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|쟈로 ''Giaro''
|쟈로 ''Jya'ro''
|Same as Japanese name.
|Transliteration of Japanese name.
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<!--|Chinese ({{tt|Mandarin|Taiwan and mainland China}})
<!--|Chinese ({{tt|Mandarin|Taiwan and mainland China}})

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ジャロ Giallo
Giallo Adventures.png
Giallo in Pokémon Adventures
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Generation V
Games Black and White
Member of Team Plasma
Rank Sage

Giallo (Japanese: ジャロ Giallo) is one of the Seven Sages of Team Plasma.

In the games

In Pokémon Black and White, Giallo is first met in Dragonspiral Tower. He later appears with all the other Sages (except Ghetsis) at N's Castle, blocking the player's way to N. However, the Unova Gym Leaders appear and clear the way to N. After Ghetsis has been defeated, Giallo can be found on Route 14, where he gives the player TM08 (Bulk Up) and is arrested by Looker.

Giallo does not appear in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.


Pokémon Black and White

Dragonspiral Tower

"It's finally time. Our lord N will become the hero! What?! Someone made it clear up here?! Now! Stop that Trainer! For our lord N! Everyone who isn't Team Plasma is an enemy! Use all your powers to take them out!"
"The hero will open up the way to a new world! Which means you Trainers can all prepare to lose your Pokémon!"

N's Castle

"Those in accord with Fate are preserved, and those who rebel against Fate perish."
"Well... If anything should happen to our king, it would be disastrous. It would ruin Ghetsis's perfect plan! Our lord N will be disappointed, but the six of us shall defeat you here!"
"You... You're Driftveil's...?!"
"Ghetsis called us the chosen ones. He chose us and gathered us here so we can change the world! For us, defeat is impossible!"

Route 14

"Greetings to you, strong Pokémon Trainer who came to Dragonspiral Tower."
"Are you and ReshiramB/ZekromW building a mutual understanding?" *
"Are you not making friends with ReshiramB/ZekromW?" *
"There is a saying... If somewhere in this world there is someone who understands you, it feels like that person is right beside you, even if you're as far apart as the end of the land and the top of the sky. As my lord N and his Pokémon understand one another, so, too, do you and your Pokémon understand one another. Which is my reason for giving you this..."
"The legend of Unova is about Pokémon and people working together to build a new world! The message is that simple and that strong. If changing the world makes you a hero, anyone can become a hero. As each of us changes what is in our power to change, so the world itself changes."
"Indeed, I shall. Team Plasma changed me, but it could not change the world. I'm looking forward to seeing how you lot will do."


Overworld sprite from
Generation V

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Giallo appeared after a fight broke out between Tornadus and Thundurus that was quelled by Landorus. After Landorus took away the other two Pokémon and fled into the sky, Giallo caught them in Poké Balls.


Giallo's Tornadus
Tornadus first appeared battling with Thundurus near the Battle Subway train. After he was taken away Landorus, he was captured by Giallo. Later, Tornadus was used to battle the Gym Leaders at Nacrene City.

None of Tornadus's moves are known.

Debut Battle on a Roller Coaster
Giallo's Thundurus
Thundurus first appeared causing havoc in Nimbasa City. Later, he appeared battling with Tornadus near the Battle Subway train. After he was taken away Landorus, he was captured by Giallo. Later, Thundurus was used to battle the Gym Leaders at Nacrene City.

None of Thundurus's moves are known.

Debut Battle on a Roller Coaster
Giallo's Landorus
Landorus first appeared quelling the fight between Tornadus and Thundurus near the Battle Subway train. After taking them away, he was captured by Giallo. Later, Landorus was used to battle the Gym Leaders at Nacrene City.

None of Landorus's moves are known.

Debut Black & White chapter


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジャロ Giallo Italian for "yellow".
English Giallo Italian for "yellow".
French Auric From aurum. Latin for "gold". Also an oxidation state of gold (Au3+).
German Flavus Latin for "yellow".
Italian Giano Similar to giallo.
Spanish Giallo Italian for "yellow".
Korean 쟈로 Jya'ro Transliteration of Japanese name.


  • In Black and White, Giallo quotes a line from Mencius at N's Castle.

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