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ピーニャ Piña
Scarlet Violet Giacomo.png
Artwork from Violet
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Paldea
Trainer class Team Star
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Member of Team Star
Rank Boss
Boss of Segin Squad's Base
Badge Dark Badge
Specializes in Dark-types

Giacomo (Japanese: ピーニャ Piña) is the boss of Team Star's Dark crew, the Segin Squad, and serves as the overall leader of the team due to the absence of the founder of the team. He specializes in Dark-type Pokémon. Giacomo is a wannabe DJ and the creator of Team Star's theme songs, also going by the name "DJ Vice" (Japanese: DJ悪事 DJ Bad Deeds) when on stage.

In the core series games

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Giacomo is relied on by the rest of Team Star for bringing the team together and enacting plans with care. He is reportedly known to hold one-man surprise DJ concerts.[1]

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Before the formation of Team Star, Giacomo was elected the president of the Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV student council, but the student conduct policies he proposed were so unintuitive and strict that he lost all support. After only a short time in office, he was forced out by the students, who elected Nemona as his replacement. Humiliated and alone, Giacomo found solace and companionship among a group of students who were similarly victims of bullying and ostracism at the school, and they went on to create Team Star. Despite his doubts, the other bosses of Team Star encouraged him to codify Team Star's current code of conduct, which the group follows to this day.

Giacomo awards the player with Team Star's Dark Badge and TM062 (Foul Play) upon his defeat. Additionally, his defeat allows the player to craft the following TMs using the TM Machine:

# Move Type Cat.
003 Fake Tears Dark Status
004 Agility Psychic Status
006 Scary Face Normal Status
013 Acid Spray Poison Special
017 Confuse Ray Ghost Status
023 Charge Beam Electric Special
024 Fire Spin Fire Special
026 Poison Tail Poison Physical
028 Bulldoze Ground Physical
030 Snarl Dark Special
033 Magical Leaf Grass Special
034 Icy Wind Ice Special
035 Mud Shot Ground Special
036 Rock Tomb Rock Physical
037 Draining Kiss Fairy Special
041 Stored Power Psychic Special
042 Night Shade Ghost Special
062 Foul Play Dark Physical
070 Sleep Talk Normal Status
096 Eerie Impulse Electric Status

After the player defeats Penny and reconciles her with the rest of the team, they can have a daily rematch with Giacomo at his base.

If the player has completed all of their academy classes and has completed the Indigo Disk DLC, Giacomo can be found in the academy hall alongside Eri in his school uniform. The player fails to recognize them at first until they remind them, after which Giacomo reveals that while he and Eri have caught up with their studies, the other bosses are struggling to do so and are at risk of being left behind. The player agrees to help them during an impromptu study session.


Giacomo keeps his Pokémon in Timer Balls.

First battle




Giacomo concept art.jpg
Concept art from Violet


Main article: Giacomo/Quotes

In the anime

Giacomo in Biri-Biri


Giacomo briefly appeared as a silhouette in the music video for Biri-Biri.

In the manga

Giacomo in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Giacomo debuted in PASV04. He was first seen in Segin Squad's Base, where he and his subordinate Team Star Grunts accepted a declaration of war issued by Cassiopeia in Violet's name. After the Grunts were defeated, Giacomo stepped out to face Violet. Using his DJ skills, Giacomo tricked Violet and his Pokémon into unconsciously following the beat of his BGM, throwing off their movements. Once Violet saw through Giacomo's strategy, he immediately launched a counterattack and emerged victorious. Accepting his defeat, Giacomo stepped down as a boss before revealing that Team Star's prolonged truancy was because they were waiting for their true leader, the "big boss", to return to them.


On hand
Giacomo's Pawniard
Pawniard is Giacomo's first known Pokémon. It was first used to battle Violet during his raid on Segin Squad's Base. It successfully defeated Violet's Fuecoco, but lost to his Nymble.

None of Pawniard's moves are known.

Debut PASV05
Giacomo's Revavroom
The Segin Starmobile was Giacomo's final choice in his battle with Violet. It was used to battle Violet's Nymble, but was quickly defeated when Nymble was Terastallized into a Bug type, making its already super effective moves even stronger.

None of Revavroom's moves are known.

Debut PASV05

In the TCG

Special illustration rare Giacomo
Main article: Giacomo (Paldea Evolved 182)

Giacomo was introduced as a Supporter card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Scarlet & Violet Series (the Japanese Scarlet & Violet Era). It was first released in the Japanese Snow Hazard expansion and the English Paldea Evolved expansion, with artwork by Akira Komayama. An ultra rare version with artwork by kantaro, and a special illustration rare version of the card with artwork by KIYOTAKA OSHIYAMA were released in the same sets. It lets players discard a Special Energy card from each of their opponent's Pokémon.



Language Name Origin
Japanese ピーニャ Piña From piña (Spanish for pineapple)
English, Brazilian
Giacomo From Ananas comosus (scientific name of pineapple). It is also the Italian form of the name James.
German Pinio From piña (Spanish for pineapple)
Spanish Anán From ananás (pineapple)
French Brome From Bromeliaceae (family that contains the pineapple)
Italian Romelio From Bromeliaceae
Korean 피나 Pina Similar to his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 皮拿 Píná Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 皮拿 Pèihnàh
Indonesian Nanio From nanas (pineapple)
Thai ปิญญา Pinya Transcription of his Japanese name

DJ Vice

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese DJ悪事 DJ Bad Deeds
Chinese Cantonese DJ惡事 DJ Evil
Mandarin DJ惡事 / DJ恶事 DJ Evil
France Flag.png French DJ Darkness
Germany Flag.png German DJ Evil
Italy Flag.png Italian DJ Crudelio
South Korea Flag.png Korean DJ 악동 DJ Bad Boy
Spain Flag.png Spanish DJ Vil


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