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The Global Terminal at night

The Global Terminal, located in Jubilife City, is the worldwide network over which players of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum can interact in different ways via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It replaced the Global Trade Station in Platinum. In order to access the terminal, players must have the Coal Badge.

First floor

The first floor is the room seen when entering the Global Terminal. It can be reached when in the other floors by using the blue portals.

Global Trade Station

The GTS logo

The Global Trade Station, GTS for short, is the worldwide network over which players of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum can trade Pokémon via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

The GTS can be found on the upper left corner of the first floor.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

The GTS's website's globe

The Global Trade Station lets a player send and receive Pokémon on the worldwide network. In order to access the GTS in Diamond and Pearl, the player must have the Coal Badge as well.

Inside, there is a large globe, called Geonet, on which players can indicate their location, and on which small dots representing players they have traded with will appear.

If the player talks with the woman at the counter, she will direct him or her into a room in which they can either put up a Pokémon to be traded or trade a Pokémon they own for one that has been put up for trade.

Pokémon searches, after being confined to one species that has been seen by the player, can be further narrowed down to level and gender of the Pokémon available. By level, players can search for and request Pokémon level 9 and under, level 10 and up, level 20 and up, and so on to level 100, or they can search for Pokémon of any level. Gender is similar, with the player being able to search for male, female, or either gender of the selected Pokémon.

Inside the GTS

Pokémon offerings are similarly governed, as the requested Pokémon in return cannot be any Pokémon that the player has not seen. Unfortunately, Pokémon that are offered cannot be bargained, as the player has to choose one Pokémon he or she wants for it, instead of having a more flexible list.

Like normal trades, a Pokémon can also hold an item when being offered or traded. This may add incentive for a player to trade his or her Pokémon for a Pokémon that they already own, instead of just trading to complete the Pokédex, in order to get the item attached. Pokémon that evolve after a trade, with or without items, will do so.

The GTS also allows individuals to trade between two different games without having two Nintendo DS systems, though the Pokémon may accidentally be traded to someone else rather than the original trader.

In Pokémon Platinum

In Pokémon Platinum, the GTS building has been replaced by the Global Terminal, which was redesigned to be larger to contain more features. It is located in the same place as the older GTS. The Vs. Recorder is widely used here.

The features of the GTS here are similar to the ones in Diamond and Pearl.


Cloning glitch
Main article: Pokémon cloning

There is a glitch on the GTS that allows the player to clone any Pokémon that doesn't have a Classic Ribbon. It involves turning the game off at pricesely the right moment before the Pokémon is deposited. If done correctly, when the game is turned back on, the player will have the cloned Pokémon in both their party/PC box and on the GTS.

Trade evolution glitch

There is a glitch with the GTS that allows Pokémon to evolve by being traded, but without actually trading them. Players must first place a Pokémon that evolves by trading it (with the correct held item, like Metal Coat for Scyther or Electirizer for Electabuzz) onto the GTS. To prevent the deposited Pokémon from being traded away, players request an impossible trade, such as a Level 9 and under Mew.

The player must then search for a Pokémon on the GTS and trade for it. After this has been done, returning to the Pokémon that was placed on the GTS by the player and taking it back will cause it to evolve. Players, of course, must be careful with this, as the Pokémon can, in fact, be traded if the trade is not unreasonable enough.

GTS morphing glitch
An example of the morphing glitch. This is not a Torterra, but a Mew morphed into one and nicknamed "TORTERRA"

There have been somewhat numerous reports of a glitch happening in the GTS that causes a player's offered Pokémon to become glitchy. The Pokémon's sprite will morph into a different Pokémon, and the gender might be swapped as well. It will also say it is the same species it used to be (example: A morphed Heatran would still be Heatran/Heatran) and will be holding a Seal Bag (beta item). There is no confirmed way to deliberately access this glitch; however in many of the reports, people have reported that the glitch happened right after the GTS came up with no searches for any of the Pokémon, but did not send out a Communication Error. After it stops blocking all access to other Pokémon, it is believed that is when the glitch is most likely to happen. Trying to withdraw the glitch Pokémon will result in a Communication Error but when the game lets a player withdraw the glitch, the Pokémon returns to normal.

Another glitch similar to the morphing glitch has been happening where the Pokémon in the GTS is morphed into the wanted Pokémon (as shown in the picture to the right). Instead of its name being the same as before, its name is now that of the wanted Pokémon, but still the same species as the Pokémon originally offered. There's also the possibility of the morphed Pokémon holding a Seal Bag. Most of the time, trying to trade for it will either cause a communication error or say that the Pokémon has been traded. In addition to this glitch, sometimes these glitched Pokémon will be the only that appear when searching for Pokémon of a certain level.

Vanishing glitch

There have also been instances of a "vanishing" glitch on the GTS. After uploading a Pokémon to the server and checking its summary without changing the Pokémon, the "summary" button is sometimes replaced with "deposit," suggesting that the Pokémon has been traded. Selecting "Deposit" will cause a communication error, and the player will return to the front desk. Logging on to the server again will cause the Pokémon to reappear, with no noticeable changes.

Controversy and criticism

Impossible trades

Although being a well-meaning trade function, the GTS has come under much criticism from many players. Many traders ask for a version-exclusive legendary in exchange for a ridiculous offer, and many Pokémon asked for are at levels that are impossible for that Pokémon to be at, such as a level 9 and under Mew. Other trades are dominated by demands of Pokémon currently being featured in Pokémon marketing, such as Munchlax or Lucario. Finally, the inability to ask for a Pokémon the player has not seen makes it impossible to trade for event Pokémon such as Manaphy and Pokémon that can only be found in Generation III games over the GTS without having seen the Pokémon through a cheating device. Nintendo has not commented on these pitfalls.

There is also a risk of getting hacked Pokémon when trading for legendary Pokémon and rare Pokémon since the GTS does not include the OT or the ID No. when seeking Pokémon.

A third issue is that a Pokémon with a Classic Ribbon cannot be traded, further making event Pokémon difficult to obtain.

Another issue is the possibility that an unrevealed Pokémon will be wanted. This is due to cheating devices.

Temporary Legendary Pokémon ban

On July 3, 2007, legendary Pokémon became banned from being traded on the GTS. A similar incident occurred in Pokémon Battle Revolution on the same date.

The banning received a large amount of controversy. Nintendo stated that it was a "technical difficulty"; legendary Pokémon were later allowed again to be traded over the GTS and battled in Battle Revolution.

Mail System

The GTS in Platinum has incorporated an e-mail system that allows players to be notified of completed trades; the player no longer has to periodically manually check if a trade is complete. The Japanese version sends notification messages to the player's e-mail address, so the messages can be viewed either on a PC, mobile phone or a Wii console. The North American version's Mail System was downgraded to just using Wii messaging.


The Geonet, like before, is the globe found on the first floor and it serves the same features. Unlike before, it affects what other players see in the Visitor Profiles in the new Wi-Fi Plaza.

Trainer Rankings

The blue machine found on top shows shows the top trainers. It is divided into teams and it is sorted by different categories.

Battle Video Rankings

The blue machine found below shows the most viewed uploaded Battle Videos.

Second floor

Players can go to the second floor by using the green portals.

Box Data

Players can take a picture of one of their boxes and upload them here to be seen by others all over the world.

Dress Up Data

Pictures taken at the second floor of Jubilife TV can be uploaded and viewed here.

Third floor

Players can go here by using the pink portals.

Battle Videos

Players may upload their battle videos here. They may also view and download the videos of others.

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Global Terminal

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