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If you were looking for the character from Pokkén Tournament, see Glenn (game).

Glenn (Japanese: グレン Glenn) is a character of the day who appeared in Battling the Bully!. He is a friend of both Mick and Sean. Glenn loves to have Pokémon battles despite not owning any Pokémon of his own and having little knowledge about them. He could be described as both bossy and intimidating. When Sean brought over his father's Pokémon to show off to his friends, Glenn immediately would snatch them from him. He believed that the most important thing about battling was winning and sometimes forced Sean to purposely lose battles with him.

Once Mick had shown Glenn the Pikachu he claimed he got from his father, he wanted to have a battle with it and told Sean to get stronger Pokémon from his father, while he searched for Mick and Pikachu, who had run off. Once he found them, he brought them back to the yard, where Sean gave him his father's Scolipede and Seismitoad. He planned on using both of them against Pikachu, but Sean stated that it would not be fair and told Mick to use two as well.

A Krokorok wearing sunglasses volunteered to be Pikachu's partner, and the battle commenced. During the entire battle, Sean would try to give Glenn advice, which he did not follow out of annoyance. Because of that, he lost the battle to Mick. Angered by this, he accused Mick of intentionally trying to humiliate him and nearly punched him when Ash intervened. Sean then declared that he did not want to be Glenn's friend anymore, which helped him realize that his behavior was less than favorable.

Feeling bad that Scolipede and Seismitoad got hurt, Glenn fed them some of Cilan's special food to help them heal. He later apologized to Mick and Sean and realized that having a fun battle was more important than winning.



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Glenn's Patrat
Glenn borrowed Patrat from Sean's father and used it in a battle against Sean. Though it had won the battle, according to Glenn, it was still too tired to move.

Patrat's only known move is Tackle.

Debut Battling the Bully!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
Glenn's Scolipede
Glenn borrowed Scolipede from Sean's father and used it in a Double Battle against Ash's Pikachu and Krokorok who were being used by Mick. Glenn insisted on using it against Pikachu even though Seismitoad could deflect his electric attacks. It was defeated when Pikachu used Electro Ball to send its Sludge Bomb right back at it. It later ate some of Cilan's special food in order to heal.

Scolipede's known moves are Poison Tail, Protect, and Sludge Bomb.

Debut Battling the Bully!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Marc Thompson
Glenn's Seismitoad
Glenn borrowed Seismitoad from Sean's father and used it in a Double Battle against Ash's Pikachu and Krokorok who were being used by Mick. Sean recommended that it be used against Pikachu because it was part Ground-type but Glenn ignored him and used it against Krokorok instead. Though it had an impressive Drain Punch, it was no match for Krokorok's Crunch and was easily defeated. It later ate some of Cilan's special food in order to heal.

Seismitoad's only known move is Drain Punch.

Debut Battling the Bully!
Voice actors
Japanese Kensuke Satō
English Carter Cathcart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 奈良徹 Toru Nara
English Gary Mack
Polish Paweł Ciołkosz
Brazilian Portuguese Thiago Keplmair
Russian Александр Гаврилин Alexander Gavrilin
Spanish Latin America Isabel Martiñón
Spain Blanca Rada

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