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Gonzap (Japanese: ヘルゴンザ Helgonza) is the leader of Team Snagem, a criminal organization operating in Orre for some time. We know this because his wanted poster is quite prominently featured in ChiefSherles' office.

Gonzap is a large, mustached man who resembles a turn of the century strongman. He erupts into rage after Wes betrays Team Snagem, blows up the gang's headquarters, and steals the Snag Machine.

Gonzap seems to have once had some sort of psuedo father/son relationship with Wes. The gang leader agreed to help Cipher carry out their plans so that Team Snagem would be provided with powerful technology and Shadow Pokémon, although it seems only three were allocated to them. In return, Team Snagem was to snag the Pokémon of innocent trainers so that they could be turned into Shadow Pokémon.

Gonzap confronted Wes and Rui in one of the top floors of Realgam Tower, but was defeated and his Skarmory snagged.

After Evice was defeated, he attacked Wes again at the Team Snagem Hideout. After Gonzap's second loss to Wes, he vanished - never to be seen again. At least not in Pokémon Colosseum.

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, he learns of Michael's Snag Machine, and has it stolen from him by Wakin, Agrev and Biden. After Michael confronts Gonzap in the Snagem Hideout, Gonzap returns the Snag Machine. He admits that he doesn't want a Snag Machine that won't fit on his massive biceps. He later assists Michael at Cipher Key Lair by having Wakin knock out a pair of guards blocking the way.

During the ending of the game, Gonzap is seen along side the other 'good' characters, such as Eagun and Professor Krane.

In battle, Gonzap tends to favor using Hyper Beam and moves like it repeatedly.

Pokémon in Colosseum

At Realgam Tower

Crawdaunt - lv. 52
Shiftry - lv. 53
Pinsir - lv. 52
Hariyama - lv. 53
Shadow Skarmory - lv. 47

At Snagem Hideout


Pokémon in XD

At Snagem Hideout

Electrode - lv. 30
Nuzleaf - lv. 32
Vileplume - lv. 30
Whiscash - lv. 31
Skarmory - lv. 32

At Orre Colosseum


Members of Team Snagem