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Poké Ball
Debuts in VS Dialga and Palkia V
Caught at Snowpoint Temple
Gender Genderless
Ability Slow Start
Nature Lax
Current location With Diamond
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

(Japanese: ぎー ) is a Regigigas that Diamond owns in Pokémon Adventures. As of Alternate Dimension Showdown IV, it is at level 75.


It is revealed in HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter that Gi was initially awakened by Palmer with the help of Brandon's Pokémon so that it could be used to stop a legendary crisis in the case that there was one. Since it was not necessary at the time, Palmer released it back into Snowpoint Temple.

Gi first appeared at the Snowpoint Temple in silhouette after Platinum, Maylene, and Candice end up camping there after their defeat at the hands of Jupiter. It lets loose a growling noise that startles Platinum, causing her to pull out a Poké Ball in case it was a wild Pokémon that she would need to catch for their safety; however, she falls unconscious from her injuries and the Poké Ball falls towards Gi.

Later, during the final battle with Cyrus on the Spear Pillar, Gi appears from out of Platinum's bag to save Diamond from entering a black hole. After saving him, Gi chooses Diamond as its Trainer and they go to battle against Dialga and Palkia. Gi manages to grab Dialga and Palkia and pin them down so that the black hole they created while fighting will not be able to widen any further than it already has. Although it was able to stop them briefly, Dialga and Palkia are encouraged by Cyrus to fight even harder soon after. The power they expel is too great for Gi to handle and it was sent flying and defeated. Later, it was used to carry several Gym Leaders to a hospital after the battle had ended.

In the Platinum chapter, Diamond reveals that even though Gi is now his Pokémon, it refuses to come out of its Poké Ball, and he enlisted the help of Dr. Footstep to see if he could read its footprints to figure out what is wrong with it.

Soon after, a Giratina arrives from the Distortion World and begins wreaking havoc on Eterna City. Gi quickly lets itself from its Poké Ball to battle the Renegade Pokémon. However, Gi is soon forced to switch opponents when it is attacked by Heatran. The Lava Dome Pokémon proves to be a tough opponent with its strength and Fire-type moves, but Gi manages to deal heavy damage with its Crush Grip and nearly defeats it.

When Diamond is attacked and seemingly killed by a Shadow Force from Giratina after pushing Pearl out of the way of the attack, Gi suddenly turns around and appears to leave. However, Gi quickly returns and reveals that it only left to bring the appliances to allow Rotom to change forms and attack Charon. When Giratina tries to attack it from behind, Gi simply tosses it on Heatran and throws a large pile of snow on the two. When Pearl travels to the Distortion World, he holds Gi's Poké Ball since Diamond had mysteriously disappeared beforehand.

Later, at the Distortion World, when Charon sends Heatran to attack Diamond and Pearl, Gi comes out of its Poké Ball once again to it a second time. As their battle continues, several other legendary Pokémon get into the fight. During the battle, Gi, along with several others, is put to sleep by Darkrai; however, Shaymin manages to save them by turning their Abilities to Insomnia with Worry Seed, saving them from an attack from Giratina. The battle with Giratina ends when it attempts to escape, leaving only the Pokémon that can fly to be able to chase it back into the real world.

Later, after Charon and Giratina are defeated, Gi, along with the other legendary Pokémon, emerges from the Distortion World with Paka and Uji in its hands.

Moves used

Using Crush Grip
Move First Used In
Crush Grip Alternate Dimension Showdown II
Avalanche Alternate Dimension Showdown IV
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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