Goldenrod Department Store

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The Goldenrod City Dept. Store or Goldenrod City Department Store, is the largest shop in Johto, far large than the average Poké Mart. Their slogan is "Full Selection of Pokémon goods!" The store is eight stories tall, including the roof and basement. It takes up quite a bit of space in Goldenrod City and is easy to find.

First Floor: Service Counter

Here, a receptionist welcomes customers.

Second Floor: Trainer's Market

This floor's slogan is "Your Travel Companion". It sells basic equipment and items Pokémon trainers might need in their journeys.

  • Poké Ball 200
  • Great Ball 600
  • Escape Rope 550
  • Repel 350
  • Revive 1500
  • Full Heal 600
  • Poké Doll 1000
  • Flower Mail 50
  • Potion 300
  • Super Potion 700
  • Antidote 100
  • Paralyz Heal 200
  • Awakening 250
  • Burn Heal 250
  • Ice Heal 250

Third Floor: Battle Connection

"For Victory Seekers" is the slogan of this floor. It sells temporary stat-enhancing items.

  • X Attack 500
  • X Defend 550
  • X Speed 350
  • X Special 350
  • X Accuracy 950
  • Guard Spec. 700
  • Dire Hit 650

Fourth Floor: Medicine Box

A pharmacy selling permanent stat-enhancing items on this floor. It's slogan is "Let us pump up your Pokémon!"

  • HP Up 9800
  • Protein 9800
  • Iron 9800
  • Calcium 9800
  • Carbos 9800

Fifth Floor: TM Corner

This floor is devoted to the sale of Technical Machines. The poster on the wall declares "Customize Your Pokémon!" Talking to the little girl on this floor unlocks the Mystery Gift option. There's also a man there who wants to trade an Abra for a Machop.

On Sundays, another shopkeep comes and expands the stock of available TMs. She'll give out TM 21 Return if your Pokémon's Happiness is high, TM 27 Frustration if it's low.

Sixth Floor: Tranquil Square

A picnic table and some vending machines are located on this floor. A sign emplores customers to "Take a Break from Shopping".

  • Fresh Water 200
  • Soda Pop 300
  • Lemonade 350


Some binoculars let spectators see things far away. There are also some vending machines selling tiny Pokémon dolls. Note on pokémon crystal, you can't buy anything from the doll vending machines.


A team of workers and a Machoke are moving boxes around. Over the course of several days, the boxes will be moved in various places, allowing access to items that are on the ground in blocked rooms.