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|epname=Gold and Black VS Team Rocket
|epname=Gold and Black VS Team Rocket
|desc=Gold borrowed an {{p|Espeon}} from [[Bill]] to fight against [[Team Rocket]] in ''[[GB11|Gold and Black VS Team Rocket]]''.}}
|desc=Gold borrowed an {{p|Espeon}} from [[Bill]] to fight against [[Team Rocket]] in ''[[GB11|Gold and Black VS Team Rocket]]''.
Espeon's only known move is {{m|Quick Attack}}.}}

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ゴールド Gold
Gold Golden Boys.png
Gender Male
Hometown New Bark Town
Region Johto

Gold (Japanese: ゴールド Gold) is a Pokémon Trainer from Johto and the main character of the Golden Boys manga. He is based on the male player character of Gold, Silver, and Crystal.


Gold first appears in Let's Go! The Journey Towards The Championship where he was starting out on his Pokémon journey. He was originally going to choose Cyndaquil but Totodile showed up and bit him on the arm for affection. Gold decided to choose Totodile instead. Afterwards, he has his first battle with a Trainer named Youngster Joey where he was able to defeat him with Totodile. After the battle, they register Pokégear numbers. Gold then notices a shadow lurking by and sees that it was a Trainer by the name of Black. He battles Black's Chikorita and it took his Totodile and Pidgey to defeat Chikorita as the former had the type-disadvantage.

Later, he challenges Falkner to earn his first Badge where he was able to defeat his Pidgeot and Articuno with some cunning skills. During that battle, he obtains a Pikachu coming from the future, which helped him in defeating Articuno. In Let's Aim For The Goal!, he and Bugsy participate in a basketball tournament as it celebrated the anniversary of the Ruins of Alph. They managed to get past most of the rounds but end up challenging Takeo in the final round. As Takeo's team was mostly Fire-type, Gold's side had the disadvantage since most of their Pokémon were no match for them. However, Gold managed to pull through by having his Totodile use Water Gun to stop Cyndaquil from making a goal and performed a goal with the help of his team, winning the match. Gold then received himself a rare Pokémon, Elekid. He goes with Bugsy after the tournament in the next chapter to Union Cave as they heard of a wild Pokémon in there. Gold meets up with Black and Black releases Bayleef since it failed to defeat Lapras. Gold takes in the Bayleef, making it the second Pokémon he caught that was formerly Black's. Afterwards, Gold challenges Bugsy for his second Badge with his Bayleef against Scyther. The battle became extremely difficult since Bayleef was released from its former Trainer and Scyther was Bug and Flying. However, Bayleef was able to take out Scyther, winning Gold the Badge.

Gold continues his travels and meets Whitney, the third Gym Leader, who has an interest in cute Pokémon. She battles Gold and wins, taking his Pikachu temporarily until he defeated her in a rematch. Whitney decides to travel with Gold for the time being. She takes Gold to Goldenrod City and introduces him to the Day-Care Couple. They tell him about a tournament hosted by the Day-Care Center. Gold participates in it and chooses Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Hitmontop as he also wanted to use them against Whitney for their rematch. He manages to go all the way to the finals and battles Black. Black defeats him but gets disqualified for using unfair tactics during the match. Since Gold was the true winner of the tournament, he receives a Tyrogue from them. Gold battles a giant tree in A Huge Mysterious Tree!! but the giant tree turns out to be a Sudowoodo. He has Totodile and Pidgey combine their attacks to return the Sudowoodo into normal size. Gold then catches the Sudowoodo, with Pidgey and Totodile evolving into a Pidgeotto and Croconaw respectively.

Gold deals with Team Rocket in Gold and Black VS Team Rocket with Bill's Espeon since his Pokémon would have been rendered useless. He battles Black after Team Rocket was defeated. Gold manages to defeat Black since his Pokémon were weakened from the hypnotic radio waves. Gold has a rematch with Whitney in A Promise Given to Miltank but her Miltank collapses, canceling it. He finds some berries to cure Miltank and Whitney ends up giving him the Plain Badge and his Pikachu back.

