Goodnight, My Pikachu

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Goodnight, my Pikachu (Oyasumi, Boku no Pikachu) is a song sung by Rica Matsumoto. It was in the Mezase Pokémon Master single.

Japanese Lyrcis

Monster Ball ga kimi no bed sa
Maruku natte me wo tojite
Asa ni nareba kizu mo ieru yo
Moshimo moshimo kimi ga boku no yume no naka ni

Asobi ni kite kureta nara...
Nante chotto omotta dake
Oyasumi oyasumi oyasumi
Kirari hoshi ga hikaru yo

Nemurenai yoru mo aru yo ne
Oide boku no ude no naka ni
Futari dake no hanashi wo shiyou
Moshimo moshimo boku-ra no deai ga nakatta nara

Kimi ni kiite mitai kedo...
Pikachuu? Mou nemutta no kai?
Oyasumi oyasumi oyasumi
Ima hoshi ga nagareta yo

Oyasumi oyasumi oyasumi
Sorosoro boku mo nemuru yo

English Lyrics

The Poké Ball is your bed
Curl up and close your eyes
In the morning your wounds will heal
If, if you come into my dreams

To play with me...
It's just something I thought about
Good night, good night, good night
A bright star is shining

I have sleepless nights too
Come here into my arms
We'll talk, just the two of us
If, if we don't have a meeting

I want to listen to you, but...
Pikachu? Asleep already?
Good night, good night, good night
The star has drifted away now

Good night, good night, good night
Soon, I'll sleep too

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