokémon:

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