Morty tells Gold of a mini-tournament held in the MooMoo Farm. The tournament is hosted by Morty himself. Gold participates in the tournament with Elekid and wins. Morty gives Gold the Fog Badge even though they didn't battle yet as he wants Gold to keep it and they part ways. Gold meets Chris in a forest when she was battling a Dugtrio with her Cyndaquil. Together, they get out of the forest safely. Gold went to Olivine City to get his fifth Badge but could not battle the Gym Leader, Jasmine, as her Ampharos is sick. He has Black help him out by lending him his Gyarados. It doesn't work as Jasmine took over mid-battle and won, leaving Gyarados exhausted. Luckily for them, Chris caught six Magikarp and built a raft to get across. They arrived to Cianwood City and Gold meets Chuck. Gold trained under Chuck, and was temporarily the Gym Leader of the Cianwood Gym after Chuck was injured. In return for his help, Chuck gave Gold the Secret Medicine to heal Jasmine's Ampharos. While in Cianwood City, he meets Eusine and Eusine explains to him about Pikachu. Later, Gold takes on the Black Tyranitar to seal it away after Black released it from its slumber.

Personality and characteristics

Gold is an enthusiastic, talented Trainer. He is a very excitable boy and he cares very deeply for all Pokémon. He is especially interested in meeting legendary Pokémon.


This listing is of Gold's known Pokémon. Most of his team become his walking Pokémon:

On Hand

Gold's Totodile

Gold's Croconaw
Totodile → Croconaw
Gold received Croconaw as his starter Pokémon from Professor Elm when it was a Totodile. Afterwards, he used Totodile in his first battle with Youngster Joey where it was able to defeat Joey's Rattata with Bite. Later, Totodile went up against Black's Chikorita. Since Totodile had the type-disadvantage, Chikorita was proven to be a tough opponent for Totodile until it was switched in mid-way for Gold's Pidgey.

In Falkner The Bird Keeper's Challenge!!, Gold sends it out to take on Falkner's Pidgeot. As Pidgeot was super fast, Totodile's attacks barely made any contact. This was until Totodile made a huge hole in the ceiling causing it to move swiftly. As a result, Totodile's Water Gun definitely made contact with Pidgeot and took out Pidgeot with Bite. In the next chapter, it went up against Articuno and worked with Pikachu and Pidgey as they couldn't take on the legendary bird alone.

Totodile participated in the basketball tournament in Let's Aim For The Goal! and won against Takeo in the end. It had a rematch in Extreme Power!! The Friday Pokémon with Black's Chikorita but this time, as a Bayleef, where it was narrowly hit by Bayleef's attacks until the battle got interrupted by a Lapras.

In A Huge Mysterious Tree!!, Totodile evolved into a Croconaw after battling a Sudowoodo. During the next chapter, Croconaw reunites with Bugsy's Metapod who evolved into a Butterfree. In A Promise Given to Miltank, Croconaw battles Whitney's Miltank but gets cancelled when Miltank collapses. Later, it was one of the Pokémon that took on the Black Tyranitar.

Croconaw's known moves are Bite, Water Gun, Slash and Headbutt.

Debut Let's Go! The Journey Towards The Championship
Gold's Pidgey

Gold's Pidgeotto
Pidgey → Pidgeotto
Gold's first capture on his journey was a Pidgey. It was originally Black's Pokémon but he released it as he deemed it too weak. During the battle with Black's Chikorita, it steps in during the battle as Totodile as it couldn't defeat it.

In For Pikachu's Sake!! The Search For The Missing Farfetch'd, Pidgey has a battle with Whitney's Ditto where it ends up facing its replica. Pidgey ends up losing to it though.

It later evolved into a Pidgeotto in A Huge Mysterious Tree!! after battling a Sudowoodo. In Escape From The Mystery Forest!, Pidgeotto was sent out to clear away the mist that was blocking Gold's and Chris's trail, which revealed a cavern containing an Ursaring.

Pidgeotto's only known move is Gust.

Debut Let's Go! The Journey Towards The Championship
Gold's Pikachu
Pikachu first appeared from the future in The Legendary Pokémon Appears!. This Pikachu was actually a messenger sent from the future by Eusine and Bill. It is one of Gold's signature Pokémon.

