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ヘルゴンザ Helgonza
Gonzap, from Pokémon Colosseum
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Trainer class Snagem Head
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness
Member of Team Snagem
Rank Head
Snagem Head Gonzap in the beginning cutscene of Pokémon Colosseum

Gonzap (Japanese: ヘルゴンザ Helgonza) is the leader of Team Snagem, a band of criminals operating in Orre for some time. His wanted poster is quite prominently featured in Chief Sherles' office. He is the only character in the games to be known as a Snagem Head (Japanese: スナッチ団ボス Team Snatch Boss).

Gonzap is a powerful man with large, prominent muscles, a distinctively-twisted mustache and various scars on his chest. Prior to the events of Pokémon Colosseum, the gang leader agreed to help Cipher carry out their plans. Team Snagem was provided with powerful technology called Snag Machines, allowing them to snag the Pokémon of innocent Trainers so that Cipher could turn them into Shadow Pokémon.

In the beginning of Colosseum, one of Gonzap's men, Wes, steals an arm-mounted Snag Machine, destroys a large-scale model, and destroys the gang's headquarters before leaving, enraging Gonzap. Gonzap later confronted Wes and Rui in one of the top floors of Realgam Tower, but was defeated.

With the defeat of Evice, Gonzap returned to the Snagem Hideout, where he eventually fought Wes again. After Gonzap's second loss to Wes, he vanished - never to be seen again...

In Pokémon XD, Gonzap reappears as the Snagem Head, though his character model is larger and more exaggerated than it was in Colosseum. He is found in the Snagem Hideout once more, where Wakin, Agrev, and Biden bring him the Snag Machine they had stolen from Michael outside the S.S. Libra wreck. After Michael confronts and defeats Gonzap, he returns the Snag Machine and admits that it wouldn't have fit on his massive biceps anyway. He and his Team Snagem members later assists Michael at Cipher Key Lair by having Wakin's Gloom use Sleep Powder to knock out a pair of guards blocking the way.

After the defeat of Greevil, Gonzap is mentioned to be at the Orre Colosseum, where he indeed appears as the final opponent of the fifth round.

In battle, Gonzap tends to favor using Hyper Beam and moves like it repeatedly.


In Colosseum

Realgam Tower

Snagem Hideout

If Shadow Skarmory was not snagged at Realgam Tower, it will replace Gonzap's Gyarados.


Snagem Hideout

Orre Colosseum


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When first encountered in Realgam Tower

"Gwaahahah! Long time no see, eh, <player>? You're not gonna break my heart and tell me you've forgotten my face, are you now?"
"Even if you don't want to believe it, you're absolutely right, little lady! I'm Gonzap, the boss of team Snagem. And don't you forget it! Did you ask what I'm doing here?"
"Uhehe. Well, surprise, surprise. We do have a lot to do with this, missy. We were just thieves before we got hold of the Snap Machines. And were did we get them? From Cipher. What they wanted was this: Go Snag superior-grade Pokémon from trainers everywhere!"
"That's what I'm saying. Aren't you the brainy one, missy. Master Nascour's waiting for you upstairs, but you've got me to deal with first. We've got a little score to settle here. It's time you paid up for wrecking our Hideout and wiping out Team Snagem! Don't get any ideas about beating me! Gwaahahah!"

When defeated at Realgam Tower

"You've grown a lot better, <player>."
"What do you say, <player>? Why don't you and me team up again? Just like old times. You, me and the Snag Machine...We can do whatever we please. The will be ours, hey?"

If yes is selected:

"Humph. I can tell when you're just joshing me. But that doesn't matter anymore. There's no going back for you now. Get going."

If no is selected:

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Helgonza
Germany Flag.png German Drakrall
Italy Flag.png Italian Helgonza
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Golka

Members of Team Snagem


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