After Pikachu arrived from the future, it battled with Falkner's Articuno. Since it just joined Gold's team, it was not ready to listen to the Trainer. Pikachu managed to defeat Articuno with the teamwork of Totodile and Pidgey. Pikachu participated in the basketball tournament in Let's Aim For The Goal!, where it won against Takeo in the end.

It was in Whitney's possession for a short time beginning in For Pikachu's Sake!! The Search For The Missing Farfetch'd as she took it after Gold lost to her in a Pokémon battle. Whitney has Pikachu headbutt the trees in A Promise Given to Miltank in order for berries to fall. However, Pineco fall out instead. Later in the chapter, she rewards Pikachu back to Gold along with the Plain Badge after he made her Miltank feel better.

In A Spectacular Battle To Save Ampharos!!, Pikachu battled with Black's Gyarados in order to determine whether or not the Gyarados should be given to Gold. However, Pikachu was stopped midway by Jasmine and had her Steelix take over. When Gold and the others were in Cianwood City, Pikachu reunited with Eusine.

Pikachu's known moves are Thunder, Headbutt, Quick Attack and Agility.

Debut The Legendary Pokémon Appears!
Gold's Elekid
Elekid was the prize to a Pokémon basketball tournament which Gold and Bugsy won. It took on a Lapras after Gold takes in Bayleef, when Black released it. In Let's Fight! The Mini Pokémon Tournament, Gold registers Elekid for a Pokémon tournament hosted by Morty since it fitted the category of a small, low-level Pokémon. In the tournament, it managed to defeat many opponents including Cooltrainer Akira.

Elekid's known moves include Leer, Quick Attack, ThunderPunch and Protect.

Debut Let's Aim for the Goal!
Gold's Bayleef
Bayleef was originally Black's Pokémon but after Black released it, Gold decided to train Bayleef instead. Bayleef had its first battle while under Gold's ownership with Bugsy's Scyther. Due to Bayleef having a type-disadvantage and not fully trusting Gold, it had trouble battling Scyther. However, Bayleef managed to defeat it in the end.

In A Huge Mysterious Tree!!, Gold sends it out to battle Sudowoodo when it was a giant Pokémon. Bayleef battles Black's Haunter in The Legendary Pokémon. As Haunter was weakened by the soundwaves coming from Team Rocket's machine, Bayleef managed to defeat it easily.

Bayleef's known moves are Tackle, Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Body Slam and Protect.

Debut Let's Go! The Journey Towards The Championship
Gold's Tyrogue
Gold receives Tyrogue as a prize in a Pokémon tournament in Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!!.

None of Tyrogue's moves are known.

Debut Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!!
Gold's Sudowoodo
Sudowoodo was blocking the path to Ecruteak City in A Huge Mysterious Tree!!. Gold defeated and captured it, opening the path to Ecruteak and adding a new Pokémon to his party. In A Promise Given to Miltank, he sends it out to distract the Heracross by disguising itself as a tree so the Heracross would go to Sudowoodo instead of the tree Gold wanted.

None of Sudowoodo's moves are known.

Debut A Huge Mysterious Tree!!
Gold's Pichu
Egg → Pichu
Pichu's Egg was given to Gold in A Huge Mysterious Tree!!. It hatched into Pichu in The New Pokémon Is Hatched!!.

Pichu's only known move is Charm.

Debut The New Pokémon Is Hatched!!


Gold's Hitmonlee
Gold borrowed a Hitmonlee to use in a Pokémon tournament in Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!!.

Hitmonlee's only known move is Hi Jump Kick.

Debut Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!!
Gold's Hitmonchan
Gold borrowed a Hitmonchan to use in a Pokémon tournament in Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!!.
Debut Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!!
Gold's Hitmontop
Gold borrowed a Hitmontop to use in a Pokémon tournament in Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!!.

Hitmontop's only known move is Triple Kick.

Debut Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!!
Gold's Espeon
Gold borrowed an Espeon from Bill to fight against Team Rocket in Gold and Black VS Team Rocket.

Espeon's only known move is Quick Attack.

Debut Gold and Black VS Team Rocket


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